Dazzling Your Way to a Party

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I am sure I am not the only one who is fond of shopping online. A busy person like me hardly has time to do leisurely things let alone shop for the things I want and need. Thanks to online shopping I can now buy whatever I see at online stores even during my spare time. I also like the fact that they carry a lot of unique and affordable items that you sometimes do not see at brick and mortar stores. Furthermore, you can choose items to your heart’s delight because of the multitude of online stores around. Even popular designers now have online stores where they showcase and sell their old and new collections.

If you are someone who adores beautiful, dazzling stuff, then you will surely like shopping at Luxbutterfly. This online store sells a luxury line of high quality pearls and crystals footwear, eveningwear, bridal gowns, and evening accessories. All their items are made from the finest materials of pearls and crystals. You will definitely look elegant and be the belle of the ball when you buy their blings. Luxbutterfly prides itself in having top quality craftsmanship and having 100% curated and hand made designer pieces. They also offer customized designs for shoes and clutch bags.

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If you are confused as to what items to buy just click the tabs Designer Series, Little Flats, Pearl Heels, Crystal Heels, Purses, and Perfect Sets. Do not worry because it is quite easy to maneuver your way around the website since it is simple and uncluttered. Shoppers will also like the fact that they deliver worldwide within 15-28 business days. You can return and exchange items within 7 days from their delivery date in their original condition if ever you are not satisfied with your purchases. The shipping cost of both the previously received and soon to be shipped items will, however, be paid by you.

Paint your summer with blue

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Summer is the most perfect season,for me, to wear off all the colorful fashion finds that you’ve got on your closet. Hence, you better check your closet now and have all your colorful finds in set for this summer season. Actually, I am not that fond on wearing these colorful pieces from different brands such as: RVCA, CK, Marc Jacobs and more that this shop called East Dane is catering to their shop and selling over on its reasonable prices. But since it is now on trend and a lot of dope guys are wearing it now too, I think it’s fine of me too though to try out something quirky and out on my comfort for a change.

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Actually, I prefers clothing that are in basic colors like black and white but since it’s gone to summer these days. I think, It should be some colors for me to get in on what’s the fashion for men has to offer today when it comes for today’s trends. I am thinking off to wear some blue for my accessories because I’ve heard that color blue is one most look forward color this summer for men’s hence we better yet have ourselves some blue finds for your summer fashion.

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As you pleased to buy some summer clothing for yourself this coming outing you’ve planned. I think the best shop to shop was this East Dane because they’ve got it all from the regular brands than to these high-end brands that most of you are surely eye-ing about.

You can either check their Style Guide for you to have an idea on how you can rock your summer. Because they’ve complied all their lookbook photos there because you can learn easily on how you can mix and matches clothes without hesitation that you might overdo it.

Skin Care: Accessorize with this!


The environmental conditions existing these decades are quite disheartening as the pollution level has never stopped increasing despite the many efforts put by many green minded people. As the day goes by, one can see the fumes and the dust settling on the ground and the houses or vehicles which is a telling sign that situation is quite bleak and something serious needs to be done with it. There are several effects of the changing climatic conditions on humans. One such condition is the skin problems. They arise because of the pollutants that get caught up in the pores of the skin especially the facial skin because it is the exposed part of the body and is soon to get affected due to any rough weather. The facial skin needs special attention more so now than before.

The solution:

Of all the thousands of skin care products that are available in the market, developed by expert and noted dermatologists, the facial cleansing brush has become more popular these days and the sales of the product is going through the roof. Since it is affordable, and it is very light weight, it can be carried anywhere even in the small purse and can be used wherever you want to. This gives you solutions to several skin issues such as ageing skin problems like dullness,wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and many more.

New skin:

While the brush is used on the facial skin, it gives athorough massage to the entire face and the facial muscles get relaxed and the skin gets toned and tightened. The old and dead skin cells are fallen off and the new younger looking and moisturized new skin cells are revealed on to the surface which makes the face look radiant and youthful. It improves the blood circulation on the facial skin and takes out all the impurities clogging the pores in the face. Since the pores get enlarged as you age, the skin quality and look becomes dull and with the use of the product, it is cleared and the pores get smaller than before. The oil, grime and other dirty things clog the skin pores and with the use of the brush, the pores are cleared and there is no room for unclean pores anymore.


