To Deal With Challenging Questions On Cisco Certification Exams


You will run into challenging questions on Cisco certification exams, but do you know how to deal with them? Will you try to figure out what to do when it happens, or do you want to know what to do ahead of time? Because it’s better to know exactly what to do before you’re in that situation, here is some advice for dealing with challenging questions on Cisco certification exams.


Take Your Time

First off, take your time. You don’t want to rush through a challenging question and make a mistake that you wouldn’t have made if you’d approached the question calmly. Take a deep breath, and give each challenging question the amount of time that it deserves.


Read Each Question Carefully

It is crucial that you read challenging questions carefully. After all, it’s going to be pretty difficult to answer a question correctly if you don’t even know exactly what is being asked. Read each question carefully so that you understand the information that is being given and what information the question is asking for.


Prepare For Challenging Questions Beforehand

Of course, the best way to deal with challenging questions is to already know that material so well that even the most challenging questions don’t seem that difficult to you. You can do this by going to TestsLive for all your test prep needs. When you get your test prep resources from TestsLive, you will be less likely to find questions to be challenging and you will be well equipped to handle even the ones that are.

Vans California 2013 Spring Chukka Boot CA “Hula Camo”


The coming year will very interesting when it comes to fashion because there’s a lot of collections and items to be out at the start of the year. One of these that we can make us more excited about is this Vans California 2013 Spring Chukka Boot CA “Hula Camo”. Yes! Vans California will be out with this beautiful design. A design that will look best for the spring season and also to summer season. I can say this because of the palm tree design of this shoes. This looks really cool, paired with other materials which are leather and suede, and makes it look perfect with white sole. This American brand shoes will be available this coming January 2013. No price yet has been said about this shoes. A chukka boot is an ankle length boot that usually has a two to three eyelets for lacing.

There’s this only one thing that I don’t agree with the name of this shoes, which is the word “camo” because you can’t barely even see a touch of camo in this design. The word “Hula” perfectly describes this shoes. But aside from that there’s no other negative thing about this shoes. This is perfect for the coming season and I can say that lots of people are excited to have a pair of this. This can give you a very summer feeling. So let’s just watch out for this design and hopefully vans will add other color in this design.

Supreme Harris Tweed Herringbone Camp Cap




The cold weather season doesn’t only require us to wear those thick-materialed tops like jackets, coats, blazers and cardigans to make us feel warm but we also need to accessorize. We can give our outfit a more stylish appeal by using a cap. There’s this cap that I find looks very fashionable. I am talking about this SUPREME  Harris Tweed  Hereingbone  Camp Cap. A cap that can be best for cold weather season. Its tweed heringbone (tweed, is a rough, unfinished woolen fabric that resembles to woven fabric. And hereingbone is a V-shaped weaving pattern) may add a warm feeling. This collection comes in four colors which are maroon, purple, green, navy. Its sun visor is made of leather. The best part of this cap is the SUPREME logo on front.

These caps are now already available online for an amount of $54 USD. Supreme is a fashion brand of clothing and accessories  that started 1994. Their fashion is for skateboarders, hip hop and punk rock cultures. This cap can be worn for daily use to match mens outfits and or they can use this to any outdoor activity. Caps can give a man an striking appeal, specially this kind of shape, its design is different with some regular caps. Men can never go wrong to by wearing this. And the material of this cap has a vintage appeal which is very trendy this season. So guys, this is must have go get one for you.

Fragment Design x Cole Haan 2012 Holiday LunarGrand Collection



A collaboration of Cole Haan and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design of shoes that will describe both sporty and elegant. They will be out with these ass-kicking design of shoes that is very fashionable. Will be available on December 13. The two created a a design of shoes that is polished on the upper and has a lunar sole. It comes in two models tassel and saddle. The two is both has a traditional top and colorful sole.

