Tattoos: Dos and Don’ts

Think before you ink! It is easy to become so eager about a tattoo that you shorten the decision making the process and head straight to the tattoo studio, later with regrets you’ll live to tell about. With the following tattoo dos and don’ts, you can ensure that you do not make a decision that is going to haunt you forever. Remember, tattoos are permanent!

Let’s start with the things that you do want to do when getting a new tattoo.


  • Go to a professional tattoo artist. Although there are many talented individuals who perform tattoo work as a side job, it is always a big risk when you go to these professionals. Not only are there health risks, it is also anyone’s guess what the finished result will be. Protect yourself and always choose a pro for your tattoo.
  • Expect some pain. Although the intensity of the pain varies from one individual to the next, there is going to be some kind of discomfort when you get a tattoo. Be prepared and expect this so there are no surprises later down the line.
  • Plenty of research is necessary if you want to select the perfect tattoo. Remember that the tattoo is a new permanent fixture on your body that everyone can see. Make it count!
  • Consider kids temporary tattoos before the real thing. These tats for kids are easy to apply with water and a little bit of pressure and remove within a few days or sooner if you so desire. Starting with a temporary tattoo can help you feel the tattoo experience without any long-term commitment.
  • Take care of your tattoo after you get it. If you do not take care of the tattoo it is not going to look as good as it did while you were sitting in that tattoo chair. You also increase the risk of developing a skin infection if the tat is not taken care of.

Now for a few tattoo Don’ts:

  • Do not rush into the decision.
  • Do not allow anyone to talk you into getting a tattoo. It should be something that you want to do on your own free will without any influence from another person. This is forever; make sure that you are ready to make such a long commitment.
  • Don’t try to negotiate the price of a tattoo.
  • Don’t go to the studio after you’ve been drinking and definitely not when you are intoxicated. You’ll be a big nuisance to the tat artist and to others at the studio and you won’t get the tattoo that you want until your system is free of alcohol.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: the dos and the don’ts of getting a new tattoo. Make sure that you keep a little list of these dos and don’ts, and always go into the studio with your best manners in place. But let loose and have a lot of fun because it is an experience you’re never going to forget.

Shop on your Smartphone

 photo 3_zpswtch4c1k.jpg

On this modern days, people were pretty busy to do shopping in the mortar stores either in the nearby stores where they currently resides due of the daily errands that they needed to fulfilled in the very timely fashion. I included, I often busy myself where in fact I really cant go in the mall just to buy off my undies but good thing there were some online shops out there that can cater on my needs and some of them are using this awesome application where you have to install in to your phone and you can easily browse all the stuff you needed, even groceries are now selling online these days.

One of the favorite store to shop was this Because most of their pieces are really speaks to my style then I was so pleased to have my fashion finds there. But of course, I do shop locally too and my best picked was this shop called The shop is pretty neat and easy to navigate with, you can either sees all the trendiest pieces available today in the fashion scene in both men and women in here also they do sell some of the daily necessity too like lotion, sun block, night creams for men and women and more…

 photo Zalora-App--680x520_zpsxxfczv4n.png

You can download the ZALORA Mobile App by clicking this link and as you downloaded it you may start yourself to browse and put all the pieces gems you see over your cart, then checkout. As I know, the shop shipped out all the items within a 24 hours hence you’d probably gets your finds in like 3-5 days depending where you are located. You may check out the shop for yourself to see further details about it though.

Classic Selmer Clarinet

 photo isa15101_zpssmut2sku.jpg

Most of you folks are fond on playing guitar, but did you know that there was this classic selmer clarinet that is perfectly in any type of music genre you have? Yes! because this little guy here can really produce not just quality sounds but also it can easily to use or to operate as long as you knew on how to blow properly. You can actually check out YouTube for more video tutorials on how this clarinet’s works and you can even buy yourself one online for your convenience.

Streetsnaps: Art Basel Miami 2015

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-3_zpsv6b4tacp.jpg

Firstly, all photos are credited to where I did got all of it and as for my sources in my some posts here,

I used to check some snaps from different fashion week events because people are gathering wearing their own fashion sense hence I can get some sorts of ideas on how I may pull off my own style too by next time. In away, this was the best thing to do, checking street wear fashion, for you to know on what are the pieces whose in trends and not. I actually feeling amazed with these styling for the recent Miami fashion week because most of them are really speaks to my style hence I am so pleased then to include them out here. See some photos below:

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-4_zpsighgeigg.jpg

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-6_zps5tfarhwh.jpg

I simply loves on how they put the neon colors to the total outfit. I think, mens wants diversity when it comes to their fashion today. Also, these type of styling are these light when you can wear them off anytime a day thus this was perfect for you to do for yourself as you are fond of getting out on your comfort zone. Because I knew, mostly guys, are just stick with the basics where black plain tees are your main piece, right?

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-1_zpsko6dsz7m.jpg

 photo streetsnaps-art-basel-miami-2015-2_zpsl5wcvuqu.jpg

I also likes these bad boy look here where you have to have an pieces that are funky yet fancy to wear. I also like the washed denim jacket that the last guy wore. Because it can gives accentual to his whole outfit which turns out dope to him.

Okay, these are the snapshots from the recently held Art Basel Miami 2015, I hope you can get an idea from these guy’s styling on how you can make yourself stylist and dope.

