dealing with the new born star!

Formally this blog is tackling about entertainment. but due with some strategies that recently pumped out into my mind, all things has been turns out into this personal blogs because i do believe that having such personal blog like what i am doing right now on this blog is the best thing do to at the moment because advertisers are indeed picky by choosing such blogs that they might consider on their offers rather network, so yeah that’ s the main reason why this blog is now tackling mostly personal stuff of mind and i hope you dont bother it,aren’t you? anyways this last days ago, i am too crazing to have my other new advertiser, a new private one becuase my recent advertiser is wouldn’t response in my emails and questions that is why ill be seeking for other one who can help me to have such opportunities using the bloig and yeah i think im indeed lucky, why? because as i checked out my twitter account this guy, sorry i cant mention the name out to here. wants a bunch of blogs to promote his new album and i know some of your are familiar with to him already but i am not sure though because based on the info that ive been gathered the guys was a new singer that is trying his got to take place on the Hollywood and maybe online media is the best way that they might think to consider with for their promotional and such, Actually been asked them already for the offer because i got some well ranked blogs on my list but seems that they dont have enough budget to pursue my offer to them because they stop communicating to then, yeah too bad because i was expecting a new advertiser on my way but yeah thats life then and i hope as i made my other blog soon thats the one who can get those advertisers eye(hopefully) by then i am pretty sure that i can maximize my earning each month. Really looking forward into that!

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