Let’s take a look on these elegant shoes. On the first photo, is a white/chestnut colored wing-tip shoes that looks very cool with its contrasting color sole, a bright orange that is really different and rarely seen on this kind of shoes. Second is a sophisticated look of basic black saddle shoes that still has a touch of being sporty because of the material of its sole. This shoes is made of leather with a shiny look. On the third photo, are the shoes that looks the most cutest. The design of it looks very striking because of the pink-colored sole. The black/white combination is very basic but because of the bright sole it becomes very fashionable. I can say that the fourth design is more of a shoe that you can wear on those events that requires a more formal look. And lastly is the tassel designed slip-on shoes that still has its sporty feel but also has its own elegance. So for guys who wants to experiment on their outfits or looks, try any of these designs to recreate your sense of style.

NEIGHBORHOOD x Pro-Keds Collection


This collection from the two brand that collaborates which is NEIGHBORHOOD and Pro-Keds simply describes comfort. I can say this because as what we can see they are just a simple collection of shoes, jackets and hoodies, and the color palette of this collection also describes simplicity. But the good thing is, being stylist has never left. These items are combination of simplicity, comfort and style. The two brands created a shoes that is made of premium suede and it has a woven tag of the brand. And they paired it with those jackets and hoodies. The color of the shoes are basic black and the other one looks like a very light grey-ish. And on the jacket they have black and stone. the hoodies has a maroon color and also stone color.

These items can be easily paired with your outfit. You can choose almost any color that you want because the color of these can easily matches other colors. And the important thing that these items is comfort. We all know that Pro-Keds is a brand of footwear that manufactures athletic shoes, so it means they are really comfortable to wear. The brand NEIGHBORHOOD is a japan based brand that creates a very fashionable items. You can both wear these jackets and shoes to match. Why not try to pair the grey-ish color shoes with the maroon details and pair it with the  maroon hoodie. A denim jeans will be the best bottom to use for these two.

Atlas x Golden Bear Varsity Jacket Collection


A varsity jacket that comes from the slang word university, is now a trend in this season. Back then those who are wearing those varsity jackets are mostly the students that are varsity players of their universities. But now, we can see this kind of jacket to be worn by peoples more often. A varsity jacket is very fashionable outfit that every men or women include this into their wardrobe. A very casual kind of jacket. I often see this kind of jacket worn by teenagers, but for me, any age can wear this and it will suits them well.

Now, there’s this two brands that collaborates for a new addition to our choices when it comes to varsity jackets. I am talking about Atlas x Gloden Bear Varsity Collection. The said jacket is a wool jacket that has a satin lining, a button-snap opening and a slant side pockets. This varsity jacket has the word ATLAS embroidered on the left upper part on the jacket’s front. This varsity jacket is United States made with just a limited quantity to be available. This jacket comes into three colors which are grey, black and navy and the price of this is $225 USD. Atlas is a brand that creates street wear clothing that offer unique and quality merchandise. While Golden Bear is known on making varsity jackets and seasonal outwear that started 1922. They are one of the most established maker of jackets, so we can be sure that this varsity jacket is durable and gives worth to our money.

Nixon 2013 Sprin/Summer “Regal” Collection


We can all get definitely excited for Spring/Summer because this season is one of the most fashionable season for the entire year. And Nixon can give us more excitement because the will be out with its Nixon 2013 Spring/Summer “Regal” Collection. The said collection will be out early next year. The theme of the said collection is very summer, it is about those nautical designs that concentrates on navy blue color. They have their watches with silver stainless strap with a navy blue metallic look like face and this leather strap that is also color blue, and the face itself is blue. They also have other accessories such as bags, wallets and belts. The tote bag looks very nautical with its white color and navy blue stripe.

We would definitely be excited for these items to bring to the beach and be more fashionable. It can give us an impression that we are a member if a yacht club. These items are very fashionable and the  color cannot be only worn on summer season but also on the next seasons that are coming. Nixon is a brand from California and been in the business for 15 years. The brand wants to give their customers a something that reflects the persons entire personality. And we can also trust this brand with its quality. Because I, myself already experienced how durable was a Nixon item is. So let’s wait and try these items that will be available next year.

