How To: Turn T-Shirt into Tank Top (D.I.Y)

It’s time for me again to have my series of post ” How To” done for this week. Because as I promised I consistently updating this blog through my “how to” category and for you to know as well on how does people make their lives more easier through these tips that I continuously putting up here,, behind the “how to” series of post.

Today, what I have was this D.I.Y on how you can turn your unused or unwanted T-shirt into nice and useful tank top that suits for this season, summer. I actually consult YouTube, video sharing site, for this one for the video tutorial on how we can make our t-shirt turns into tank top. And look what I’ve found, the 2 videos where has this step by step and easy to follow procedures on how to cut those T-shirt sleeves for you to have the nice tank on.

I actually tried this way time ago and yeah! these how I really make it. It is nice that there’s numerous of tutorial videos over youtube on how you can easily make this. This really makes my post relevant to my readers..ehhe Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you can keep on tuning in here for more tips and “How To” posts.

Balmain New Designer Olivier Rousteing

I’m so lucky to have some friends in facebook that has the same interest with me which is men fashion and such related. Actually this information was shared by a friend on the said social media that this man named Olivier Rousteing is now the new designer of the well known brands Balmain. I hope to see some of his designs pretty soon and I look forward to see some awesomely pieces that he  made of. Okay that’s it for now and let see soon on how this great man works.