The product has very important features which include soft brush which is circle in its appearance; the bristles are made of very good quality raw materials and the brush head isable to last longer. It can be used when wet and dry. It can be operated on battery. It can be used in the bathroom where it is wet as well, but the brush is not damaged. There are adjustable two speed levels, the batteries can be charged easily. There are offers available when you buy a brush, another brush head is given free of cost. This works well than just our hands while we clean the face as the brush rotates at a speed which will pull out all the impurities and the grime out giving you a very clean and clear skin to flaunt.


The brush can be shared with others if there are no serious skin issues or acne which can be infectious to the other person and if the brush is cleaned well, there is no problem with sharing it. Since it is water proof, it can be used with soap and water or cleaning lotion and water instead of using your hands. The facial cleansing brush ensures better cleaning compared to your own hands. Grab it!


Tips to Maintain a Perfectly Groomed Facial Hair

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To keep stubble or not to keep stubble is the question that confuses a lot of men. Long back, a clean-shaven look was accepted to be the signature of a well groomed man whereas a beard look was frowned upon as a sign of carelessness and caprice. Time has changed and so has the idea of stubble. From notch celebrities, corporates, authors to college students-everyone is upright about adopting a rugged, macho and intense appearance with facial hair.

  1. Regular maintenance

Once you decide to rock the beard look, you have to get your hands laid on a trimmer every week unless you want to look like a haggard couch potato who is too lazy to shave. Shaping your beard is an essential part of grooming. You can read amazing articles about the art of shaving at Groom and Style for a comprehensive research on the topic of beard growth and styling. Achieving a clean, edgy and dashing look with facial hair needs a wee hard work. Girls with a fondness for intellect over anything simply go weak on their knees for men with stubble. Isn’t that worth your time and patience?

  1. Shape it, trim it

Shaving off the excess facial hair from the areas outside the natural growth of beard is the hack. Begin with the lower part of the neck and top area of the cheekbones. This will help you to get a clean look and will enhance your facial features. Having said that, do not go overboard with shaping otherwise the stubble will lose its natural charm and rugged appeal.it is best to use a shaving cream that doesn’t lather too much. For a smooth razor glide, scrub the dead skin cells of your skin with a gentle face wash before you start shaving. Then apply a shaving gel or shaving oil on particular reas.Leave it still for half a minute to allow the facial hair to soften. Now pick a razor or trimmer and glide it carefully in the direction you wish to. Don’t remove too much or you will spoil the entire look.

  1. Choose a right style

Choosing a beard style that suits your face cutting, hairstyle and personality is extremely important. Going wrong with this part can end up making you look like a bandit or ship wreck no matter how adeptly you shave. Decide your style according your face’s shape. The safest method is to try multiple styles one by one in order to come up with a perfect one. Grow a full beard and then start trimming in different directions in every two weeks. While shaving the cheek and neck lines will give you a more defined look, you can go playful with a goatee or absolute classy with a moustache and sideburns. If you have a long thin face, a full beard look will suit you the most.

  1. Having the right length

the length of your beard drastically impacts the way your stubble face looks. Too long facial hair makes you look puffed while too short simply fails add any spark to your overall look. The best part about beard is that even if you don’t like a particular length, it will grow back to its original form in just a few days. So, there is no bar in trying different lengths time to time. Groom and Style recommends you to get experimental with your beard and get a haircut according to it.

How to Enhance Your ‘Overall’ Look

Inspired by the trends of 70s, the fashion of 2015 is all about bedazzling retro styles with a fresh and edgy look. And among those there is one trend that has become a staple thing for all the lovers of fashion. Overalls (jumpsuits, dungarees and playsuits) we are talking about. They are definitely a hit this season and who knows they might stay a bit longer. With so many styles flooding the market, it seems that there is one for every girl. For summers, there are overalls in solid colors, floral and lacy patterns made in denim and Lycra fabric with skinny, slouchy and ripped styles ranging in different lengths. While the overalls with sleeves give a more formal look, the ones with straps are a great choice for cool urban style. Choose leather ones for a sophisticated look and make a style statement. While buying any type of overall dress, make sure you get the right fit and length for yourself depending on your body type.

 photo 11169094_657862491013143_202886937_n_zpsaxmpsejs.jpg

Whether it is a party, a casual meeting, a romantic date or an adventure trip, just slip into your stylish one-piece outfit and you are done. But wearing overalls can be a little tricky as you would not want to look like a dowdy person. Fret not, here are some really easy ways that will help you get that dapper personality effortlessly.

