First thing to do!

Ok as Ive run a new blog, there was a stuff that ill be doing to my new blog before i continue using it, you know to have a great blogging experience and be friendly to the search engine as long into those other blogs and first thing that ill be doing to my new blog like this was activating those useful plugins that may help me to built this blog better like the do follow blog plugin, yeah we all know that a do follow blog ill surely be crawler by the search engine in small period of time and a dofollow blog is one of those advertisers seek about to advertise with, why? because Google can count those links who will shown to you blog as a backlinks and in that way your link popularity will be increasing and get your page rank after all.. but please bear with these explanation because i just say what i think how they work and based it on my experienced as well..anyways as i continue another plugin that ill be using was the Akismet plugin because this plugin can detect spam comment and treat those unwanted comments that you’ll be encountering along your blogging activities and stuff..

Yeah im a dofollow blog but i have some rules that ill implement to this blog to those readers who’ll planning to take advantage into this blog by doing comment farming..sorry i cant tolerant those activities as ive seen that you intended to do that so , ill definitely delete your comment to my other post to prevent any violation that Google can see to your part as long as that it is..LOL i hope you can understand me by doing this thing..thanks

Welcome To

Hi Everyone!

this domain is now owned by a man who has a huge craze with some POP musics wherein he will be share some of those on this blog and also personal thoughts will be always included to his post and i hope through the categories that he’ll be making you can easily navigate which topics will can be interest you and share your idea’s about that thoughts that he’d been shared hopefully..So welcome everyone and i hope everyone can enjoy staying out here and by the way the owner of this blog , for now he is anonymous and dont attempt to use the whois site because he just only purchased this domain to his friend named rose,,LOL .. thats it for now..bye

ill post later and change the theme of this blog….