Seungri rockin on his John Galliano’s embroidered shirt from the S/S 2010 collection


Recently, we’ve seen Seungri wearing an very dope shirt that all of folks were asking on what’s the brand of his top especially those Netizers. I think most of you will find the embroidered royal thing on the left side of the shirt awesome? that’s why you were eager to have it nor just to know it simple – brand of it. Well, the shirt’s brand is John Galliano, an European brand, that has selection of this kind of shirt or polo shirt. And I think, the brand specialty was this kind of creation. So, if you were looking on some dope shirt like this you better check the brand first before the others. Because liked what did Ive said, the brand are mainly on this kind of piece.

About the price, sorry to say. I don’t have any idea at the moment on how much this cost. Just search on the nearest stores where you resided or better yet online for the further pricing details and some sort designs of the top. 🙂

Pandora Bracelet for both Men and Girls


It is already 2012 folks, and I know most of you are searching on what are great the pieces,clothes and accessories that are trends or will trend this coming season’s of brands collection. Because everyone’s wants to be hip and hot always on each season,right? that’s why I was doing my job then to give such information on what are the things you’ll have to consider by each seasons and time. And for this spring summer, pandora jewelries are the one that are most talked about accessories by those awesome fashion enthusiasts and fashion companies that’s why we’ll be expecting that this jewelry will be more sell in market in both locals and international. And the good things of this jewelry, there were some selection that we could choose from with for both men and girls not just to the other piece of jewelry that are only mainly for girls or instead for men. Which the pissed part if that’s ever so..

Pandora is way better to the other jewelry out there because you may buy some cheap pandora jewelry anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s online or in the nearest affiliates stores were did you resided. It is well round folks, don’t you worry. Yeah – that’s the good things of this pieces.

And if you were fond enough, you can either make your own pandora jewelry by having simple the cheap pandora beads that you were also avail in any stores for both online and market stores nears you. Just check those quirky stones and charms that can make dope on your pandora jewelry to be. And actually, you may start up an business through out of this as you know on how to work on beads and stones.

So yeah, that’s it for now and I hope you may get some ideas on what are the trend pieces today and what most fashion enthusiasts most considered to make them dope on today’s fashion…

“No Limit” Men’s Flat – Christian Loubountin Summer/Spring 2012


To all kicks brands today, I must say I really look up to the brand ” Christian Louboutin” for men kicks. Because the brand had these doper kicks collection ever made on the entire shoes industry. However, this very recent, the brand had released their summer/spring “No Limit” men’s flat shoes becuase summer is fast approaching. But at this time, I don’t want their new high top kicks designs, becuase they been uses a lot of colors with it that can make the shoes really gayest. Bear with me then if I  said it so. Because too designs happening to this shoes that can make it over fashion and designs that most people don’t wanna, included me.

But of course, this was only my personal thought about this shoes, but rest assured people will find this new kick dope and hip. So I cant do anything as you find this shoes dope,right? so let you be. At this moment, I dunno how much the price of this kicks but soon enough I’ll update you the pricing details, please often visit this blog for the updates. Thanks folks and have a great day ahead.

T.O.P Rockin on Pierre Hardy High-Top “Limited Edition “




On the photo on top, T.O.P is wearing this awesome high-cut Pierre Hardy Kicks that’s inspired by Roy Lichtenstein and to the late 50’s and 60’s pop art movement called the Poworama. The kicks were limited edition, and if I don’t mistaken they were only 500 of this distributed around the world and T.O.P got one of it. Indeed! Lucky…

The kicks price is $609. And sorry to say, all the kicks are now sold out at the moment and as for now, the company haven’t yet any further statement if they will release another set of the shoes or better yet they’ll sell it in stocks..Let see, I will update you more on this blog. Kindly often check back..:)

Portia de Rossi wears Native Boots from Marc Jacobs


Portia de Rossi partner of the famous TV host Ellen Degeneres were spotted wearing the native boots from the Marc Jacobs Collection shoes. Actually, I don’t know rather I’m not aware that Marc Jacobs has this kind of boots “Native” though they were some boots designs on the brand that they were selling but yet still the native boots doesn’t that kind of famous piece on their collection shoes. I think so, because I was knew it today when Ive seen Portia wearing one. Beer with me then if this native boots is been trends already..

