Tips To Be Consider As You Travel

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Many people enjoy traveling and everyone is looking forward to it but sometimes things don’t go as we planned and a trip can easily go from perfect to really, really bad. And that is why you will read some tips that might help you not ruin your vacation, holiday, honeymoon or anything you are planning.

1. Always pack a hat. In the winter it will keep you warm and in the summer it will keep the sun off your face.

2. Bring a travel first aid kid.

3. Never pack something that you haven’t worn before. The first time you will wear it you will feel very uncomfortable, and that’s not how you want to feel.

4. Make a packing list a week before you travel and whenever you think of something you need, write it down.
5. Bring little packs of tissues because toilet paper is not given in many parts of the world.

6. Border control agents do not get sarcasm. Keep this in mind if you’re someone that likes jokes

7. Prepare for every single situation. Few days before leaving home, make sure you have everything you need and prepare for every single scenario that might happen. If you are traveling with children, then make sure you brought something to keep them busy during the trip so they don’t annoy everyone around them.

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Google free call are still working!

I blogged before that Google are having their beta for their new feature via gmail it self which you may call anywhere in the world with a corresponded price rate and stuff but due with the try run way back time (last year) i think its around august or October if i am not mistaken Google stated that we can have a free calls for both US and CANADA with no limit time and the good thing was everywhere in the world are allowed to try it as long your receiver are  in US or Canada, sounded awesome right? actually we been tried it so many time already because we use to contact our relatives to the other part of the world(US) and yeah is pretty well working on me as long my signal are fully speed then and my headset is quite well then, anyways Google posted out that the free calls was ended up this recently(december 31) and after the given date all calls are in bill though but luckily today im hinting that Google wont lift up the script already who can automatically make the free call one and yeah i wasn’t failed on it i made another free calls as for today(January 10,2011) try it now and its still work for using..:)

Page Rank Update this october? Google are you there?

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ok please let me know if you seen your toolbar green juices move ok and no worries ill do the same thing as i seen mine moving and ok thanks a lot thats it for now

Google forgot to update!

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