Maria Aragon Sings Born This Way Of Lady GAGA

Recently Lady GaGa released a new song entitled Born this way, the song was really great because  as i know gaga wrote this song to express how she achieved and still reaching her dream to become a great on her craft then,thats why this song is really mean a lot to her, and as you’ve been noticed GaGa use to cry when she personally sing this out because as Ive said the song has a great meaning to her.

Right after this song released this young sweetie named Maria Aragon a Filipino from Winnipeg Canada, made her very own cover for this song that Lady Gaga feeling something on this young lady that can moved on the singer, thats why now, this young lady got too many attentions by medias that can open a new door of opportunities to show how this Filipino showcasing her talent, I cant wait to see this young lady singing along lady GaGa soon, let see, ill update this post out as that happen soon.

I’m still adepting my self to write well

I admit, I wasn’t good enough when it’s comes in writing because I needed to check on my comma,period,capital letter, that I’ve often forgotten to check on with. Actually I quite bothering on this nowadays,why? Because I was adepting it and most of the time I really do leave those phrases that has to be comma on the end,either some period and must be capitalize letters, but yet still I’m trying my best now to write in the right command of English,so that people that reads my post out will not hits me any extremely criticism. Though I do accept such notes in me but also, as a reader we must to be responsible enough as well by giving any comments in regards on what the author wanted to share with. Me, personally I must, I’d reads some blogs already that has this very poor command of English though,but still I do respect on what he/she trying to say to everyone,because in that sense, the blogger will practice her/him writing stuff, but of course in other side of it we must correct him/her in what we’ve seen wrong in the manner way.

By the way,could you please bear me to this post? Excuse me, I’m just using iPad and I’m having a hard time to check on my previous writes,I’ll check my grammars later morning. Thanks and have a pleasant day to everybody.

Self healing!

Recently as I got some jobs on my direct advertisers, I use to hit some illnesses as well due with lack of sleep( my hint) because I use to sleep too late at night, so I’ve been decided to ask my mother on how I can heal my self out through meditation because stress can brings me these bunch of aches with me then. Mother suggested me to watch ilchi lee video because she heard that this great guy will teach people on how they will heal their selves on.

Now, I’m looking forward to see him(ilchi lee) personally because as I watched his on YouTube a lot of people are proves that this awesome guy named ilchi lee is really did healed his self as long other people out through his meditation stuff. Okay, I’ll posted some videos on my next update I hope you’ll head up here by next time as well. Thanks

Buy your kids some clothes

I know some of you Mom, nor parents are really seeking such great stores online where you could buy these clothing for kids specially for boys clothes because girls kids clothes are usually sell out anywhere everywhere and even online. But for those boy kiddos, parents are indeed got hart time to find any shirt for them though. Actually spring clothes and winter clothes are the one that parents will pissed about, because yeah, its given, guys clothes are limit on this season I believed. Because me personally, as these 2 season coming over, I really had this hard time to find such good quality that is suits in me then, thats why little boys are having the same dilemma with me then, I was pretty sure on that.

Girls are to lucky because they can buy their casual clothing anywhere as Ive said on top text, and even this toddler clothings that other can hard to find in away, I think this was the living proofs that girls was indeed on fashion, though nowadays guys are use too as well.Alright, thats it for now and soon ill be updating this into a new trends when its comes on fashion, thanks a lot!


Yeah,believe it or not? that’s true, that I hate updating any of my blogs into a paid post one,why?because I can’t write what feelings should I have for certain day, though I can write whatever that I wanted too but yet still, I find it irrelevant if I putted some links on it. But please, to all of my advertisers don’t get mad at me as I writing this out because I just wanted to be more me today, after all as this day end I’m still your blogger that will post out all of your campaigns onto my

So yeah, indeed,this was an achievement on my end because I may now updating this blog into a free advertisement form,I’m quite happy,really, okay need to end this up because my other blog has been awaited too long time to get updated as well as this post made now. Thanks and had a happy blogging to everyone!

Where do we can buy a great Prom Dress?

Month of February is the heart’s month,we all knew that, and i know most teenagers out there specially girls are really looking forward on their best prom dresses because they wanted to be the most beautiful on the heart’s night,who doesn’t by the way? some of you are wanting some evening dresses instead having any usual prom dress, because the night is the best ever experience that might girls will treasure about, me personally, i really cant explain what feelings that Ive been felt when I attended my prom night back then.

So you, do you still searching some gown for the said event? to complete your being teenagers? well, I suggest you to search on Google because Google is the best place where you can buy your own fabulous prom night gown for the that awesome event. I’m telling you! wait you may check this website that i was found a minute ago as i research the best prom dress in town, here’s the link Okay,thats it for now.Thanks!

Let’s help those single Mothers

I was trying to be help on those single mothers out there by simple blogging this out. Actually I knew some people that has on the situation and some of them are my friends, yeah, being a single mom is not really that easy because you have to be a mother at the same a father on your kids, though sometimes a mom on the situation can easily handle it, but majority speaking, a single mother has this very huge problem when it’s comes on financial stability because a single mom cant be fully to get on work full time though beaus they needed to take care on their child as well.

Good to know that there was government agencies that can be help on these group of single moms out there. They really do on financial help for single mothers that seeks any assistance for their needing, you, we can do some help as well by giving such excess funds of yours to this group for mothers because they really do need our help at this time for their children to have this great education. I really sorry for them because the guy who’s the one that needed to shoulder this things out are irresponsible enough to support their former family if that it so, I hope this kind of family set up will be abolish through legal law because a lot of child lives has been destroyed.

As you read this post,and you feel lucky enough to have your strong built of family,please do give support for those unfortunate kids whose been abandonment by their fathers. Thanks a lot I hope I can open some people eye in regards on this matter.

Maria Aragon Talks to Lady GaGa

This was a quick update on my very recent published post, regarding on the young sweetie that caught the attention of Lady Gaga due of her own cover song  “Born this way”, now this young lady been invited to a radio station on Canada and she been given a change to do small talk with Lady GaGa straight away from the states. Watch the video on top to find out the full details. Thanks!

Delayed payment again

Recently I’ve been published that my theadnetwork was pretty delayed by paying me on their monthly payment to this site because they did putted their banners up into this blog and onto my other 6 blogs,that can earned me 50 usd per month, yeah, they just having a very cheap advertisement into my well ranked blogs, but it’s ok though, because 50 bucks is still a help for me to pursue this thing up,of course I’m paying some bucks on my hosting and other expenses online.

But I think the company are having some problem on their budget or finances? Not sure though,but that’s my hint then,because they do give us publishers some hard ass to receive each one of us payments,hey guys,what,s happening side there? Been emailed them already but yet still they don’t get back on me to explain what’s happening that the payment caused delayed. My goodness gracious I really need some bucks so badly now because I was planned already to buy one Dslr camera that I know having 50 bucks will be a part to have my eagerness, alrighty let see who this guys come up soon regarding this matter,but im still hopping that they’ll pay me by tomorrow morning. Let see though.