Alright, the boots is waterproof and I must say it really looks so dope in any gender. That’s why I am searching the Marc Jacobs stores online if they’re still have this, because I might have one soon. By the way, the boots has a price of $90 in Marc Jacobs stores, check the stores nears you for the piece.

Panerai Replica Watches – Another New Introduction to the World Of Timepieces


While talking about replica timepieces, one name that often misses count are the Panerai replica watches. The Panerai watches are one of the latest inventions of timepieces that have been made in the field of watches. Just like a Cartier watch is one designed best for the women, a Panerai timepiece is perhaps the best made timepiece that is available to suite a man’s personality. However being new in the market, these watches are till now not that much famous as the other brands.

Though not that much in fashion yet in the market, these watches have already stolen the heart of the aristocrats and owing to their unique characteristics they too like any other brand have a high pricing range. However to the immense joy of the middle class families, just like any other brands, these watches too have their replica counterparts already launched into the market in order to give them high competition. A Panerai replica watch is not yet so very common like the other brands in the market. However there are certain shops that do keep collection of these brands too.

Because of their exact duplicate outlook and functionality, these Panerai replica watches are being liked by lots of the people today in the world. They have actually been able to steal the heart of millions of people within a very short period of time. The main credit of their exact duplicity of their original counterpart goes to the workmen whose unlimited handwork has gained these watches the increasing demand in the market.

As these Panerai replica watches are not yet that much famous in the market, their availability has been noted to be more prudent in the online market than in the offline market. This is because these watches are not yet popular in many countries. So the offline traders of lots of countries are not interested to have these products on the showroom. However these are very much available to the online traders. If one wishes to have one in one’s collection, looking for them online is the best option. Being not yet so much popular in the market they are also found at a much cheaper rate which is an added advantage to the middle class buyers.

Panerai Replica Watches

Air Ambulance Service

I’d often gets sick these days because of the bipolar weather, and I know even you had experiencing it either. However, it’s quite hard to go to the hospital because most of the hospital here are had no this air ambulance service. Yeah- thats the bad thing here because government hasn’t pay attention on it.. I hope they could work on this and have the hospital services convenient for everyone here. Let see, I will update you on the development..:)

Hello Kitty Wedding Dresses



Recently, Ive been stumbled on the one blog who had this enthusiastic feeling on the most famous cartoon character before and even today which Hello Kitty. The Manga character,Hello Kitty, was the most played toy and most watched TV series way back time and it’s actually then on this generation. Yeah – that’s how famous the cartoon is, And everyone’s grew knowing the cartoon character I’m pretty sure on that.

Due of public demand, and how people getting crazed on the charter, someone company thought to made these awesome Hello Kitty wedding dresses not only for those hello kitty dolls but also to those girls who wanted to be look the character rather to be look kawaii. Because everyone’s find hello kitty kawaii or cute that people wanted to be, I think it so..

At the moment, I dunno where to buy these dresses and how much they will cost. Kindly search Google about it and I assure you someone knows the further information about it.. Thanks!

Why Are Swiss Replica Watches the First Choice

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While buying a watch what you always look for at first sight is the style and luxury that watch provides. This is one thing that is most common among all people about watches. So, which watches are best in luxury and style? If you look at the market today and take a little survey of the watches, you will find the answer to the question. Swiss replica watches, with no doubts are the leading watches in the market that provide you not only luxury and style but also prestige that is a heritage of these watches. This has made these watches so popular in the market and people all over the world love to buy them.

Swiss replica watches have really a very high demand in the market today. Many big manufacturers of watches like Rolex, Omega etc. are Swiss manufacturers. They have always made people to buy their products, not because they are big names in watches industry, but due to the quality and authenticity they provide to people. It is almost impossible to find any problems in the authentic Swiss watches. Their performance and the retention of their condition for a very long time make them even more worthy to buy. Swiss watches never play with quality.

You may get some identical copy of any such Swiss replica watches from a trusted dealer. These watches are identical copies of the original Swiss watches and you can get them in comparatively lesser prices. But the authenticity and genuine thing is not provided with these watches. A watch lover will always look for genuine product than from the identical copy. It is not the matter of money you pay but with that extra amount you are getting the finest thing. Many celebrities also use these Swiss watches because the one thing that these watches offers is the best quality.