Clae Fall Collection 2012

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I often roaming to the web to check on what’s hot and what’s not, and this collection from the brand name Clae wins my eye and caught my attention for them to be posted out on this blog. Look at their fall kicks collection for 2012. These kicks are really dope and the designs are really detailed and well visualized base on the needs of their customer but of course the comfortably was in each shoes they made. I can see that on these collection.

As for today, I really dunno on how much the prices of these shoes,however, Clae will be release some further information about this new collection that they about to market soon. So let’s us all wait.

Taeyang is wearing black swag tee

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I used to blog taeyang on this blog because the guy is indeed SWAG, that’s why when I saw this picture of him wearing this black SWG tee, I’m quite happy and its time for this photo to be included over this awesome fashion blog of mine.LOL Anyways, taeyang is wearing SWG01 tee from the brand name swagger it self. And this has a price approximately $85 , not bad though,right? because the tee has this great material and we can surely feel this comfortable which the most important thing as we buying a tee or clothes like this.

If you wanted to buy the same tee, just head up on Google and try to search the tee name and will surely shown up all of those companies stores who are selling this tee. Okay, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Pricey Bracelet accessory jewelry for men

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Want to know the most pricey mens bracelet(jewelry) that ever made? yeah! I think this bracelet from the brand Chrome Hearts was the one expensive accessory that I knew. because this piece here had an price of US$20,742.04 probably a million pesos on my currency. My goodness I cant afford this out for just in one bracelet. And I think only celebrities can buy this and even those peeps who had born that has a gold spoon on their mouth not like us ordinary people who’ll consider the basic needs first before those expensive things like this. LOL

Anyways, what this bracelet made too pricey? As I know, the bracelet are made by the diamond that can make the whole bracelet expensive because you can actually buy this as a form or way of investment because diamond are getting expensive as the years goes by. And also, you can customize the whole bracelet base on what you’d like as you buy this on the brand store chrome hearts.

Alright, that’s it for now and by the way, this was the bracelet that taeyang’s wore on my previous post. Try to check it. Thanks!

Metal ring for men

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On today’s trend accessories for men, the metal ring was the one on lead because these day’s on, men are acceptable in any kind of accessories like this that we’ve often seen only on girls before. Because as the generations getting open in the new things like this. The fashion it self was evolving as well that’s why they were a lot of new collection and trends these days that we couldn’t images to be made and can be wear by a certain guy or girl. Got what I mean? I hope you do.

Actually, the metal ring was got trend on to those kpop group men who are often wore this. And since the kpop maniac was running and spreading world wide, the fashion statement had been together spread world wide too that’s why this metal ring became the most trend men accessory nowadays on today’s fashion.

Taeyang Burberry Prorsum leather Vest, Chrome Hearts Belt,and bracelet from Chrome Hearts

I know most guys out there are wanted to be look like this guy named Taeyang, because taeyang has this great fashion sense that most guys are following these days. Today, what I have was these accessories and cloth that taeyang’s wore to the one of the concert he attended, that exact pieces on the photos on top.

Taeyang Black vest is from Burberry that has a product name of Burberry Prorsum leather studded biker vest that has a price of 2,995GBP that’s includes on the Burberry summer collection on this black vest. While the belt was on Chrome Hearts, and has a price of $2,172 USD, yeah, that’s how expensive is his belt is. And guess what? his bracelet was the most expensive bracelet that Ive ever heard, was approximately$20,411.25 USD. Gawd, that’s too much, anyways, that’s how they work and they did afford it, so go on. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope someone will give me that bracelet..LOL

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The Human Body

The human body is definitely an extremely intricate and complex system, one that still baffles medical professionals frequently despite thousands of years of medical knowledge. As a result, it shouldn’t be any surprise that even body parts, as well as its functions we deal with every single day have bizarre facts and explanations behind them. Here are interesting facts you may not know about your own body.

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Havaianas Is The Best Choice

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Our feet is one important part of our bodies which need to have comfort all the time, whether we are sitting, standing or walking.  To relax our feet in terms of walking, we have to put on good and comfortable shoes, depending on where we are and the season we are in.  For men or ladies alike, we love to put on something we feel  comfortable with especially when we are going for our summer holiday along the beaches and hot countries.  For these long walks, it would be best if we turn to Havaianas for our feet.

Ever heard of Havaianas flip-flops? Briefly about Havaianas, it comes a long way since 1962. The first pair was created by the Zori, a typical Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles.  Until today, there are now a wide selection of womens flip flops in the online market as well as in the heart of Sao Paulo.  Lovely, modern and colorful choices of womens and mens’ flip flops sandals made from quality and style, they are all in this beautiful Havaianas website.  The prices are very reasonable and affordable, most important is that they are durable and so comfortable that you cannot resist buying only one pair, you might end up buying for your love ones as well.

Do log into their website now and take your pick on their beautiful sandals, with their colorful designs and styles plus comfort, they are truly deserved to be in your homes especially during the summer where the heat is on.

Yang Hyun Suk is wearing Balmain’s black double breasted cloth coat

This guy who had name Yang Hyun Suk is the one behind the success of the leading K-pop group on today’s music industry such as, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and a lot more. Yeah! he’s the one you founder the YG entertainment where these all guys under.

We all know that all the artists under the said agency was had this great fashion sense because that will be require for them, so that they’ll last on the industry I think so, That’s why the founder(Yang Hyun Suk) must be look fashionable as well,right? and be a role model not just to his artists but also to all peeps looking to his. Anyway, on the photo on top Yang Hyun Suk is wearing a balmain black double coat that has a price of £1851.18 which we don’t shocked at all because he can really afford to buy anything and many more of this kind, this how rich this man is. So envious,right? LOL I hope I can meet this guy soon even on far. Nothing, I just want to see him personally. hahaah Okay, that’s it. Thanks