How to have a reputable blog?

A lot of Newbies on the blogspehere are often asking us quite old ones on this stuff on how we can remain our online rather blog reputation because some bloggers has this not so well  educated blogs wherein they thrown words without knowing and considering other people feels and sometimes they might destroy other people out because of what they been posted on their pages, yeah through blogging and any form of social media you can might make other people miserable because here the news is rapidly spread out because mostly people have already an access to internet and even those kids nowadays so yeah as you have one blog its your responsible to watch your word out in every post that you’ll be doing because a lot of people will read it after and in regards on people’s comments just take it whether the comment(s) is good or bad on your end because by approving them, meaning you are open to change and expect what people thinks about your ideas and stuff that you been putted on your blog, yeah its really help you a lot to have this well reputable blog on the me on this.. and please avoid hitting or blogging other people on your blog and throwing some curses on your end because advertisers will look into that soon as you built your blog already! ok thats it for now and i hope this personal ideas will serve as your guide to have a better blog that you are trying to working out now..thanks!

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