The Hundreds 2015 Winter “RFN” Collection

 photo the-hundreds-kinsey-collection-13_zps2cbqs4mm.jpg

Street wears are my main picks as for my fashion. Why? Because they are the simplest and you can wear them anytime in a day thus you re most comfortable wearing it. That is why when I got to see this The Hundreds 2015 Winter “RFN” Collection it’s really caught my attention because I used to wears hundreds for my daily wear and indeed, their pieces are well comfortable and it can makes you looking dope as you trying to pull off any of their pieces.

 photo the-hundreds-kinsey-collection-8_zpswofuk0u7.jpg

Other good things about these pieces were, you can pair them up in any kicks you have whether on Nike or Adidas, these pieces can go along. Also, you can wear them with your shorts or jean pants and simply put it on your fave cap to finish off the total outfit.

As for the moment, these pieces and the entire pieces collection were already out in the market to avail and you can also go through at the hundreds main shop online for the pieces an further details about this collection.

Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection

 photo carhartt-wip-highsnobiety-collaboration-13_zpseqhrebja.jpg

As for this season. winter. I used to see collaborative items or pieces that these well known brands and labels are keeps on releasing. I think, this was the perfect time for them to be collaborated with the other same brands as for them. Because it does help each other to gain more people who can consider their pieces as they releases another new collection or pieces for their store’s shelves. Actually, I am not fond of collaborative pieces myself because these pieces are quite expensive to have than to those normal finds one, its like you’re paying two brands in one item – which is not good in me as I don’t have a much bucks to spend for it. But for those who has extra bucks and wanting to have themselves in trends, I think having some sorts of collaborative pieces such as this Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection is perfectly fine.

 photo highsnobiety-x-carhartt-wip-1_zpsz9iok3cg.jpg

As I can see it, Highsnobiety x Carhartt WIP Capsule Collection has only 2 pieces in ready for this season and they’re a pullover for men and you can only choose between the white or the black one, which is bad though on my opinion – because men these days are liking to wear more diversity and versatility like pieces where they can play a little bit in it not like these pieces whereas they’d just played safe in away for having only the 2 basic colors, the white and black. But of course, this was only my opinion and nothing can’t change the way you see these pieces for yourself.

In overall, I can still see these collection dope and can be wear off whether for daily and casual as long as you’d know on how to pull it off, it surely gone perfectly for yourself.

Montréal Canadiens x Off The Hook 2015 Capsule Collection

 photo montreal-canadiens-x-off-the-hook-2015-capsule-collection-1_zpsf6xjjogx.jpg

As for the latest fashion trends these days for men, jackets and jogger pants are one on the top picks. Because these are the mostly consider items by the men and I need to agree that these finds are indeed dope and can easily to carried anywhere, I mean you can wear them anytime in the day. Actually, I , myself aren’t that fond of wearing this kind of stuff, though I am a kinda sporty guy in nature. But I need to consider them now as they’re gaining popularity for the men’s fashion thus it does really looks good in every man who tries to pull it off.

But be mindful not all the guys, especially in your geographic, to wear this because we do know that there’s such a countries that has this humid weather all year long hence these type of wearings, the pullover and joggers, aren’t that appropriate though to wear on the daily basis. But I think though, you can still have them as you got this cold breeze air in particular day

 photo montreal-canadiens-x-off-the-hook-2015-capsule-collection-5_zpso6gq0wxt.jpg

 photo montreal-canadiens-x-off-the-hook-2015-capsule-collection-3_zpsqmbjhpfp.jpg

You might be wondering why I keep on telling you these finds, right? Well, I just got hooked myself up with these newly released collaborative pieces by the one fine men’s brand called Montréal Canadiens and this dope off the hook for them Montréal Canadiens x Off The Hook 2015 Capsule Collection. Look, these pieces are the real deal, right? where in designs wise are very versatile plus the cloths or materials used are fabrics that can gives you a great warm as you’re residing into these snowy countries like in Canada where these pieces are hommies.

As for this moment, these pieces where already out in the market. Yes! it was, hence you could check them out in either Montréal Canadiens or Off the hook main website or shop website for details. Because I really cant give out certain details here as I am just keen to have my part for the press release of this collection.

Are Pinhole Glasses Really Effective?

Having poor eyesight is hard and anyone who have this problem would certainly wish to have it corrected if not with the conventional eyeglasses, probably with laser eye surgery. However, not everyone can afford Lasik surgery so they settle for eyeglasses. Now, there’s this phenomenon called pinhole glasses that allow people with blurry eyesight to instantly see clearly without the use of corrective lenses. Also known as stenopeic glasses, they’re eyeglasses with a series of pinhole-sized perforations filling an opaque sheet of plastic in place of each lens. The shape and design are the same with normal frames, only the lenses differ. Each hole allows only a small beam of light to enter the eye.

Pinhole glasses are worn like normal glasses but unlike conventional prescription glasses, they produce an image without the pincushion effect around the edges. The manufacturers of these glasses say that they’re great for near-sighted and far-sighted people as well as those with astigmatism, presbyopia, and cataracts but aren’t recommended for those with over 6 diopters of myopia. They also shouldn’t be used while driving since they minimize brightness and peripheral vision. Aside from improving your vision, pinhole glasses allegedly help relieve VDU (computer) eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. Wearing the glasses for 15 to 20 minutes a day can lead to improved eyesight, so they say.

Although many people are optimistic about these glasses, The College of Optometrists say the claims are unsupported and should be viewed with utmost vigilance. Doctors have been opposed to carry out the required clinical trials to substantiate these claims. 

If you want to try them out, there’re online stores that sell them at really affordable prices, such as They have tons of stylish pieces with well-finished designs. Furthermore, their pinhole glasses are of the highest quality making use of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and laser equipment.