Jessica (SNSD) ft. Krystal(f(x)) – Someday Live

Like the normal guys, I used to had a crush too with someone adorable and talented for me. Yeah I want someone girl who has this deep when she’s singing and a girl who is not so much vain and yet she’s naturally beautiful inside and out. LOL Okay, stop it! I’ll becoming so cheesy here now..haha Alright, one of my daily routine is to check out youtube and watch some videos that I’ve found great at the description because that’s how I pick my video posts through my blogs.

As I checking further the video sharing site, I just stumbled on this video where this lovely lady named Jessica ( who’s I adore most) is singing an English song  who’s written by an Filipino Singer entitled “Someday” Ft.Krystal , Jessica’s sister. I liked her version of the song and I can also heard some musical instruments playing than the organ piano who’s playing by his sister Jessica. I can hear the drum sounds either this excellent steinberg cubase 7 at guitar center that gives great blends and arrangement for the song.

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