Maria Aragon Sings Born This Way Of Lady GAGA

Recently Lady GaGa released a new song entitled Born this way, the song was really great because  as i know gaga wrote this song to express how she achieved and still reaching her dream to become a great on her craft then,thats why this song is really mean a lot to her, and as you’ve been noticed GaGa use to cry when she personally sing this out because as Ive said the song has a great meaning to her.

Right after this song released this young sweetie named Maria Aragon a Filipino from Winnipeg Canada, made her very own cover for this song that Lady Gaga feeling something on this young lady that can moved on the singer, thats why now, this young lady got too many attentions by medias that can open a new door of opportunities to show how this Filipino showcasing her talent, I cant wait to see this young lady singing along lady GaGa soon, let see, ill update this post out as that happen soon.

Maria Aragon Talks to Lady GaGa

This was a quick update on my very recent published post, regarding on the young sweetie that caught the attention of Lady Gaga due of her own cover song  “Born this way”, now this young lady been invited to a radio station on Canada and she been given a change to do small talk with Lady GaGa straight away from the states. Watch the video on top to find out the full details. Thanks!