Jewelry Sets for your Bingo Socials

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If we were all born with a silver spoon, then we won’t have problems with the jewelry sets we’d want to wear. There will be no shortage of accessories for our everyday wardrobe; we can even make our gems match the colors of our dresses if we want. Alas, life is not a bed of roses, and we don’t have all the jewels that we desire. Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend, but we have to admit that some girls have none of these twinkling stars. If only Tiffany & Co. caters to the mass market.

We should not fret, though; fashion jewelry made it possible for us to be styled in a posh manner without spending a fortune. We usually need jewelry when we go to important gala events such as bingo socials for a cause. How do we know we’re wearing the right pieces on our ears and neck when we go to bingo events? We only need to look into the style of Monica Potter and Catherine Zeta-Jones to guide us, since they play bingo for charity frequently. We also talked to the chatters at the FoxyBingo, just to be sure, and it was established that these are the sets which are appropriate to wear on a bingo night:

No pressure here, since faux pearls also get the deal done and also achieves the desired effect. If you want to pull off a feminine look, better hook a strand of pearls around your neck, and make everyone’s head turn when you shout “bingo”.

These will have you glittery, especially when the lights are reflected in your Swarovski pieces. Your face will become more alive with their diamond-like qualities. The main purpose of crystals, however, is to bring you positive energy and good luck for your bingo game.

This has become a trend this year because of the jazz age influence of the film The Great Gatsby. These are bound to be unique, and they give the impression that the wearer is as bold and brass as Daisy Buchanan.

Colored Blazer For Men

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If girls had some chic dresses that they’d rocking whenever they got some gatherings to attend. Men had a great colored blazer too that definitely make us more manly and yet turns us hip for today’s fashion trends. Yeah! colored blazers and coats are the one most look forward these days for men’s fashion because look, the pieces has really this swag that can gives accents to your total outfit whatever it could be. Actually, I was planning rather someone online shop are asking me for collaboration and they’d wanted me to review and wear their colored blazer but I couldn’t blog up yet the full details about it here which make me so excited today. I hope our collaboration will push through so that I can have one colored blazer for free that you might be seeing me wearing it soon..hehe

The colored blazer is indeed versatile. Because you can wear or pair it in any pieces you have. Like for example, if you plan to have some sunshine activities for summer and still wanted to be fashionable and quirky, just wear an nicely shorts and put your colored blazer on with the shirt basic and you are good to go.

And you can also wear it in some casual and formal events like weddings, parties, birthdays and more, just pair it on with your great chinos pants and dope kicks or loafer and you’ll become for sure an people’s eye.

Alright, that’s it for now and please do check back often for more fashion updates and celebrity fashion statement. Btw, I’ll be updating you with some Kpop fashion by my next posts so I hope you can visit the site later today? LOL Okay, thanks so much and have a wonderful day ahead to everyone.

Trends: Ankle Pants for Men

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Might most of you had noticed this which men these days are often wearing this Ankle Pants , most likely khaki or chino pants, than to those usual blue jeans pants that our father used to wear at their times. Yeah! as years goes by and as the fashion evolves too through years, men’s taste on fashion are become more forward and advanced than before, though there’s some minimal guys as well who’re still preferred the old way of men’s fashion.

Today, a lot of hip pieces are had released either still on process to be out in the market soon that we men can choose from with, there’s an awesome plaid, colored blazer, printed tees for summer and some sort of designs for ankle pants. All are great and can really help you to be dope for today’s fashion, however, you’ll have to consider the type of body you have. Like for example the khaki ankle pants, not all the guys can rock this out because this type of pants are usually skinny and has this rubberized fabric that may surely get fit in to your skin. I just suggesting this to those guys who has an skinny type of body or who got this great legs. But no worries, because as I’ve heard some brand’s done  new designs of ankle pants  that may fits to everyone. I will update you all with the brand names , availability, releasing dates of these new ankle pants. Sorry, I dunno further details about it yet, but I’ll surely update you all in here.

Other good things about the Ankle Pants is… you can pair it in any shoes you’d have. whether on sneaks or loafers you can still look great on this pants..

DigitalTVSignup’s List of TV Providers

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The advancement in technology has enabled us to live more comfortable lives. The use of sophisticated gadgets has brought about changes that has made tasks easier and faster to accomplish. Forms of recreation, though more complex, has improved and are more fun. Couch potatos get to spend more time watching TV because of the many new models of high tech television. Along with that are the fast growing list of television providers promising great service. Careful research should be undertaken to see the one that will cater to all your needs and give excellent service.

