Plus sized dress

Believe me or not all girls are naturally sexy and beautiful by their own little way. However, some girls are got this wrong thinking and low self esteem when it comes to their body size. Because yeah – there are indeed sexy and thin ladies  out there that can wear anything they wanted too, and also, they have to a group of ladies that has this quite bulky body who are the bullied one and gaining low self confidence most of the time because of their “condition” and being on the situation that at the first place they really dont want too, so happened maybe they easily to get fat and such..

Actually, being a couch lady is not really a sin. It is only a matter how you think of it, how you think your self, how you can used to it and how you can bring your self out with pride and confidence. Yeah – as you got your self on this situation better yet to embrace it and show off to other people how you used to it and how you can carried your self out. But of course with a help of your awesome plus sized dresses. Because these dresses are designed to optimize the part or the asset of your body that can actually hidden those unwanted thing  which most of the couch mama are often seek today. So – yeah,what are you waiting for? buy your own plus sized dressed today!

Travelling Based On My List


I love travelling because travelling is a very pleasurable experience. It can offer new things to your senses. When you return from travelling, you can almost feel that you’re a changed person and that the place you left has changed. It also makes you feel as though you have adapted a new culture. Travelling has definitely earn you new perspective on people, places and things around you.

If you are a person who loves travelling like me, I am sure that you have many places that you want to visit in mind and you would surely want to step your feet in that place. Perhaps you may have ever made a list of places you have to travel as one of the important things to do in life. It is just there and you would like to see that come true someday.

Well, you’re not the only one doing that. I have friends who do that and even I do that. My friends and I have been planning to go to England for a long time. Somehow, they found articles online that fascinates them about England and they soon influenced me to have the urge to go there too. Lately, I heard about Bingley, England, too. It seems a pretty interesting place. There is also said to be a Damart factory there. Damart is known for its quality goods and services. I am sure that place will fascinate me as much as I am reading about it online. I can’t wait to go there and my friends and I have already got ourselves flight tickets to travel end of this year. It would definitely be an awesome experience.

Shop coupons online and get great discounts on Rayban sunglasses


I know most of you are now feeling the hit of the sunrise today because yeah! – indeed, its officially summer now.. Are you excited? I know you are! 🙂 because on this season,summer, everyone can wear anything light pieces and clothes that they wanted too. And peeps can also be play on their outfit’s colors blending. Actually, as I always blogging those brands spring summer collection, one thing that I really did noticed which they do have this colorful attached thing on each creation that they’ve got for us this season, I think, that’s signifies summer is really fun and colorful..

However, of course accessories for summer cant be abolish. Because without those bling blings your swagness and dopeness cant probably shown off because believe it or not, accessories can spice up that outfit we’ve got.

So – what are the hippest accessories that you could wear off this summer that most brands are often talked about? well, there’s numerous of accessories for summer but I think sunglasses are the most demand piece on today’s fashion. Why? Because as the summer comes, of course the sun hit’s up high. And due of it everyone needs to protect their precious eye through it that may cause damages on thier eyesight as you haven’t it. That’s why having an sunglasses is indeed practical this season because you can have it as your fashion statement and at the same time you could protect your eye out for that freaking ultraviolet rays that the sun’s hitting up.

Taeyang wearing Rayban

When it comes in sunglasses brand, I know most of you will agree that rayban is the most lead in the brand of sunglasses today. That’s why most celebrities like this Korean singer named Taeyang are often to wearing an rayban sunglasses. And yeah – I know, you’d wanted too, to have your own RayBan sunglasses today that can rockin your way this summer, however, you might thought that this brand is quite expensive to have,right? but no worries because there are these Savings with Ray ban coupons that you may avail online that can be use in any stores nears you that can propably help to lessen the original price of the Rayban piece you’d wanted in a very reasonable price on your end.. Awesome,right? so what are you waiting for? buy your own Rayban coupons today and rock your summer!

Lacoste Spring summer Collection : Men’s Wear






A minute ago, while I was searching in some brands spring summer collections. Ive been stumbled in one blog that has this Lacoste men’s wear posted and I found it cool to post it too on this blog,, that’s why Ive been decided to blog it now here..LOL

Actually, if I dont mistaken about the info, these campaign photos of the brand Lacoste are includes for their 2010 collection? so- this might be late uh! hahah anyways, dont mind it because this collection pieces are still hip on today’s fashion especially on this summer because of the colors used. And this outfits really speaks on my styles that’s why then I still include this collection on this blog though this had passed already..

Alright, that’s it for now and will blog some new brands collection by the next post, I hope you can back  again.. thanks!

Diamond Solitaire Rings


I used to blog some diamond rings on this blog. Because I simply found them cool and awesome to blog over this site, that’s why then I often tackling them out here on what designs are trends, on what kind of karats the peeps most love to wear, wedding bands and all stuff related to it. I really loved to blog them all out here, beside this blog is an half jewelry blog..LOL

This recently, Ive heard this new ring? called diamond solitaire rings. It is new for me because this was then my first time to heard about it and due of curiosity of this well talked about ring, I decided to make an research of it and I fount this ring on the top photos which supposedly  the solitaire rings. so – yeah does how the ring look like, okay, that’s it for now and have a great day ahead..Thanks


Clae Spring Summer Collection 2012


When it comes on men’s kicks, one of brand that I really looking up too was this Clae. Because the brand knows what men wants to wear and what designs we surely love. Actually, as I remembered I’ve already list out my Clae shoe designs that I wanted over this blog, so happened that I forgot the title of the post..LOL

But anyways, these are the peak from the brand, Clae, on what kicks we should expect from them this spring summer collection, what do you think? dope or nope?