Keep it Casual

Sport your outfit with a tee, shirt or spaghetti and a pair of funky shoes for that casual street style look. Roll up the hems to reveal your tomboy-chic side.

Crop Your Look

Crop tops are sultry and are already one of the popular trends now. They are a versatile outfit that can go with your denims, high-rise pants, skirts and even with your jumpsuits or dungarees. Opt for a slider footwear to keep your overall look smart and stylish.

 photo 10744523_657862511013141_2067337933_n_zpsmi4ejfwe.jpg

Balance the Masculine Effect

Wearing your jumpsuit, dungaree or a playsuit with frilly or lacy tops adds to your feminine look, making you look less tomboyish. A pair of cute ballerinas or stilettos is a great idea to complete the look.

 photo 11173579_657862474346478_103128161_n_zpspfpnnp7t.jpg

Bundle Up in Winters

Pairing your one-piece with a sweatshirt or a sweater underneath is a great option for winters. Or you can choose to wear a knit top inside with a long woolen blazer or a stylish cardigan over your jumpsuit to stay warm and stylish. Another simple way is to layer up your outfit with a killer jacket.

Unlike plain and strappy overalls, their printed and sleeved versions just need the right accessorizing as they allow you to play with your look using hats, clutches, chunky accessories and trendy footwear like gladiators, pointed heels or sneakers.

About Author: Jessica is a style consultant and a fashion blogger. She likes to review various brands and dresses. Currently working as a part time blogger for Missglamclothing – An online dress store in Ireland.

Know more about bling phone cases

Do you have a cell phone that looks inactive and uninteresting? Or is your cell phone looking old and old in comparison to more recent mobile phones launched in the market? Do you wish to add elaborations to your cellular device to create it look snazzy and trendy? Add a jewelry cell phone situation to your device and create it look wonderful and hip. A jewelry cell phone situation can significantly modify the look of that boring device you bring in your purse daily. It can instantly become a work of art that attracts interest in an audience.

 photo iphone-cases-hipster_zpshxqa2ti7.jpg

A lot of people these days are already well aware of the fact, that the Swarovski gems, namely the line Swarovski Components, are popular for their vast number of types, dimensions and shades. They are being applied in many areas as attractive elements – from high – category jewelry to costly developer decorations.

It is not very challenging to create your own jewelry situation. All you need is a protect platform that you can buy at a variety of different shops, both off-line and on the internet. You then need to have an extensive range of jewelry components to beautify your protect. You can again get these at art shops in your community at low costs. Visit icolorcase.com to know more about bling iphone case.

Buy online

You can then start to beautify your protect with the jewelry components you have at your convenience. You can use forceps or pincers to choose each part and position it the protect to be trapped. The most essential component to make your jewelry situation is the adhesive that you are using to keep the designs on the platform. Use a powerful keep kind adhesive so that is keeps the designs in position. Adhesive resins are more heat range proof in comparison to other kinds of glue. Therefore, create sure that the adhesive you use for adhering your jewelry to the cell phone situation is a keep kind of adhesive.

You can use an extensive range of attractive components for embellishing your cell phone situation. You can use rhinestones, Swarovski gems and various other jewelry components to enhance your cellular protect. You might already have a lot of these components at home. You can also get them from any art shop in your community or buy them on the internet. Icolorcase.com is one of the best online portals.

Various designs and styles

You just need a lot of tolerance to do a thorough job with your jewelry cell phone situation. You need to go inches by inches over the place of your protect and keep one rock at a time using your adhesive. You need to create sure that there are no holes as your protect the outer lining place.

If you are not the DIY kind, you can always get ready made jewelry ipad situations from any retail store outlet. Just create sure that the rocks used are trapped protected to the platform. A wonderful cell phone protect can create your cell phone take a position out from the audience.


Must know facts about Air Purifier

A wide range of small devices are available for use in the home atmosphere (some much bigger ones cure commercial buildings), all targeted at either decreasing the pollutant amount in the air, or completely eliminating the destructive ingredients.

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Many aspects impact someone’s decision to buy an air purifier:

  • Disturbance level
  • regularity of narrow replacement
  • visible appeal
  • air amount that is handled per device of time
  • pollutant type
  • price of working the machine
  • warranty
  • how simple is it to use

A whole wide range of filtration is available. Washing them can be done by hand, vacuum cleaning or with water, the filtration requiring to be changed after a few times, based on the design. Many Air Purifier cleaners have a ‘Clean Air Distribution Rating’ or CADR, this is a evaluation ranking between a wide range of other air cleaner creates. Evaluations like this allow clients to make more advised options on which air cleaners to buy. The greater the CADR number the more efficient the filtration is.

