Balmain New Designer Olivier Rousteing

I’m so lucky to have some friends in facebook that has the same interest with me which is men fashion and such related. Actually this information was shared by a friend on the said social media that this man named Olivier Rousteing is now the new designer of the well known brands Balmain. I hope to see some of his designs pretty soon and I look forward to see some awesomely pieces that he  made of. Okay that’s it for now and let see soon on how this great man works.

Ultimate Fashion Turn-Offs

Even if you buy all the latest magazines and follow the trends, there will always be different fashion laws when it comes to dating. No matter how many celebrities have worn that style of shoes, you’re not guaranteed to impress your date with them. Whether you’ve met on one of the fashionable dating sites or through a magazine, here are some first date fashion turn offs:



Despite popular belief, showing too much flesh is a big turn-off. Your date will get completely the wrong impression and it could well cheapen the evening. Plus, leaving more to the imagination will usually turn someone on much more than revealing all from the first. Girls, try to balance your look by sticking to the simple rule that if you wear a skirt, you wear a modest top and if you wear a revealing top, go for trousers or dark tights. This will mean you’re look is much more sophisticated and sexy. Guys, try and keep all but the top button done-up and jeans not too baggy – flesh isn’t a good look on you either!



This is the ultimate fashion turn-off – as popular TV program Snog, Marry, Avoid has countlessly proved by giving people with a love of fakery more natural makeovers. Fakery looks tacky and off-putting. If someone’s on a date with you they want to get to know the real you, not the fake. So, lose the jewellery, make-up, hair extensions, false eyelashes and all other forms of fakery. Be as natural and create a great impression.



Although you might want to dress in a wacky style to show off your unique personality, make sure you tone this down, at least for the first couple of dates. You wouldn’t want to scare someone off by being too out-there with your look. It might take a bit of getting used to, so ease them in gently. Bold patterns, clashing designs, over-the-top accessories and neon colors could be baffling turn-offs.



Turning up to a date in the scruffiest outfit possible is mainly the crime of guys, although girls can occasionally fall below the acceptable level too. You must look like you’ve made some kind of effort when you go on a date. Arriving in torn jeans, a t-shirt and a general air of unkemptness really won’t leave a good impression. In fact, your date will probably assume that you don’t really care, either about them or the date!



At the other end of the spectrum, don’t make too much of an effort. Don’t show off with expensive designers and top-of-the-range watches and jewellery. This can be another enormous turn-off, as it will be interpreted as unpleasant arrogance and vanity.


Whether you’re visiting dating websites london or dating in Glasgow, don’t let these fashion turn-offs ruin your dating life. Make sure to steer clear of these five unsightly trends.


To avoid the fashion turn-offs. You must have these awesome and hippest Watches that can make you “in” on today’s fashion.

Watches and Natostraps by Steve & Co.

Steve & Co. released new Watches which the Natostrap that you may see on the below photos.

These straps was Inspired by the military belt that can look more unique into other watches strap out there, and the good things on this strap was you can easily put it out into a watch that you wanted to use for this strap. Steve & Co proves their products already to the market a several years ago that’s why they see to it that these set of straps that they been recently released has this every excellent materials with steel finishing. Sounds good huh? Yeah it is, that’s why if I were you, You must grab one now. 🙂

All Natostraps by Steve & Co. can be purchased on: .


I support this company advocacy is to give us people a very unique of clothes that be cool and casual at the same. I’d never heard this before that’s why I’m blogging this out now for your to all know on what this company aiming for us.

Watch their Video for you to deeply know on how this company works.

This indeed awesome and I hope you may support them as well.

By the way the company is about to launch this first week of May and for you to see on what these guys can offer us. Here’s the sneak peak on their work.

These clothes are in trend but yet still unique onto others, how? because these clothes aren’t made by  the machine that mostly another companies did. These are made by the Artisan, meaning they don’t use any electricity just to make  a great pieces like these. I support this concept, really! and I hope I can have these kind of clothes to soon.

twitter: @iouproject

T.O.P Obese Picture (big bang member)

Who’d never thought that the big bang member one of the well known k pop group in Korea which is TOP is has been trough for being obese before. I know some of you knew this things about his past but other still not knowledgeable on how this guy look like before, so Yeah, I’d better to share his picture before that I was found on the internet as well. I think TOP was done into intense training just to abolish his unwanted fats and stuff like that and I heard that this man has this strong decision to achieve the look that he wanted to be that’s why now look at him, he can actually capture so many girls hearts out there.

