G-Dragon Rockin on his Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White by A Child of the Jago

I know you are following G-dragon’s fashion most of the time. And I know you’re did seeking on what he usually wear off specially the brand names. Today, I will let you know on what brand that he did wore on this top on photo. The shoes is from Christian Louboutin while the pants I dunno at this moment but try to check if balmain has it becuase usually GD loves balmain most of the time. And the tee was on “A Child of the Jago” What? is that a brand? I am not familiar with it though so please bear with me. But the tee was in quality and as far as I know this brand names are from European house fashion company but let me verify it first and will update you some other time.

The T-Shirt has an name of  “Napoleon Silk Patch T-Shirt White” and the price is quite expensive for me. It will cost you £78.00 for one piece. Goodness! I cant afford it.LOL

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