A conventional in the U.S. is met by many air cleaners, it is set by HEPA. HEPA filtration is able to narrow out 99.97% of all contaminants down to the size of 0.3 micrometers in the air line. Other narrow devices that declare to be a HEPA-type or HEPA-like often do not narrow at as high a performance.

Wide range of products

HEPA filtration is costly, alternatives charging almost as much as the cleaner price. To lower the costs considerably a lot of air cleaners use both HEPA and less costly ‘pre-filters’ so that HEPA alternative is not so regular. Fans move air through the device and its cloth-like narrow, many dangerous viral ingredients being removed, more so than the impressive ionic devices. A significant benefits of this device is ingredients are successfully included within the device, also filtration can take a few decades before alternative is necessary. Cigarettes, smells, substance fumes and chemicals are not completely removed.

Some air cleaners make ozone, especially those that use ions, which has led to a traditional discussion over whether these cleaners really are decreasing the air contaminants. Ozone is known to be a very dangerous material, possibly deadly in some cases. When it responds with other ingredients it often smashes down into more compact contaminants.

Highly sensitive ozone is combined inside the device with the air damages various dangerous bacteria and substances. Operating the device on a low establishing, if that prevails, is generally what the producers recommend, decreasing the possibilities of ozone harming. The best thing about ozone air cleaners are their large success at eliminating smells. Unfortunately most substances and ingredients stay in the air when using this device.

There is a wide range of air cleaners that use triggered as well as. Activated as well as has a large area that is extremely substance sensitive and adsorbent, resulting in smells and the like to connection to the as well as. Of all the air cleaning narrow types this is the most absorbing. Furthermore, HEPA filtration can also be included making the resulting in device impressive. Smoking, fumes, smells and substances in the air are removed easily. Micro-organisms and ingredients are not successfully removed.

How to enlarge your hips and thighs naturally

Statistically, two out of every five women gets the urge or desire to acquire large hips and thighs. Most make a mistake of doing it the easy way by using enlargement creams, plastic surgeries and drugs of the kind which might end up posing dangerous threats to their health e.g. skin cancer. However, women are encouraged by health professionals to get engaged in numerous healthy exercises which can also achieve the above. So, Following Women’s Health and Beauty Reviews will be very useful to make you more fit and healthy.

Donkey Kick

The above exercise will help you in getting larger hips and it will also increase and round your buttocks. It is a step by step exercise whereby you first get on all fours with your knees close together then put your legs in the same position by lifting it back. Ensure your thighs come parallel to the ground with your buttocks squeeze. Repeat it on the other leg then redo the exercise over and over for ten to fifteen minutes.
The above isolates the muscles at the buttocks.

Standing leg raise

Stand with one leg raised and put on your ankle weights. Stand in a doorway and hold onto either side of the top of the doorway to create balance. Put your feet together and stand upright. Your right leg should lifted to the side and remember to keep both legs straight. Your left legs should then be lifted as far as you can then easily and slowly lower it down to the beginning position. Repeat the whole exercise thrice with a minimum of twenty lifts on each leg

Lying down side leg raise

While lying down, do a side leg raise. Keep the ankle weights on and lie down on a comfortable ground on your side. Keep your body straight so that your legs are directly on top of each other. In this position raise one leg to the air as high as possible then slowly lower it down to the starting position. Repeat the exercise a minimum of twenty times for both legs.

Kneeling side leg raise

Get to a kneeling position still keeping you ankle weights on. Bend the right leg and raise the other off the ground as high as possible. Afterwards, extend your leg out to the side as far as you can go and hold it for five seconds. Then return it slowly to the starting position. Repeat the exercise while switching the legs for a minimum of five to eight times.

Side lunges for hips

Remove your ankle weights and stand upright with your arms on either sides of your body. With your back straight bend your knee at a ninety degree angle and remember the other knee is supposed to be straight while doing this. Take a few breaths and use your hips to stand up fast with your feet apart from each other maintaining a distance of three ft. switch to the other foot and repeat the exercise fifteen times.

All the above exercises can help you achieved the desired goals in three to four weeks if done strictly as instructed.