This indeed hard to achieve without any help to those medicines or any machines that was available to you then and I suggest you to search about this Dieta Atkins and dieta mediterranea because I heard that these dieta stuff can be help for you to ease rather get rid of that disgusting body you have as you an obese one. I am telling this to let you know what are the best thing to do as you have this obese body because if you aren’t asking me. Me, before I was an couch potato as well, oops! that’s too much at least chubby I must but through help of this dieta Fricker and thingy all this wet into a good path that i wanted to be. I know this quite frustration as you are in the situation but be in the reality that sometimes we can help to eat a lot that can bring our selves for being unhealthy, but is not to late for us all to moderate eating and be healthy at the same time.

Now  this guy TOP has this nice body and healthy. And as for this moment, TOP is the best man fashionista on his generation specially on his country which in Korea along with his group big bang.

Look at his now, he can carried his self nicely and he can also now wear his things out properly. Not if you were an obese person this kind of pieces or clothes aren’t be match on your body built . but if you are an average body type like what did top has now, all things can you definitely wear of with. Now I was thinking if I will make my self much skinny than him because skinny men are hip nowadays.

Unique Men’s Collection

Yeah, this was my first time to see these collection that men can actually wearing such tube top. I know, I know you are quite amuse as you’ve seen  this at first time and even me I admit, I amused rather lough out loud when I found this photo on Google. But I realized that this maybe the trends where this collection had out, maybe  this was on Paris or in any fashion cities in Europe and I heard that there was another girly thingy that men are wearing of nowadays which the mini shirt, and let see if this will spread out world wide.

For now, let you think your self out if you can wear this kind of top as you an a guy. hahha maybe others can do but mostly rather huge on the guy population wont wear this.

Taeyang is Wearing Thom Browne

Yg entertainment where this guy under, I mean his agency. Was indeed meticulous on the brand names that they may consider for their artists and as I follow their clothes and style in fashion, one thing that Ive been noticed with, which this agency was often looked into those European brand names like Homme, and this Thom Browne, yeah this two pieces here that’s taeyang’s wore was from Thom Browne. The sweatshirt piece was named Cable Knit Jumper that has a price of €485 while the other long sleeve is the Thom Browne Tartan Poplin Oxford Shirt that will cost you $416. These guys are really awesome by buying such expensive clothes.

Big Bang Love song MV Shoes

I blogged and published one blog post recently about the new Music Video(MV) of the group big bang which the LOVE SONG . On the said Music Video one thing did caught my attention out which their shoes, because they do have all same shoes though. I did my researched on the other blogs which tackling this kind of topics as well and I found out that this shoes that they did wore on their video was called Maison Martin Margiela  Sports Shoes that you can buy for the price of $440 . Indeed another expensive shoes they have, Im so envy to these guys now and I hope I can be celebrity as well, nope don’t take it seriously Im just kidding you out.LOL

If you want to buy this shoes online, just type in the given shoes name and I believe a lot of online awesome stores will shown up where you can buy this expensive shoes.

Dont Get Bankrupt for Fashion

Fashionistas are indeed shopaholic, I’m hundred percent on that because mostly gals and gentlemen are wanting to have these expensive clothes,bags,accessorizes and cameras to those expensive brand names, and if I have money then I will surely buy some stuff to these brand names but in moderation, why? though if ever I got plenty of money if that is so, will definitely consider my expenses as well. I don’t ever focus my self out by buying clothes and all vain stuff becuase I do believe there was still important things beside giving your self a happiness by only spending your money on clothes, though I admit buying your clothes and such stuff are the best stress therapy. haahaha

Okay, now I’m giving a piece of advice to those shopaholic one. if i were you I’ll consult to san diego chapter 13 attorney because these guys can give you a great advice on what are the best thing to do to avoid your self of buying too much in more than you needed.

Be Healthy and fashionable

I am blogging this for my female fashionista readers though this blog is more focus on guys fashion but yet still I do have some girls readers here that can relay on this post. Alright, recently I read some health magazine here at house that my sister bought on the bookstore because the magazine is really tackling about girls heath and even some men health as well, I found it cute because of the cover that’s why Ive been decided to read some article of the magazine and I found out new things about girls that we guys doesn’t know and I do believe some girls wont know this either. That this medical compression hose rather panty hose for girls are can be use not only to hide some unwanted stuff on the legs on but also can me use on health matter. Sounds interested right? yeah it is because this kind of hose for girls are now suggested by the doctor to avoid those varicose veins that most girls have. Yeah, good to know that we guys can often have this varicose veins. The hose can push up all of your veins and firm your legs to avoid to have any of this varicose, so if I were you, you must have this now before its to late.

I was trying to be help for those girls out there using this blog so please bear with me. And I hope I can help you my dear readers regarding this topic that you may consider too soon, believe me. thanks a lot