Zac Efron wears Persol PO 0649 Sunglasses


PhotobucketPersol PO 0649 Sunglasses

Actually, this was my ever first time to heard about this brand Persol PO for sunglasses. Because I am just into well known brands one like, Rayban, Carerra,Oakley and so many more, however, as Ive heard Zac wearing this brand, Persol PO, out. I’ve been curious to it and decided to researched a bit about them, and I found out that this brand is quite long already in the industry, I think, this brand is included on the high-end brands…

On the photo on top, Zac Efron is wearing an Persol sunglasses that has a item name of PO 0649 that you may buy in any online stores and of course in the brand’s main website itself. By the way, this sunglasses will cost you $248 in all sunglasses stores, for both online and stores near you.. Alright, that’s it for now and I hope Ican constantly updated you some celebrity fashion and wears on this blog.. Please do visit me often here.. Thanks!

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