Making Videos From Your PowerPoint Presentations Made Easier

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Presenting by showing a video is very much persuasive and elegant compared to just a slideshow. Now, the process becomes convenient too as you can load the videos into your USB and play them on any media player.

You can even save the files into your mobile device to revise on the way. The movavi software has formats that are supported by a long list of gadgets that can both be played and displayed on those devices. You can transfer your presentations to your iPhone, iPad, iPhone, Sony PSP or Blackberry. Other mobile devices can also play such videos too so that you can see that PPT on the go.

The software has more embedded functions. You can share the video to your blog, Yahoo! or YouTube. Since most of the video sharing sites do not accept PPT files, you can convert them into MPEG, MP4, 3GP,WMV, MOV,MKV, FLV or AVI to show the whole world your slideshow. You could even record audio tracks and add them to the presentation. All you have to do is turn the Record Sound option on and then choose Microphone. You can add background music too.

The software made by Movavi to tell you how to convert PowerPoint to video has the simplest ever settings that are very user friendly to give you the best results in very little time. Every setting can be customized as per your requirement.

The steps on how to convert:

  • Download the program and open the download.exe file given. The Installation Wizard will give you rest of the instructions.
  • Click on browse to choose the PPT file that you want to convert. Make sure you change the destination file name before you convert so that the output video is saved to the said location.
  • Choose the resolution you want for your file. Select the mode too as well as the speed of slide transition. All this can be done in the Advance Slides menu given below. You can change the settings manually or let the original timing stay as the PPT file.
  • Using the Movavi software, you can add a soundtrack to the video you made. For this, go to the Audio Settings and choose the audio source you wish to use. When you choose the speakers of your computer, it will capture the sounds that play on your computer when you record the PowerPoint video. When you use microphone, you can add your own voice to the video giving a commentary effect to the Presentation.
  • Choose the video format you prefer from the Converter setting present at the bottom. Click to see the formats supported by mobiles from the More Presets for devices option and from the list you can select the brand of mobile and its model.
  • With all of the above steps done, click on Convert. This will record the PPT as a video.

You can get more ideas about movavi’s software from their official website.


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