Looking for Tattoo Supplies


“Everyone has that friend whose body is entirely covered in tattoos. My friend like that actually has a girlfriend who is the same way. Hanging out with them is hilarious, because they always have new art to showcase and I love seeing all the new pieces, the recreations of famous paintings, or the random cartoons or bike chains. That kind of thing. It’s really creative, and even inspiring. So inspiring in fact that I have decided to get my own tattoo. Now, I’m not going to just go to any old shop, in fact, I’m going to do it myself!

I know I need to learn more about tattoo kits if I’m really going to do some home tattooing. I’ll need ink and a tattoo gun and tons of other stuff. I took a look at http://www.thelashop.com to start to figure out what I need. I need a whole mess of stuff.

I figure that not only will I come away from this experience with a cool tattoo – more likely a ton of new tattoos – but it’ll also be a skill I can use to make some cash coming up. Everyone needs a tattoo artist they love and can trust. Also, I very much look forward to the next time I hang out with my buddy and his girlfriend so we can compare our art. I hope he doesn’t think I’m doing it to impress him, I really was inspired by him, and I’m not just trying to copy or emulate him. I’m pretty sure he’ll get it, and even be honored. It’s not like he’s the only person with a ton of tattoos so he can’t really claim ownership of the idea. The only real issue is he’s got no room left so he’ll likely be jealous of my ability to get more tattoos.

Nike 2013 Spring Air Base II VNTG


Who loves chucks? I know most of you guys out there are raising your hands..hehe I know right? because even me I really want some great kicks that can make me dope. Today, the Nike brand releases their new design of kicks that has a product name of  Air Base II VNTG that includes on their spring collection for this year 2013. You may see the exact design shoes on the top photo. I must say, the shoes looks so swag and I really like how they played on the colors that really contrast to one another.

As for now. The brand, Nike, haven’t yet release any pricing details and some details regarding this dope shoes, however, soon enough they’ll release it over the market and by then we can know the price of it and where we could avail it. I will follow  up some info soon I hope you can check me often here for the updates. Thanks so much!

TWOTHIRDS 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook




Summer season is fast approaching. And I know most of you guys are pretty much excited to rocking on this season. Because summer is the most-loved season that you may wear all things or pieces you wanted to. That’s why most of the brand labels and names these days are trying their best to produce some awesome pieces that may includes on their spring summer collection for this year 2013. Like this brand called TWOTHIRDS, they’ve released their lookbook collection already that you may see on the top photos. Actually, these photos ( photo on top) are just some of their pieces collection for this season summer and you may check Google for the full set of their collection because I cant able to post all the photos out here due of my blog space matter.

TWOTHIRDS 2013 Spring/Summer Lookbook will be available in the market and as it happened soon. Of course, I will update you again here the full details for you to know the expected prices and there they’ll be available. Okay, that will be all for now. Thank you!

New Balance 990 “Made in USA” Navy Re-Issue


When it comes to shoes. I really like this brand called ” New Balance” because their all shoes and kicks are indeed versatile that you may wear everywhere and anytime. Like for example this awesome New Balance 990 “Made in USA” Navy Re-Issue shoes that they recently released in the market that has a pricing range of 180$ – 200$ in any affiliated stores and to the new balance stores itself.

I must say, all the new balance shoes are can be wear into sports activities and even to some casual formal events and I know most of the fashion enthusiasts out there are can related on what am telling here. Soon, I’ll be sharing some of my outfit post that am wearing this new balance shoes and I’ll use it on my casual wear and to my sport wear for you to understand on what I supposed to tell you here..hehhe

Also, the one thing that I’d most like about on this brand and its shoes is, they just like made of stainless steel tube bending that will be surely last and use longer..hehhe alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking this blog for my outfit posts pretty soon..

Buy your wife a sexy lingerie as your valentines presents


Let me first greet you an happy hearts day to all I hope you and your partner has a great date tonight. Anyway, that’s why I posted up this topic on this blog is for you to know or to have this idea on what presents you should give in on your wife this valentine’s day. Because most of the guy like me really got some hard times to think on what specifically things that your partner would appreciate as she receives it as a gift. And I think sexy lingerie online will be the perfect gift for her because girls now a days are used to wear it as their sleep wears most specially those who has partner or husband already. That’s why I highly recommended this sexy lingerie that you may buy online,guys..

No worries guys, because it is easy now for us to buy some sexy lingerie. Just heads up rather search to Google the most legit online stores where you could order lingerie online and the other good thing was, there’s really a lot of selections that you may choose from with from bras to panties and to the whole sets of it. You may also check out this site called www.suasionsecrets.com for more information  about this. Thanks!

fragment design x Cole Haan LunarGrand Venetian Bit Further Look


Another collaborative shoes here from the 2 giant brands, fragment design & Cole Haan LunarGrand. I must say, this shoes is really suits for this upcoming season which the summer. Because the shoes looks like a loafer shoes, wait, I think this is really a loafer shoes..hahahha this shoes looks so comfy and the designs was really amazing and the details and materials are blended and complements to each other that’s why this shoes is really dope, on my own opinion..

This shoes is now already out in the market and you may have it for only $298 USD in any retail stores online and walk-in stores. And for further details I may suggest you to check it over google because I have a limited information now, however, soon I got to know some additional details, sure thing, will update you again in here regarding this  fragment design x Cole Haan LunarGrand Venetian Bit Further Look.