Since different providers have various types of services, there’s a website that lays all the cards on the table and enumerate what these providers have to offer. DigitalTVSignup is a website that supplies customers with complete and clear information on the greatest offers, deals, discounts, products, features, and services of the many TV providers in the UK. Each TV provider has subscription plans that customers can check out at DigitalTVSignup. Furthermore, these providers have bundled plans that lets customers choose whether they want broadband and home phone services with their subscriptions.

Digital TV providers in the UK include Sky, BT Vision, Virgin Media TiVo, Talk Talk, Top Up TV, and Freeview. Being one of the leading provider of broadband, TV and phone services in the UK, Sky has a lot to offer to customers. There are Sky package deals available depending on the user’s online activity. There’s Sky broadband Lite option, Sky Talk, and Sky TV. With Sky you’ll be able to select the channels you want and thus pay only for the TV you want to watch.

Fashionable Color Guard Flags

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Mostly, people uses color guard flags at musicians friend in some festive events either to those famous world Olympic competitions. Maybe these flags are the signs of happenings, an memorable events that we should have to celebrate.That’s why most of the online stores today are also consider to sell of it now in the very reasonable prices and one of the great store that sells these flags is . Go check them out and see how fashionable and colorful their Color Guard Flags are..

Jessica (SNSD) ft. Krystal(f(x)) – Someday Live

Like the normal guys, I used to had a crush too with someone adorable and talented for me. Yeah I want someone girl who has this deep when she’s singing and a girl who is not so much vain and yet she’s naturally beautiful inside and out. LOL Okay, stop it! I’ll becoming so cheesy here now..haha Alright, one of my daily routine is to check out youtube and watch some videos that I’ve found great at the description because that’s how I pick my video posts through my blogs.

As I checking further the video sharing site, I just stumbled on this video where this lovely lady named Jessica ( who’s I adore most) is singing an English song  who’s written by an Filipino Singer entitled “Someday” Ft.Krystal , Jessica’s sister. I liked her version of the song and I can also heard some musical instruments playing than the organ piano who’s playing by his sister Jessica. I can hear the drum sounds either this excellent steinberg cubase 7 at guitar center that gives great blends and arrangement for the song.

Choosing the Best Broadband Provider

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It’s very frustrating when your internet suddenly slows down while you have tons of work to do. I guess some people also have this problem with their broadband providers. It’s difficult to find the one that absolutely satisfies your needs because all of them claim to have the fastest speed and ultimately their statements turn out to be false. Since acquiring the services of these broadband providers isn’t cheap, it’s important to come up with the right decision. makes the decision easier by presenting all the available options and providing all the information and tools needed to come up with a decision. compares top Broadband providers in the UK and ultimately helps you to make a decision on the right broadband provider and package for you. They have been in business since 2008 helping customers decipher the features that each provider has and the technical stuff that accompanies it. Other pertinent information such as broadband download limits, different speeds, usage guides and many more are also explained very clearly. When in doubt, would be customers can always read their review section to get a glimpse of the experience that some users have had with a particular provider.

The featured home broadband providers are BT, Virgin Media, Sky, and Tesco, while some business broadband providers are BT Business, Talk Talk Business, Namesco and Plusnet Business. Mobile Broadband Providers include Orange Mobile, 3 Mobile, O2 Mobile, and T Mobile. Their Virgin Media Broadband packages are Virgin Media 30Mb Broadband and Phone, Virgin Media 60Mb Broadband and Phone, and Virgin Media Essential Collection.

Fashionable Shirt basics from

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A lot of things happened to me this recently like I got some invitation aboard ( that possible for me to come by) to watch some showrooms and fashion shows for both high-end and contemporary streetwear brands, neither I got some collaboration offers from other online shops. Yeah! I feel so blessed to be one fashion blogger than having it simply as general blogger. Anyway, this morning, I got an parcel from the one new contemporary streetwear brand in the LA today which called, their shop is manily to streetwear for both girls and guy and I must say, they really got these great pieces that can actually makes us dope and hip for today’s fashion. Look what they’ve sent over, a 2 basic shirts that has a nicely printed accents to it.

 photo 468AE0E5-A06D-474A-A5C9-667920743B8D-43710-00001F90E813E4C6_zps27da8b17.jpg

I actually worn their foundation tee ( when I went to a friend’s wedding and yeah! their clothes are comfy to wear for summer and it can be pair off in any pants or shorts you have. I will update this with my styling photos pretty soon as I got time to take photos of myself. Its kinda lazy weather I got here now that’s why I cant be able to get out for an photoshoot. LOL Alright, that’s it for now and please keep on visiting me for more fashion news updates. Thanks!

