Rock the Spring on your Preppy Look

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As everyone saying, ” wear light as summer comes”. And the best fashion style or statement you should rock on when the summer season goes, were these styles that are connects to preppy thingy or other called it casual old school kind of thing styles. Actually, If I am not mistaken this style were originated in the northern part and as they’re fond of wearing this kind of style even on their daily basis. Also, this style speaks really to my style that is why I am so pleased to blog it up and let you know too on how great this styling plus where you could buy off the pieces for this preppy style look.

There were a bunch of online shops that actually selling pieces like basic shirts, polos and chinos pants that you can consider for spring and summer. But I think they aren’t that fine when it comes to quality and processng the order. Other’s takes a week or so just to sent over your purchased items your way while other are in out of stock state where they couldn’t figure out when they’ll be going to sent out the product, which is the main and major problem of some online merchants these days. But you know what? I knew one online shop that caters all the quality products even they carrying out some big names brands to their shop such as: RCVA, CK,OBEY,Opening Ceremony and more.. which can help you gather up the pieces for your possibly preppy look. And the awesome shop is this East Dane, an US based online shop that’s built it’s reputation already online. Hence, it is best and convenient to shop here..

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First thing, what kind of pieces you should have for you top? well, everything basic is fine like an nicely short sleeve or plain shirts will do. As long you were comfortable wearing it, everything is goes look well..

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But other make a twist were they’re pairing up their total outfit with colorful blazers or coats that are ironically suits for the weather due of the light colors of these finds.

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And to finish off the look, preppy, you should have an proper foot wear and accessories. And I suggest you to have the sneakers than to loafer, though loafer is cool but since I am on my mid-20’s I prefer more the kicks than to any casual shoes. But it’s up to you then where you’re more comfortable..

LIFUL 2015 Spring/Summer “Break Time” Collection Lookbook

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I think, one of the busiest time of the year for these brands and labels was this spring season. Because at this time, they have to release at least the sneak peek photos of their upcoming collection through lookbook like what the brand LIFUL has recently do. For the reason(s) of:

– First, they giving out a little hint on what we could expect to them and what are the possibly type of pieces they’d be working on..

– Second, I think they should have to show their designs to everyone not just for us consumers but also to their co-designers to avoid the kinda resemblance to one another pieces, though its inevitable to happen but to just assure though you must reveal the part of your total collection – I think this how the fashion industry works today..hence, ts pretty norm to them to do this.

– Lastly, they teaching the peeps on how to proper wear their each pieces through the help of lookbook photos, just check on some photos below on how they can mix and matches  pieces that actually turns good.

 photo 01_zps3hspkqze.jpg

 photo 03_zpsw01wt1yl.jpg

 photo 05_zpsqubxf6x5.jpg

By the way, the brand LIFUL is locally in South Korea, no doubt! because these how usually Koreans style themselves. Hence, if you like on how Koreans rocks, you’d better to check this brand and have the newest pieces out at their main website. Go check it now for you to see for yourself the full details about this collection that includes the availability, price range and materials used.

A Bathing Ape x G-Shock 2015 GD-100

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Firstly, sorry for not updating this site for quite a long time now, I mean updating it with my personal stuff and some press releases that these brands and labels are recently released. Hence, you aren’t that much updated on what’s happening in the fashion industry these days as you are my real reader of this site, so – please bear with me..

I actually got a bunch of PRs from the brands I used to work before but sad to say I couldn’t able to post them up in time due with some circumstances that I needed to attend in timely fashion. Hence, I hope the companies who emailed me understands my situation. But no worries, I am back on track now and I can able to post all the PR you’d be sendimg out starting today… Yes! good thing..hehe

Who is the fan of G-shock here? I knew most of you dudes are raising your hands there especially those into street wear and sports, right? because this kind of timepiece is pretty suits to those persona who has this “go-lucky” personality and not much into casual when it comes to his fashion styling. Actually, this type of watch is really speaks to my style that is why I am so pleased then to include it out in here.

Actually, this new watch of G-shock , A Bathing Ape x G-Shock 2015 GD-100, was an collaborative piece of the said brand, G-shock, and this awesome street wear brand called “A Bathing Ape”. And as I’ve heard, it is already released to the market to buy and it has an retail price of ¥21,600 JPY (approximately $180 USD) in any g-shock and A Bathing Ape stores nears you. But ZOZOTown had it stocked on their shop hence better to check them out as you don’t get a chance to purchase it on the main brands stores.