Supreme x Timberland 2012 Fall/Winter Waterproof Chukka Boot


Timberland brand is known for its being a popular brand when it comes too boots. Now Timberland collaborates with Supreme, a brand of shoes known for partnering with other shoe brands to create a design that has their touch.  Now that they collaborated they are out with Supreme x Timberland 2012 Fall/Winter Waterproof Chukka Boot. The said boot has 3 colors, which are camel, red and navy. A colors that every men would definitely love to have. The good thing about this boot is its being waterproof, specially designed for the user’s comfort. The boot has a waterproff upper panel and waterproof bottom. Both the characteristics of the collaborated brands can see in this very fashionable boots. This will be available on December 13, no price detail said yet on these amazing shoe design. A chukka boot is one if the most wearable design of boots because it is just an ankle length, and has few eyelets for lacing.

So, if there’s a time that it is raining, you can use this boots that has a cheap plastic storage bins nope! just wanted the shoes to have it. And it will definitely protect your feet from being wet. And surely, the quality of the boots will never change. If it is waterproof, the material will stay on its natural color and we can use this for a long time. We all know that Timberland shoes are one of the most durable brand. One of the most favorite color in this collection is the red color, because this color is not common on men’s boots. This will look great to pair on those denim jeans that every men has.

Fendi Calfskin – Designer and Stylish Handbags


There is absolutely no doubt that women have a fantasy for carrying stylish and designer handbags. replica handbags are the most appropriate answer for all those people who are incredibly conscious about fashion and style, who have a high desire to possess these stylish designed branded bags but at the same time they are not prepared to expend a chance and spend huge amount for maintaining their quotient of style. In spite of everything, who like to go ruined later than purchasing the genuine bag, at the time their replica fashionable bags are existing at the very reasonable cost. These fashionable replica bags are capable to express the style and class of the genuine Fendi calfskin, owing to their close similarity to the genuine that comprise their tags, labels and decorations.

The present market is blush with fashionable replica Fendi calfskin bags as the desire and craze for the knockoff handbags explode. The requirement for the replica fashionable bags is necessary at the time you think that these handbags bring special high class luxury things within the achievement of the normal woman and man. These replicas are destined to be replications of expensive genuine that charge over the arm and the leg.

These fashionable Fendi calfskin replica stylish handbags are total same to the authentic Fendi handbags and incredibly great quality is the same feature amongst them, actually, that someone has disagreed that the manufacturers of the authentic Fendi bags could not be talented to notify them from the stylish Fendi calfskin replica handbags. These are very carefully crafted by the high skilled professionals. So you don’t worry about the quality and the cost of these handbags. You can purchase these high quality handbags from the online or offline stores at the very reasonable amount which never break your savings as compare to the genuine one.

KRISVANASSCHE x Lee 2013 Spring/Summer Collection




KRISVANASSCHE and Lee collaborates with their 2013 Spring/Summer Collection that gives a casual wear a touch of class and great design. KRISVANASSCHE is a label created by Kris Van Assche, a belgian fashion designer who lives in Paris, France that specializes on men’s wear and accessories like belt, shoes, ties and more. Kris Van Assche launches his own collection on 2005. And Lee, a very familiar and popular brand, a clothing brand that specializes on denim, casual wear and work wear from the United States and been in the bussiness for more than a hundred years. Their items will be available  on January 2013 and has price ranges from approximately $142 USD up to $466 USD.

On the first photo is a simple yet elegant look. A great idea of layering a collared shirt with just a simple plain shirt, plus a folded ankle length jeans. The second is a pair of denim jeans and denim vest, underneath the vest is just a plain shirt, a very vintage look, because of the stitch of the denim the design of the jeans and vest are more highlighted. The fourth photo is a cap with Lee’s trademark brand logo. The cap also has this same stitch and thread used on the other denim items, the thread looks like a gold/brown color. On the sixth photo is a jeans that looks like has a pleats on its upper part, I think this style can be only worn by those guys with different taste of fashion. And lastly is a nice, crisp looking denim tie that also has a vintage denim look.