2NE1 – I Love You MV

All 2ne1 fans. This what you’ve been waiting for, I know. Today, YG Entertainment, the 2ne1 agency, had released the girl group, 2ne1, new single entitle ” I Love You”. I must say, this too much fierce and their fashion styles are way high than to their usual fashion sense before , on their past music videos. and I’m pretty sure that this song will again hit again a million on their sale. Let see… I will update you again in here regarding this new single of the group 2ne1.

By the way, as I listening to their song. I’ve noticed that they were some jbl prx612m element added on it. However, I am not still sure about it though, let me first check the live performance for me to distinguish further. Okay, that’s it for now and please, keep on supporting me by often checking on new posts I had been posted.. hehe Thanks!

Rihanna x Jeremy Scott’s Adidas and Boy London

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Dope Cap From Boy London

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Swag kicks From Jeremy Scott x Adidas

Rihanna spotted this recently in one event wearing an very dope pieces from  those great and well known brands today. As I’ve seen these photos, on the top photos, I definitely distinguished on where or what brand she worn on this event because I’ve already blogged these pieces out to my other blog or in this blog, Istarblog.com, that some Big bang and 2ne1 wears these pieces too. That’s why I easily found out on what brands Rihanna wears on this event where she’s spotted.

About prices of these pieces? well, I easily to forgot somethings lately so please bear with me here..LOL but of course, as I got time to check my previously posts about these pieces, sure thing, I will update you again here. But much better if you could visit the brand stores as you wanted to know further information about these pieces. Yeah? haha

Alright, that’s it for now and I am so excited to launch my personal blog too soon where I post my personal looks to it. Will update you again here as the new site launched. Thanks so much and have yourself a great day ahead folks. 🙂

Simply Envy

Awhile ago I was on Youtube. And I realized that there were a lot of people who can sing not just sing for fun but also they can really sing their heart’s out that I envy and amazed about today. And not just that, because they can all play some musical instruments too.. I’m indeed envious to them..LOL

Now, I planning to buy my own Numark to play with and practice with my musical skills that I might share too on my own YouTube channel soon..LOL I hope I can..hahah

BTW, I liked the vocal of this pretty girl. Check the video below:

Kwon Twins wearing Stigma Tee



Kwon twins are the famous backup dancers of those artists in the Yg entertaiment like, Se7en,Taeyang, Big Bang and 2ne1. The twins had gained fans already because of the humor that these 2 guy are the newest YG trainee which became in reality. Because one of the twin, Donny is the name if I dont mistaken is now an trainee in the agency, but of course til now we’ll dont know what YG is cooking for us all that includes this guy, Donny. Let see soon, maybe a new group will be debuted.

Meanwhile, let me share these pictures where the twins spotted wearing an awesome tee from the brand Stigma. I must say, these both tee are swag and can give dopeness to you as you wear one. What do you think? Because of the quirky prints that the brand uses on these pieces. By the way, these tee has a price of 22,000 KRW each. Okay, that’s it for now and I will update you more about this twins soon..:)

Jeremy Scott kicks – Spring Summer collection 2012






These were the some shoes/kicks that the goodness Jeremy Scott had cooked for us this spring summer season. Yeah – again, Jeremy made some quirky kicks that everyone’s will surely love and can make everybody swag and dope. Actually, these shoes are the most talked about new pieces on fashion today and a lot of fashion enthusiasts are also looking forward to have at least one pair of this new set of shoes from Jeremy’s spring summer under Adidas brand.

Again, the trademark of Jeremy cant be abolish in every pieces he done made which the wings stuff whether on its his kicks or apparel. Okay, I cant wait for these kicks to be available in market and as for now. I dunno how much the ranging price of these kicks. I will keep you updated soon as I get to know. Thanks folks, and have a great day ahead everyone…:)

Dara’s Outfit for today ( CheapMonday and Markus Lupfer)



Markus Lupfer Laughing Lip Polly Jumper

available @ garment quarter (£255.00)


Cheap Monday Zip Low Scraping Lilac Denim

available at Karmaloop ($65)

Do you know Dara? might most of you will. But to those who doesn’t have any idea who’s the girl, Dara is belong to the k pop group called 2ne1. And I know most of the girls out there are truly looking up on the girl as long to the other member of the group because of their quirky statement when it comes on fashion. Yeah – this girl has this very cool and awesome fashion sense that everyone’s are trying to mimic, that’s why they used to check on what the exact piece and brand that this girl had worn..

Today, I did my searched for you all folks, And yeah – you may get the look of Dara (on the photo on top) as you buy the same pieces and brands that Dara’s wore on the top photos. The details were stated below on each photo, just check them folks for further informational and you may also search it over Google..

CL and TEDDY – New Era Leopard Prints


Celebrities CL and teddy are spotted recently wearing the same cap that can make the netizers think on what is the brand name of the cap they did wore. I dig researched about it and fortunately one fashion blog posted the information already, Lucky me! because I don’t have to research those brands accessories collection just to find out on what is the brand of this awesome cap that most of the folks are trying to know since then they’ve seen these 2 dope celebrities wearing the cap.

The cap is belongs to New Era cap collection and at this moment, I dunno how much this cost but rest assured, this cap is kinda cheap because all of the new era caps are reasonable and affordable indeed. Just check on the brand stores nears you or in any online shops who had been affiliated of the brand name.

Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection featured in 2NE1’s “Go Away” Japanese Single

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This recently, the Korean girl group 2ne1 had been released their Japanese single from their previous Korean go away album. This means, the girl band will be debuted in japan soon, but I think they’re starting at this moment.

Of course, their fans can wait to hear their Japanese version of  “Go Away” that been a big hit recently in Korea. And the another thing that most people looking forward to see was these outfits that the girls wearings.

On their poster on top. You may noticed their dope kicks from Jeremy Scott’s Fall Collection. Becuase the kicks looks unique and very colourful which is the trend pattern for shoes this fall. At this moment, I still don’t know how much is this kicks is, let us wait for the collection will be available on market for the further pricing information.

* I will update this post soon.

2NE1′s “UGLY” Masks for Accessories

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Recently the Kpop all girls group called 2ne1 had released their new music titled ” Ugly” which I know you’re getting crazed even today. Because the music’s really rock and the arrangement was pretty cool, try to listen the music on YouTube. Anyway, what the most caught my eyes was these masks that they’ve been used often as their perform the “UGLY” because each mask has there own character that’s really suits in to the girls and to the music it self and of course these masks are truly DOPE and CHIC, isn’t it?

These Masks are made by Joji Kojima from his Autumn/ Winter ’10-11 collection. And you may check online on how much the mask is and where you can buy them as you wanted to have one. Because at this time, I really dunno how much they are and maybe soon if I got time then, will search these and I’ll then update this post for the further additional information about these masks.

Yang Hyun Suk is wearing Balmain’s black double breasted cloth coat

This guy who had name Yang Hyun Suk is the one behind the success of the leading K-pop group on today’s music industry such as, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and a lot more. Yeah! he’s the one you founder the YG entertainment where these all guys under.

We all know that all the artists under the said agency was had this great fashion sense because that will be require for them, so that they’ll last on the industry I think so, That’s why the founder(Yang Hyun Suk) must be look fashionable as well,right? and be a role model not just to his artists but also to all peeps looking to his. Anyway, on the photo on top Yang Hyun Suk is wearing a balmain black double coat that has a price of £1851.18 which we don’t shocked at all because he can really afford to buy anything and many more of this kind, this how rich this man is. So envious,right? LOL I hope I can meet this guy soon even on far. Nothing, I just want to see him personally. hahaah Okay, that’s it. Thanks