I Likey!

I was searching the web to find such cool belt with me then, that I may use on this up coming summer get away that family was planned to do with, and yeah I’ve been stumbled on one online shop that has these elegant Hermes belts that really caught my attention then. Because as you’ve seen these belts on top, they’re like an heaven to wear off,doesn’t it? Alright I was planning to buy the blue one because I think blue belt will suits on my white short and jeans as we go somewhere this coming summer season, And soon as I bought the belt out and been have on a vacation in summer,I’ll definitely share my outfit photos here so that you may see what is the outcome wearing a blue belt into white bottom.

18 comments on “I Likey!

  1. can someone explain to me how could you walk using that? the design is great but i dont know how’d you walk with it.

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