Shop your spring/summer finds at Eastdane.com

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Looking for some pieces to rock this spring and summer season? if so, why not checking this leading online shop today called EastDane wherein mostly the high-end brands were listed and selling over on there reasonable prices. Yes! Eastdane is carrying a bunch of brands that you surely love such as: Calvin Klein, Herschel for bags,RCVA, Converse and many more. They also carrying some Marc Jacobs by the way. Check their shop today for you to see all the brands they’d be selling over.

 photo sale_zpsr030mxpa.jpg

Actually, this shop is the number one store for men’s fashion today, hence you can see all the trendy pieces from casual down to formal wears just scroll down their site’s categories for you to easily see where the item/s you’d wanted to get in. Other good thing was, Eastdane is holding an sale event today ( yes! as in today – hence you better buy off your things now) which they’ve called The Friends & Family event where they’ll be giving out an 25% off in your total spend. Just heads to this link: http://www.eastdane.com/ci/lp/discount-promo-coupon-code.html for the list of codes to apply as you checkout for you to partake on this awesome spring sale event.

This spring sale event had started on April 7th 7AM EST (New York Time) and it ends on April 12th 4AM EST. I hope you can take advantage on this because as current, the shop, Eastdane, has too many new brands to offer and I’d listed them out below for your consideration..

 photo 1_zpsij2zbqt8.jpg

Journal: http://www.eastdane.com/brands-journal/br/v=1/36021.htm

 photo 2_zps0lzu09oj.jpg

Garbstore: http://www.eastdane.com/brands-garbstore/br/v=1/36068.htm

 photo 5_zpsu7iddou2.jpg

Sangue: http://www.eastdane.com/brands-sangue/br/v=1/36602.htm

 photo 3_zpsuciblbnj.jpg

Adidas X Juun.J: http://www.eastdane.com/adidas-juunj/br/v=1/36141.htm

 photo 4_zpsa297ppv3.jpg

NOCS: http://www.eastdane.com/nocs/br/v=1/36106.htm

And they’ve got some awesome gadgets to offer to. Just go to accessories tab and click the tech button for you to browse all of their gadgets finds..

Okay, that will be all for now and I hope you can able to buy your finds on the shop, Eastdane, I’ve recommended because I truly pleased to their service and to price wise, they’re the most cheapest shop to buy off your branded finds and yet the quality of their items haven’t compromise at all..

Why to Buy Dresses on the Internet

People no longer frequent the high streets to get the best deals on fashion. They do it right from the comfort of their homes. Online shopping for women’s clothes has seen a massive growth throughout the world. Even today, its popularity is continuing to grow. So, what has made shoppers buy from the internet? Here are some reasons why you should also buy dresses from the internet.


Shopping has never been this convenient or this easy as it is online. The opening and closing times of the stores are no longer relevant to us. Even if we have hectic lifestyles, we can shop from just about anywhere and we are no longer bound to buying only on the weekends. No matter where we live, we can access millions of shops twenty four hours a day. You can now shop without worrying about your hectic lifestyle. In fact, you can choose when to shop and where to shop from.

 photo flower_zpswswaalnx.jpg

World wide access

Shopping from the internet gives you access to the entire world. Online dresses can be purchased from literally anywhere and it need not be just from your own town or city, but also from the other towns or cities across the world. If you shop offline, you would get access only to a few styles and you would have only a few choices. On the other hand, if you shop online, you could get access to fashion designs from variegated stores across the world. Besides, fashion is universal and with fashion stores on the internet, you can buy from literally anywhere in the world just sitting in front of your computer. This will give you access to unlimited number of dresses and dress designs from all over.

Unlimited choices

With access to literally almost all retailers of the world, you could get the best choices in clothes despite the climatic conditions outside. You need not worry about having to walk it up to a brick and mortar store during the cold winter. All you need is a computer and a credit card and you are ready to go! When it comes to buying dresses on the internet, you would be spoilt for choice. You can get access to literally any fashion from anywhere in the world just by sitting in front of your computer. You no longer have to waste hours together visiting different shops. In fact, you can do comparison shopping right from the comfort of your home. Everything that you want is literally available on your computer screen and you no longer have to go out during unsafe hours to get the clothes of your choice.

No sales people

This is one of the greatest advantages when you buy online dresses. There would be no salespeople trying to influence you or your choices in dresses. It is easier for you to discover the variegated styles and fashion designs on your own than having a salesperson breathe down your neck. You can easily get the dress design of your choice without anyone forcing you to buy a dress that you may not like.