Okay then, that will be all for now and if you have any further questions or additional details perhaps. Just hit me an email or better yet check g-shock main site for details. Thank you~


Beautiful, Durable, and Affordable Wigs For Everyone

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I have a fashionable friend who wears wigs all the time. She is not bald nor does she experience hair loss but she gets tired of having the same hairstyle everyday. When I saw her wearing a long wig, I was really amazed at how real it looked. I would not have known that it was a wig if she did not tell me. Many women as well as men wear wigs for aesthetic reasons. When buying a hairpiece, take note of its quality and price. Wigs are generally expensive but you can buy cheap human hair wigs online.

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My friend buys her wigs at an online store called Continuing to grow since starting in 2004, it is located in Qingdao, the world’s largest hub of wigs producers. Known for their high quality, affordable, and natural-looking hairpieces, these wigs are custom made and carefully hand crafted and are done in just 4 weeks. Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is to first order online then provide accurate head measurement (size and shape). Hairbro staff will then fit original human hair from various ethnicities like Caucasian, European, Chinese, Indian etc. and make the Hair Replacement System taking into account the client’s requirements. They likewise advice the client to buy a wig that will suit his/her skin tone.

Hairbro has it all when it comes to Hair Replacement Systems. Clients can choose the items they like by clicking the tabs Men’s Toupee (Full Lace, Lace Front, Skin, and Conventional) and Human Hair Wigs (Full Lace Wigs, Glueless Full Lace Wigs, Monofilament Human Hair Wigs, Silk Top Lace Wigs, Celebrity Wigs, and Custom Wigs). If you are having trouble choosing, refine your search by clicking category, hair texture, and price. Once you are done ordering, Hairbro will provide you all the important details about your transaction. When you are finished with the whole process, just sit back, relax, and wait for your hair replacement system to be delivered at your doorstep.

Gifts That Men Want To Receive on Valentine’s Day

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Probably one of the most celebrated event of the year is Valentine’s Day. Many couples make a big fuss over it and try their best to make it a memorable occasion. Since it only happens once a year, it should indeed be special. It’s a must for couples to have a romantic dinner or a really memorable date. This Valentine’s Day, you’ll likely give your special woman flowers, chocolates, and jewelry. The question is, what gift do you want to receive from her. You might be tired of receiving the usual gifts like men’s underwear, so what you have to do is maybe give her hints of what you want.

 photo caps_zps6d6c9535.png

Watches are a man’s essential accessory. Some timepieces may be expensive but there’re those which are reasonably priced. If he’s into coffee, you can buy him a coffee maker or espresso machine. Another nice gift to have is a beard trimmer. This makes shaving easier and faster. You can even shave your beard while doing something else like reading, watching TV, and talking on the phone. Guys will always be happy with top-of-the-line and ultra modern gadgets. A gaming console not only brings out the child in a man it also is a fun way of relaxing. Receiving a new pair of shoes whether it’s a dress shoe or sneakers will also be appreciated. Hats, scarves, and gloves are practical gifts that men will love to put their hands on.

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You can check other beautiful items at East Dane, a brother site of It’s a well-thought off store that gives a straightforward take on men’s fashion. Not only will you find items from famous designers but there’re those from new designers as well. They carry a wide selection of clothes (shirts, jeans, outerwear, sweaters, pants); shoes (boots, sandals, sneakers), and accessories (bags, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, ties and pocket squares etc.).

Tips on Choosing Lingerie

With so many designs and materials to choose from it is at times very challenging to buy lingerie and choose from so many brands out there, as getting into a single store can already be time consuming and even confusing at times.

Since women often look into lingerie as a way of expression and create a vibe that can either be naughty, sexy or just comfortable, being able to look into what particular factors to watch out for is very important, so below are some steps to consider before purchasing some lingerie.

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Size Matters

The great thing about lingerie is it does not matter if it is lingerie petite size or lingerie plus size, there are a lot available for any size so it is very important to be certain that it is appropriate for your own size and fit especially since most are often worn on a daily basis.

Take the time to get your measurements on your own or ask the lingerie store personnel to help you get to know your size especially when getting a brassier because many are not well aware of how to really detect their own size.

Material Used

For lingerie that is worn often and daily it is very good to choose materials like cotton that is not too delicate for regular washing and can even be machine washed.

