Cool Tee

I feel the summer hit now here where I was residing, and I know in some countries as well you may have your shine shine season as well at this moment. That’s why maybe I am blogging this out to give you a such idea on what is the best pieces that you may wear as this hot summer coming over. Actually for me, the best piece that I’d often considered was this cool tee ( regular t-shirt) I refer the white one and even yellow and blue one, because these t-shirts can gives a very cool refreshing feeling to you then as long to other people who’ve been seen you wearing this kind of tee though. You’ve got what i mean? I hope you do because I wasn’t great on explaining this out, seriously.LOL

Anyways, this what I only have for you guys and I hope I can be a help at least a bit on you. Specially to those guys out there who really seek some information on what clothes are hip on this summer season, by the way you may consider fedora hat as well as your accessory.

Fedora the best summer hat

I can feel the summer hit now. And I know you are quite worried on what accessories that you might wear as you have your own summer get away to soon. No worries because Fedora hat is the one that you can consider with rather MUST consider to have a great fashion sense still though its summer season, because we all know that summer is the lazy season for all fashionistas out there because they cant able to wear of their awesome boots, retro jackets and hippie hoodies with them then. But I think having this great fedora with you on this summer season is the chic piece that you may have with.

Retro Jacket

Retro Jackets are trending again on the fashion scene, I believed. Because mostly celebrities are often considered this Jacket as they fashion signature and favorite to wear of as always. Liked what Korean celebrities, Hollywood, and even some part of the top countries of the world though they aren’t be celebrities, because those countries are the one that can deal with this kind of jackets due of their weather. I think so, not like for those poor tropical countries liked mine, we cant really wear this of for the simply day(on the typical day) nor we just have some gathering that needs this kinda outfit or in night out maybe, we can quite consider to wear this. But not so often like you do.

Of course, I still have to connect this post into a celebrities because I was on the celebrities and fashion niche. And now, I found this one picture of  Taeyang that he worn one red retro jacket as he performing the “I need A girl” I think so, on this picture of his, but not sure though, kindly correct me if you’ll know where he worn this awesome jacket.

Big Bang Balmain Ranger Boots SS2010

We all know that Big Bang are used to wear boots when they’re performing. And I know mostly guys out there are really looking forward to find out which brand of boots that the group always wore as they came out for guesting and stuff activities. Actually as I’ve noticed it, Big bang group loves Christian Louboutin sneakers becuase they do often wears the brand, but on this matter, Big bang chosen this great Balmain Ranger Boots SS2010 on their Comeback poster that you may see on the top photos( the second picture was Taeyang and Daesung, I just cropped the photo’s out)

By the way you can buy this boots for $1342.12, Yeah! quite expensive though, but if you had this bunch of money then and really liked this boots out and looking for the online store where you can buy it, no worries just heads up on this link to purchase the boots. So yeah, that’s it for now and soon I’ll be sharing some fashion and trends here.

I want Pancoat

Beside of  my eagerness to see the Great wall of China someday, one thing that I’d looking forward to have with me then,which this pancoat jacket from Korea, becuase Pancoat is the number one leading clothing line nowadays on the country and this kind of jacket was trending not only here at Asia but also whole world due of the influences of the Kpop groups who often wore this jacket out.

Actually I want the red and black color of this jacket but I cant see any photo of it around Google that’s why Ive been decided to considered this black and gray though. By the way this kind of jacket is ranging 70-150 usd per piece,Yeah too expensive but I think its worth it becuase of the quality of the brand, I’m telling you.

Hippie Hoodies

I think hoodies is always hip into those countries that has quite cold breeze of air whole year. Like, korea,states and some part places on the top part of the world, but on my place which the sunshine is alway there, we people here can’t work on hoodies at all. Because we use to wear something summer wear whole year then, though we’ve experiencing minimal cold season here but yet still we refer to wear simply clothes which can brings cool feelings to us, but in sometimes I can wear hoodies if I had night out. But I can still feel the hot though, too bad on me because I cant buy my self a bunch of awesome hoodies.

Soon I’ll be sharing my outfit pictures here, for you to see my own style but I’m still thinking of it though,or else I might buy new domain for my photography and fashion,let see.

Polka dots hat of Taeyang

I admit, one of my fashion icon  is taeyang. Because I liked how the guy wear his stuff on. And even you, I know you look up on taeyang’s fashion as well like I do. Actually one of the best pieces that I often likey to him, is his hat. Because he wore something quirky hat that you wouldn’t imagine that  guy can wear off with,liked this polka hat with him right there, it’s indeed looked cool to him though and I think I need to get mine, same like his hat on top photo. And I’ll share it to here as I bought it already pretty soon.

That’s it for now and please do often check this blog because will blog such related topics on this soon,by the way you may purchase the hat on just search the keyword “taeyang hats” and a lot of his hat will shown of.

I Likey!

I was searching the web to find such cool belt with me then, that I may use on this up coming summer get away that family was planned to do with, and yeah I’ve been stumbled on one online shop that has these elegant Hermes belts that really caught my attention then. Because as you’ve seen these belts on top, they’re like an heaven to wear off,doesn’t it? Alright I was planning to buy the blue one because I think blue belt will suits on my white short and jeans as we go somewhere this coming summer season, And soon as I bought the belt out and been have on a vacation in summer,I’ll definitely share my outfit photos here so that you may see what is the outcome wearing a blue belt into white bottom.