G-Dragon rockin’ Ambush accessories



Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection

Might few of you are keep on following this guy named D-dragon, Korean singer, when it comes to his fashion sense and styles. Becuase lets admit it, the guy really have this great taste when it comes to his fashion and also, he really had these quirky things for his accessories like what you are seeing on the top photo wherein he is wearing a great accessories from the Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection. Actually, Ambush 2012 “Holy Mountain” Collection is been well know already on their unique accessories and been seen by the some Hollywood stars like Gaga, that’s why no wonder why GD hooked up to the accessory brand as well..

For more info about these pieces, you can heads up to the brand’s main website for the list of the accessories as long to the each price. Because I cant able to include all the info here due of my limited time, however, soon I got some spare times soon. I’ll definitely update this again for the full pricing details. Alright, that will be all for now. Thanks folks!

Trends: Blonde Hair for Men


Though summer season is already done and we’re all welcoming the fall season now. But yet I think, blonde hair for both girls and men are still hip and trends. Why do I say so? oh well, because I’ve always seen folks wearing an blonde hair with them that can signifies that this thing is still trends in the fashion industry today. I hope this make sense? lol anyway, if you want your self to have an blonde hair especially if you were an Asian, like the guy the top, just go ahead as long it will suit on you well you’ll definitely rock on it in any seasons.


I think, most people nowadays are more on trends and hippest things, however, the real meaning of fashion is not just into brands and what’s things hip but also the confidence you have and how you carry yourself through all these things you have. Got what I mean? alright, that’s it for now and will try to update some fashion news by my next post. Thanks!

DJ Mixer


Istarblog.com is not only blogging about fashion related news but also some entertainments and musics too. Because the blog is supposedly to be fashion and music entertainment online portal. Today, I’ll be going to tackle about this dj mixer that Ive found interesting recently. Because look, you may also plugin your iPod in it and all things works awesome. who doesnt know that we could have this awesome instruments today that can make and produce great musics that can rocking our music industry today.

Trends: Colored Laces



On today’s fashion accessories. I think colored laces are the one most talked about and eager to have by both bettys and dudes today. Because look, these laces had this great appeals on shoe itself as you have them, personally, I haven’t thought that colored laces can be hip like this today because we have this thinking before that any colored thing on accessory especially on the shoe is quite nerd to see, right? however, as this year comes all the nerdy things can be turns into this hippest and trendy pieces like this colored laces here.

Someone uses these colored laces on their outdoor outdoor fountain to give accent to it. And yeah! you may use that way too if you want to. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

IU – Good Day

I really liked this girl named IU since Ive watched her on the TV series drama ” dream high” because the girl has this angelic voice and admit it, she’s really cute and has this sweet character that can hook up to every guy out there..LOL This recently, while I was searching over youtube. I found this video of her performing this great song entitled ” Good Day” check the video on top for you to see the performance.

As I noticed it. Good day song has this elements of guitar and mic stands that might music professionals will be noticed with as they listen to the song. And I must say, the blending of the elements are quite good and been quirky in away in the ordinary arrange of musics, I think. this what kpop music offers today.

The Key to Casual Wear for Men


Men seem to have it easier than women when it comes to selecting outfits to wear.  This is especially true when it comes to the difference between formal and casual wear.  For men, formal wear is formal – a suit.  There isn’t much else to it.  However, the only thing is, for men, there are lots of different levels of casual, and it is important to make sure that you wear the right one for the right occasion.

Dressy Casual

 Dressy casual is probably the hardest to dress for because it is so dependent on the situation in which you are going.  However, if you need to wear casual clothes, but still want to look really nice, you should focus on the following:

Depending on where you are going, this means either wearing nice slacks or dressy jeans by Debenhams.  If you wear slacks, you should wear nicer shoes.  If you are going with dressy jeans, you could get away with less formal shoes, but either way, the shoes should be in excellent condition.

For shirts, this usually means button down shirts (possibly short-sleeved), and possibly a jacket.  You don’t want to over dress, but a jacket can make anything seem a little more dressy.

 Regular Casual

 Regular casual is what you will wear out with friends on the weekend.  This is usually regular jeans or shorts, and a polo shirt or a tee shirt in good condition.  For shoes, you can usually just wear nice sneakers or other shoes, but still make sure they are in good condition.  Depending on the season and location, you could even wear flip flops with jeans or shorts.

 Weekend Around-the-House Casual

 Finally, you just have your regular around the house casual clothes that you can wear at nights and weekends when you are staying in.  Don’t buy anything here!  Just utilize your older shirts, shorts, and pants that you just don’t want to wear our with friends anymore.  This is for your family’s eyes only!

