Finally google updated, I got pagerank 3 now..yeppey

Yeah, you heard it right that this blog is now on the third spot on Mr. Google’s eye, though this blog has a pagerank of 2 when i first time using it because i just bought it on my friend blogger though, as you could remember but yet still the blog was totally poor in terms of quality of backlinks way back time. But i think now, this blog has a great foundation and has it great quality of backlinks already that is why i gained this page rank of 3 on this blog  in just 5 months of running it, and yeah the alexa rankings was good then.

Google updated one the major at this moment of time because a lot of reports has been buzz out on the web that we aren’t usual seen as Google updating by the minor only, so yeah confirmed, today,Google updated in the major one and i know most bloggers are having a party celebration to their own blogs now because they had this thinking that having a great pr has the one that they might use to earn some good amount of money though along their way, and yeah maybe i will be applying now this blog( into the awesome broker company that i was aiming to get into with, which the payu2blog.Alright i think i need to end this up and let see if someone will considering my pagerank of 3, thanks!