Food Shopping

We’ve been off to grocery awhile ago because we don’t have enough stocks then for the this whole week foods. But we’ve got on the trouble because the cashier rather the grocery where we did bought are stuff wasn’t have this barcode scanner which really important as you run a grocery business,right? because this gadget will determine on how much the item should be that can give convenient to you as long to the customer. I’m still pissed off to that grocery and I hope they have this scanner so that all things will be smoothly done and a fast services will serves to us all customers.

Nike Dunk SB High Premium Kicks for 4th of July

Actually Ive seen this design released last year 4th of July because as you can see the shoes got an US flag on it that means rather symbolized the Independence day that the country celebrating in every 4th of July. I think Nike got an great concept on their kicks by this holiday because I was pretty sure that a lot of peeps will surely buy this shoes out that can be salable sooner enough on each Nike stores. Because people of the United state of America was indeed united that they did patronized and sympathized in all of the occasions that was related on the country. This means rather a great proves that the people of the country are involving their self out on the important matter of the country which is the right attitude as you live on one freedom country , right?  On this, I really admired on how the people of the united stated of America unites to each other. By simply having some stuff like on this kicks to shown their spirit of the independence day. ^_^

Chris Brown wearing BBC Ice Cream “Three Servings” crew-neck sweatshirt

As I saw Chris Brown wearing this awesome sweatshirt. One thing that I’d do first which is searching on what’s the brand of this dope sweatshirt. And luckily Ive got it. Its BBC Ice Cream “Three Servings” crew-neck sweatshirt that may cost you $154, I loved sweatshirt as well specially those had animated prints on front or any character on it liked what Chris brown wore on this photo.

Hooded Scarf is trending?

We often used scarf as the  weather is quite cold, even if you simply wanted to wear this off,right? but this recently Ive been stumbled on one blog where did I saw this  hooded scarf that indeed caught my attention. Because this was my first time then to see such quirky scarf since I was residing on the tropical country. Maybe this kind of scarf are did trending to those cold countries mostly UK and US. But more than more in UK I believed because the fashion capital of the world is was there.

So yeah! this Hooded Scarf are now a trend on the fashion world these days. By the way even girls can wear this off,okay! just search or check your fave brands to get your own hooded scarf. Thanks!

Be Fashionable on Newgy Ping Pong

Sport is an passion and passion can be fashion that can be definitely connect onto sport and fashion. These days, fashion are can be sport as well like what you are seeing on the top photo which the player of the game sport newgy ping pong are wearing these fashionable outfits that can recognize the game it self due of those mini shirt that usually wore on the tennis and ping pong sports. Actually a lot of sport enthusiast are into fashion as well nowadays because they maybe find fashion as cool as into sport,right? Okay, let see the comment of those sport person their as much our fellow fashionista regarding this matter.

G-Dragon Rockin on his Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White by A Child of the Jago

I know you are following G-dragon’s fashion most of the time. And I know you’re did seeking on what he usually wear off specially the brand names. Today, I will let you know on what brand that he did wore on this top on photo. The shoes is from Christian Louboutin while the pants I dunno at this moment but try to check if balmain has it becuase usually GD loves balmain most of the time. And the tee was on “A Child of the Jago” What? is that a brand? I am not familiar with it though so please bear with me. But the tee was in quality and as far as I know this brand names are from European house fashion company but let me verify it first and will update you some other time.

The T-Shirt has an name of  “Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White” and the price is quite expensive for me. It will cost you £78.00 for one piece. Goodness! I cant afford it.LOL

Alexander McQueen Men Collection

I dont know where these collection belongs. I mean what season and year, I just found this online when I was searching with some topics that I’ll blog over here. Anyways, these was the Men’s collection of the fashion house line Alexander McQueen. Again, the collection was unique and out of nowhere idea that can bring gorgeous looking as you wear any of these collection, I think that will be the magic of McQueen brand.