Great Quality Replica Designer Handbags


Replica Designer Handbags are available in several online stores. Most of the huge shopping malls and wayside markets stock these items. The exclusive Louis Vuitton handbags outlet stores sold only exclusive leather bags until a few years back. Nowadays they have enhanced their collection to include pure cotton printed bags, jute bags, canvas totes and carry alls made up of many other materials. LV brand is always known for following its customers pulse closely. It is said, the modern customers prefer these low maintenance bags rather than a hard to maintain classic leather pieces. Hence the most awaited change.

Replica designer handbags selling stores have also followed the same pattern of the original brand. They include exclusive items printed with beautiful designs in their replica Louis Vuitton handbags outlet stores. They use their special designer’s creativity to manufacture impressive designs. Some of the attractive designs found in the replica designer handbags stores cannot be hunted down on the original Louis Vuitton handbags outlet stores. Most of the customers visiting the replica stores know this well. They visit these stores for the sheer pleasure of laying their hands first on a new design available in the market.

Replica designer handbags never compromise on quality with the originals. Their varied design makes them a hot favorite among many women. They produce demographic based designs like the mango patterned bags to sell in India and the exclusive red bags with bamboo designs to sell in China. Louis Vuitton handbags outlet might have some but not all of the unique designs present in the replica designer handbags stores. Ladies, who shop for fun, until their wallet gets empty, throng the replica stores to buy as many items as they wish. They are not ready to invest all the money in one single original item. They prefer to have more items at a cheap cost.

Beams and Beams Plus – Fall Winter 2012 Lookbook





It seems that everyone, brands, are keep on releasing their own Fall and Winter collection today. Of course, they have to give us peak on what we should expect from their brand on this coming Fall and winter seasons. Today, these brands Beams and Beams Plus had released their Fall Winter 2012 Lookbook photos that you can see on the top photos..As this moment, I havent yet know any further details about this awesome collection here, however, I’ll update you again here once the brand updated their info regarding this collection pretty soon.

Alright, that’s it for now and I hope you may keep on checking the blog, Istarblog.com, for more fashion news.. Thanks!

Vans for KENZO Sneakers – Fall Winter 2012





We’ve heard recently that Kenzo had teamed up on the dope shoe brand Vanz. I think the first collaborative pieces from these 2 giants are been released last summer 2012. And now they’ve been worked again together to release another hip shoe designs like what you are seeing on the top photos. Those photos are the pieces we could expect from these 2 brand names for their Fall Winter 2012 collection.

Check their ads campaign video below:

I think, these shoes are indeed versatile due of the designs like for example those flower prints one. They can be also be use in the summer season as long to fall and winter and you’ll never be outdated to fashion as you have it. That’s why I had this hint that most of you folks, both men and girls, are really pleased and looking forward to have your own pair from this collaborative brands.. Yeah! even me, I want to see myself wearing one soon..:)

By the way, do you know any online shops who has this tacoma seat covers selling on? please do let me know, I just need to have one.. Alright, that’s it for and and will try to update you more fashion news by my next posts. Thanks!


Shopping for Big and Tall Men


It can sometimes be difficult to find clothes for big and tall men.  There requirement for outsize menswear used to make it difficult to find retailers that could accommodate them.  It usually meant going to a specialty store to find properly fitting appropriately.  However, as demands have progressed, more stores and brands have begun to offer clothing for bigger guys.  Here are a few tips and thoughts on shopping for big and tall men.

Know Your Size

This can be the trickiest part of finding and buying larger menswear.  Your measurements are how you will be able to find the best fitting clothes, but not all brands and retailers have sizes meaning the same thing.  Before you start searching for clothes, make sure that you measure your chest, neck, sleeves, and inseam to know exactly what sizes you are looking for.

Also, keep in mind that being big doesn’t always mean tall, and vice versa.  If you are looking for a suit, you should shop specifically for your body type.  Tall individuals should find “tall” shirts and “long” pants.

By going to the store prepared, it will make for a much more pleasant shopping trip.

Choose the Right Styles

The next thing to keep in mind is choosing the right styles for your body.  The key to being confident in your clothes is being comfortable.  Bigger gentlemen should avoid wearing tight fitting suits and other clothes.  Also, make sure that you stick to solids, and vertical stripes, while avoiding bright colors.

If you buy light and flowing fabrics, it may make you seem larger than you are.  The same is true for bulky fabrics.  Keep to lightweight wool suits and cotton dress shirts.  If you are thinking about wearing khaki, consider wearing jeans or denim instead.

For taller men, 3 button suits and jackets will be a better look and give you a fuller appearance.  Make sure that you also look for extra long ties, so that they reach your belt buckle.  Too many tall men wear ties that are too short!

 Make Sure It Fits

Finally, you want to make sure that whatever you buy fits perfectly.  Nothing off the rack, for any size man, usually does.  Spend the extra money and pay t have your suits and jackets tailored to fit your body.  This will make sure that the clothes work well for you.