Got Some Great Products To Review

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I am so lucky to be one fashion blogger who’s getting these brand’s products for free to review. Yeah! if you are a fashion blogger you might also gets some opportunities like get a chance to work with on these great brands online. Actually, I’ve already doing this stuff for almost 2 years now and I have done some outfit posts too through the products they’ve given me. You can also dig up this blog for those outfit posts I did for companies and brands, if  that you wanted it though to see.. lol

So – yeah! recently an Asian online shop called had contacted for collaboration which they’ll be sending out some products I wanted on their store selves that I’ll be also making review out of them ( it might an outfit post or just an site review) over here, I’ve chose these 2 pants and 2 tops , an blazer and a shirts, and soon you’ll be able to see me wearing these items for another outfit post.. I hope you can check out this blog often for you to see my future outfits posts and brand’s collection posts.

Alright, that’s it for now because I needed to contact the photobucket, photo storage site, for the issues I got this morning. Okay, thank you and have yourself a great weekdays ahead.

B2ST Fashion Outfits for Dunkin’ Donuts Fansign

 photo BM250XxCMAIuepD_zps71e6e176.jpg

Since its already summer in the South Korea right now, we’ll be then expecting idols wearing their self summer statements and rocking themeselves to it. Alright, since I’d often blog up this kpop group called B2st on this blog,, I think or I supposed that most of you my readers are really looking forward to this, which you may see on what brands and styling that this group wearing for the summer season. I kn0w right? Yeah! because even me I really looking forward to see them on their each summer outfit because moreover I’d got this idea on how I may style myself

Alright, let’s begin on Yoseob’s outfit, the guy on the right side who wears an great folded brown shorts and has a white printed tee on it.

 photo ys_zpsd03f2ee8.jpg

His shorts is from the Bike Repair Shop and has this item named of Bike Repair Shop Beige Shorts. This kind of shorts are the usual trends and hip for summer season because look, it’s kinda look comfy and yet its fashionable enough for every guys who’s wanted to be hip for today’s fashion, and you may have the shorts for only ₩ 48,300 (approximately US$ 43) in any retailer online stores as well on the some nearby stores. Also, his tee is from the same brand,Bike Repair Shop, and has this item named of Bike Repair Shop Ivory Tropical Graphic Logo T-Shirt and you may buy it for just ₩ 34,300 (approximately US$ 30.5) over the beanpole online shops and other affiliated one.

 photo cap_zps555aae59.jpg

Bike Repair Shop Red Trucker Cap
Available at Beanpole for ₩ 34,300 (approximately US$ 30.5)


He spiced up his total outfit by adding or wearing this great cap from the same brand Bike Repair Shop that has this item name of Bike Repair Shop Red Trucker Cap which cost ₩ 34,300 (approximately US$ 30.5).

 photo new-balance-999-elite-black-red-04-570x269_zps56a6e98b.jpg

New Balance Elite 999 Black-Red
Available at New Balance for $109.99

While his kicks is from my fave shoe brand, New balance. I hope I can have the same shoes that Yoseob’s wearing the price is $109.99 and the item name is New Balance Elite 999 Black-Red. Go heads up on the new balance’s main site for more further details about this dope kicks.

 photo kikwang_zps0abffea1.jpg

Kikwang, the guy on the center is wearing this checkered shirt and yellow colored shorts from Bike Repair Shop as well. I think the brand has an contract for these guys already because I really used to see B2st wearing the brand often. Anyway, the Bike Repair Shop Navi Checkered Shirt has this price of ₩ 55,300 (approximately US$49.3) and Bike Repair Shop Yellow Cotton Shorts may cost you ₩ 48,300 (approximately US$ 43) that you may avail over the beanpole site and other affiliated ones. Go check them out now!

 photo doo_zps6d49e15c.jpg

The guy on the last left side is Doowoon, If I dont mistaken his name..LOL He’s wearing bike repair shop pieces too ( I hope the brand see this post and send me over some of their pieces to review because I’ve mentioned their brand more than 3 times already on this blog entry..LOL)

The tee is called Bike Repair Shop Logo T-shirt and has a price of ₩ 27,300 (approximately US$ 24.3). While the bottom, Bike Repair Shop White Jeans, has a price of ₩ 97,300 (approximately US$ 86.6). Again, you may check beanpole site for all of these pieces because as for now beanpole shop is the one legit for this one. haha

 photo joo_zps6f954606.jpg

Doojoon’s Neon Print T-shirt
Available at Beanpole for ₩ 24,500 (approximately US$ 21.8)

The last piece that I include on this post is the Doojoon’s Neon Print T-shirt. Because I havent know yet the other pieces they’ve wore on this Dunkin’ Donuts Fansign event, however, soon as I searched or seen someone fans updated this and been include some information for their outfits, by then, I can able to update you all for their outfits here. But no worries, I’ll keep you posted, just keep on checking the blog,, for the updates and some other fashion news. BTW, you may see the tee details below the tee photo..hehe Thank you!