Se7en Digital Bounce

Last July 27 Yg Entertainment announced that Se7en Will Come Back Soon on the music scene(actually he promoting his album by this time now..LOL) by uploading this practice video on yg official channel youtube, and of course im kinda lime again because i was too late to post this one out here..LOL anyways though everyone know about it already i still want to blog it for se7en category..haha

Digital Bounce Live Performance

I think TOP of big bang is one of Se7en like to work with if there was a rap on his song or maybe because they been on the same agency..

Taeyang’s International album released today

Taeyang International Release Solar

I often Check my facebook to update whats are happening to my friends and even those Celebrities Fanpage that i liked with, and yeah as i checked it a hours ago i found out that Taeyang I’ll Be There has now a English Version And His International Album  was released Today on Itune check out here , this was a good news to those international fans who cannot buy the cd it self on Korea instead buy it on Itune..

by the way this is the Korean Version of this song

Note: I am not affiliated on Yg Entertainment

Big Bang 4th Anniversary Message to VIP

Not just Birthday of G-dragon that the group can celebrated with they did also celebrate their 4th years Anniversary as a group Big bang and on this specially day Big Bang Has a Messages To those Fans Who will supporting them since day been lunched …let all watch the video and sorry to those who doesn’t understand Korean because we wasn’t know what they been come up with..LOL try to find on youtube who has a subtitled English if your really insistently to know..;)

Belated Happy Brithday to G-dragon


Last August 18 2010 G-dragon celebrated his 22th birthday and i dunno if he still using the korean way to account age or its on American counting of age..because in korea and other east asia countries there was called Age reckoning wherein on the first day of a child they’ll consider it as their one year old while on other countries like us here in the Philippines we do count age when a child passed the entire year since they gave birth ..

OK i saw now..LOL he was 1988 meaning they been uses the way we count here and yeah we have the same age because i was born in 1988 as well..LOL anyways belated happy birthday to you brother and i hope i can see you as long another yg artists soon as i got an vacation there in Korea..LOL

My goodness even Flo Rida greeted you!

Sauna Amusing Story Of Seungri and Taeyang

I know im kinda late to post this stuff but please let me include this post out here. LOL , yeah last month seungri and taeyang had been guessed on the strong heart one of the funniest awesome show in Korea and when the show passing through , seuring who had a sense of humor of the group big bang , he tell story which  their experienced in japan wherein Him and Taeyang got a amusing encounter in bath house and find out how the story goes by watching the video on top.. no worries there was a english sub on it to those people who wasn’t understand Korean language …

I hope you’ll like this..LOL enjoy everyone and have a awesome day ahead

Shaun Everisto Choreographer of YG Entertainment(Big Bang, 2NE1)

Shaun Evaristo

shaun Evaristo is behind all of those awesome dance routine that you’ve been seeing to those kpop artists nowadays like big bang and 2ne1 under Yg entertainment Korea , actually shaun begins on California as a dancer /choreographer together with his wife named Aimee Lucas and through friends who is working on Yg entertainment back in 2008 shaun got an offered on Yg entertainment as a choreographer and being a Filipino i am very proud to him included his wife because Aimee is Filipino too..

shaun Choreograph Taeyang more often and the most awesome choreography that Ive been seen in my entire life was the Wedding Dress of taeyang one of the member of big bang and now taeyang released a new song ill be there who shaun worked for the choreography as well and ill post it on my next post, for min while lets all watch the interview of this great man and i hope i can see him personally and aimee too..

Contact them

Taeyang Wedding Dress

Last year Taeyang promoted her solo album and the carrier single of his album by that time is Wedding Dress that most people craze with because the melody on this song i think, and evely got hooked up on this song though i cant understand the full meaning but through out melody and how taeyang sings this song i understand whats on the song about, and i know why other people liked this song its all about the dance righty? because as i researched this song on youtube a lot of people are covering this as long the dance routine.. and i know who is the person behind all of those dance routine of this song and ill post it on my next post..:)

Big Bang Come Back

Big Bang Come Back

Yg Announced that After 2NE1 Comes Back this Year , Big bang Will Follow with a new album that we had gto wait with.. i think Yg Entertainment has a lucky year because President of the said music label is now became a father now and if im not mistaken his wife giving birth last august 05,2010 with a time of 2.01 so meaning this was a year for the group 2ne that big bang will follow for the come back..

2ne1 On Etude Pink Play Concert

2NE1 On Etude Pink Play Concert

2NE1 had performed on the etude pink play concert this last couple of days ago and they really look controversial on there look because they avoiding us to see whats thing are new to see to them like on dara its seem that she got a short hair now while minzy is wearing a wig i believed and park bom i dunno i think for now we wont see any clue from her new look and look on CL she like she had a highlights ..what do you think? maybe these how they prepare on 2NE1 come back on the since that will accur soon not end of this year..maybe around September or October with 3 songs that they;ll promote with at the same let us all wait

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