How to find the perfect suit

If there’s one thing that forms a staple of the male wardrobe it’s the humble suit. Whether it’s a light linen number for summer weddings, a pin-striped piece for work or a black suit for formal occasions, there aren’t many outfits that are quite so versatile – or so tricky to get right. A couple of inches extra at the cuff; a trouser that’s just slightly too baggy; a jacket that’s not cut quite right – all of these are major fashion sins that are easy to succumb to. If you’ve never managed to own a suit that looks fantastic, then here’s how to get it right.

1. Don’t scrimp: It’s an unfortunate fact of a life that a good-quality, well-fitting suit will cost you. Think of it as an investment – unlike fripperies of fashion that come and go, a good suit will last you for years. If you only have one designer outfit, then your suit should be it.

2. Go for seperates: If your budget won’t stretch to a hand-made suit, look for shops which offer separate pieces. If you buy your trousers and jackets separately, it’s easier to get a tailored finished look.

3. Fabric is key: Cut is crucial, but a tacky-looking fabric can really let a suit ensemble down. Look for worsted-wool fabric that has been twisted to deliver a lightweight material – and don’t just look. Run the suit between your fingers to check that it feels as well as appears classy.

4. Go for versatile: If you’re going for the ‘capsule wardrobe’ look then aim for a suit that will work for all occasions – dressed down with casual mens blazers for dinner dates or smartened up with a shirt and tie for work or for a wedding. Next currently does a range of natty mens blazers for spring/ summer that look great with suits.

Rhino blue blazer from Next, £70

5. Suit your style: There’s no point getting a stunningly expensive suit which you’ll never wear because it just isn’t ‘you’. Look for a style that is well-made but also fits with your individual fashion sense. Women’s suits often offer a better range of styles and cuts, but a little rummaging through designer boutiques will unearth men’s suits of equal diversity.

Top spring footwear trends for men

With good weather on the way it’s time to ditch the Chelsea boots and Uggs you’ve been wearing all winter and swap them for something a little more suited to the season. Here’s our pick of the catwalk’s top styles for SS12.

1. Deck shoes: Comfortable, practical and infinitely stylish, just the mention of deck shoes manages to conjour up visions of long days sipping Pimms on sun-soaked marinas. You may not own a private yacht, but for a comfy casual look deck shoes are still seriously on-trend. They needn’t cost you a fortune either – Next has a great section of deck shoes in various styles which won’t break the bank. If you just add one pair of shoes to your wardrobe this spring, then this should be it.

Multi boat shoes from Next, £28

2. Espadrille: Once only suitable for wearing to the beach, the espadrille is now a spring/summer style staple. Wear with cut-off trousers or shorts plus a blazer or jacket for best effect. And if you’re feeling adventurous, the runway this season hosted a range of espadrille-slash-brogue hybrids that gave a twist to this traditional look – you can see a selection on the GQ Magazine website.

3. Heels: If you’re on the small side then news of this trend will be music to your ears. We’re not, obviously, talking transvestite-style stiletto heels, but subtly built-up soles are all the rage this season. Prada works this trend on everything from brogues to desert shoes – even its sneakers have small platform heels.

4. Saddle shoes: Two-tone saddle-style shoes are set to be hot for spring/summer. Wear them in suede or leather, and don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with the colours. The tan and lime green combination seen at Mark McNairy is a fresh twist on the trend and is sure to be much-copied on the high street.

5. Penny loafers: The fashion crowd turned their backs on these classic shoes when they started being seen in back-alley clubs paired with white shirts and too much hair gel – but this year penny loafers are enjoying a renaissance. The key to working this look is to keep it classy. Navy leather loafers with red soles from Tommy Hilfiger are in. Faux leather versions purchased from your local market stall are not.

Topman Colored Suits





As Ive told you on my previously summer men’s fashion. That colours rather playing on the colors are the one in trend on this summer because this was the usually pattern as this summer comes. And yeah – I can confirmed it out today that this trend are keep follows by not those local brands but also these well known brands that we’re all looking forward too in regards on high-end fashion, like Topman. Actually, I just seen this Topman campaign on their facebook fan page (social media is such a helped) and by then, I’d remembered that I did blogged something about this colored suits or blazer that might be trend this summer, sorry, I forgot the url post where I tackled it – so that you may read my ideas and and quite prediction about colors suits are can be trend this summer. However, soon I found it, sure thing, I will put the post url out here…

Summer is all about wearing the things you wanted, because on this season, anything can blend and anything can mix and matches, but of course, you may also follow the basic rules in fashion wherein to be not so overreacted on the pieces that you’d wearing that can bring your self out for being an fashion victim… So – yeah, colors pieces are the one in trend this spring summer season and we could now expect some awesomely creations and pieces from those well know brands these coming days ahead..

Life Insurance


Life insurance is really important for individual. Because this serve as your investment not for your self but also for your family. I know you’ll know what I meant it here,right? s0 – if you dont have your term life insurance yet, I suggesting you to have your today. Because company(Insurance companies) are having an great deals on their life packages. You must check online for further information..:)