When looking into purchasing more delicate kinds of material like silk make sure to read the washing instructions to be able to preserve the lingerie and be able to use it for a longer time.

Designs and Trends

Lingerie has fast become a kind of fashion statement for a lot of women and being able to at least invest on one or two high quality brands that have unique designs is not a bad deal since these often last for a long time as compared to other less pricey brands.

Look into purchasing designs or trends that you feel comfortable wearing and are classic in scheme so that you can be able to wear it whenever you want and it can match other clothing in case it needs to match with a sheer dress or blouse.

Comfort and Function

Some kinds and types of lingerie often do not meet the comfort needed when going for a long run or a very busy day out doors, so it is very important to have several kinds depending on the kind of lifestyle that you lead.

When you are an active woman it is good to invest of lingerie that is comfortable with the types of activities that you do often, when you are a high fashion kind of woman and feel the need to have lingerie that look really good with your everyday clothes then purchasing some that look good even when revealed is also necessary.

All women must really be able to look into several varieties of lingerie and really feel that need to purchase several kinds especially for those who live different kinds of lifestyles – the lingerie should match where it is intended to be used.

Men’s Fashion Summer essentials 2015

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Summer is fast approaching. And I know most of you are pretty excited to go out and have a getaway. But before that, you should have to know on what’s hot and what’s not on this year’s fashion trend for men hence for you to fits in. Actually, there were these finds that you should have first because they’re the usual in need as this summer season comes.

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First, an nicely and dope backpacks is a must. Because it can gives spice on the total outfit you’d trying to pull off. Plus, backpacks are fashionable and yet functional most especial if you’re heading out to a vacation. But to make sure to have the spacious one though..

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Secondly, I think travel kits are necessity as well because these kits are the tiniest and yet useful for your entire trip so you better pack them off too. You can have some of them at this shop called East Dane, my fave online store, as you don’t know on where to buy them and what possible they were..

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And Lastly, you must have an light clothing such as shorts and swim wears. Because these are the handy to carry and you can wear them off anywhere, hence there are the most practical to pack for your getaway..

Smudges, Cracks and Streaks: The Woes All Eyeglass Wearers Share

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There are plenty of very good reasons why you should wear your glasses if they have been prescribed as necessary, but many people do tend to struggle with them and the practicality issues that can come with them.

It is not just the battle to keep your glasses free from smudges, cracks and streaks; it is also the fact that everyday activities can sometimes take longer simply because you are wearing your glasses.

Maintenance and practicality woes

A trip to the cinema is a great family experience and 3D movies are more popular than ever before, but have you tried those 3D glasses over the top of your regular glasses?

That might seem like a minor irritation but the need to regularly clean your glasses can definitely get a bit tedious at regular intervals throughout the day. What you are wearing can make that task even more difficult, as wiping your glasses with the wrong material such as wool, if you don’t have a cleaning cloth to hand, will make your glasses worse than before you tried to clean them.

Other practical issues that glasses wearers have to contend with include dealing with rain and then there is the need to switch your glasses from indoors to outdoors in order to cope with the changing light.

Perhaps one of the most annoying problems of them all, is the fact that when you lose your glasses, you actually need them to be able to see well enough to find them again.

Alternative solution

Some people might see glasses as a fashion statement these days, but many of those who are making that observation, probably don’t wear glasses for practical rather than aesthetic reasons.

Sites like the Laser Eye Surgery Hub are an understandably popular port of call for many of us who want an alternative to wearing glasses that allow us to get on with our daily lives without so much hassle.

Opting for laser eye surgery or contacts as opposed to wearing glasses is now proving a very popular choice and a much better scenario than simply choosing not to wear your glasses and trying to get away with it.

Help with your vision

Choosing not to wear your glasses, despite having being prescribed as needing help with your vision, is actually storing up some long-term problems and most likely is going to create some short-term difficulties.

If you are not functioning with the clearest level of vision that is possible, you are leaving yourself and others exposed to potential injury as well as creating some potential eye-health issues. Almost all of our reaction ability when we are driving a car, relies on clear sight, so not wearing your glasses or contacts, could put you at a higher risk of causing or having an accident whilst behind the wheel.

If you are one of those people that sometimes forgets to use their glasses in certain situations like driving, you may want to consider something like laser eye surgery as practical alternative.