Another Private Advertiser..

Someone Emailed me now and asking if i could do three sponsor post for her and i think ill doing it because i really need some extra cash now because christmas and parties is heading up to soon so i need some pennies to spend out for those fun parties who’ll be waiting me and the good thing was she asking me on how much do it cost and ill thinking now if i could price her a 20 dollars each post? what do you think? because she insistently want a review with a long write at least 250 words , ok let see if she can consider my price then, if so, that will be great.ok thats it for now and ill update you up on how we  can close this deal..

And to those walk in advertisers who you might want to get link or if you want me to write a review on your business,blogs or anything goes that you wanted to promote with, please dont hesitance to contact me on this email address “” for more information, ok, im looking forward on your offers soon..thanks a lot

A Creppy Email..

I Often published before about the theadnetwork that im belongs with and this recently, the said program and i are had this little misunderstanding because as i posted out my entry regarding on my payment delayed that i was thought that their program is getting or about to close now but im definitely failed on that by the way because they did paid me then as i posted yesterday..

Due with some panicking thinking when the time that i wasn’t receive my payment yet , ive been decided to asked the advertiser it self who has on the theadnetwork banners to made some sponsorship of course through out of my blogs, meaning i contacted the advertiser directly without any acknowledgment on the theadnework because as Ive said im pretty paranoid on that time..LOL and now ive been received an email coming from the thadnework and guess what! they knew that im trying to have a close deal on their private advertiser and they told me that if i pursue that kind of  activities they might remove me then on their network as they tell to their private advertiser that they wont consider me either..oh my goodness this made me nervous so hard..LOL and of course i emailed them back and asking from my apology on what been i made and i think so far so good then because they do reply me that they’ll look into my account and pay me as well on my referrals, what do you think? they’ll pay me on my referral then close my account after? ok let see as they email me again soon and no worries ill make you updated on this issue..thanks

I’ve Got Paid!

Finally after 3 days of delayed, my payment on my monthly advertisement  banner was arrived today and yeah i really appreciate it because i thought the program is now ending up and doesn’t pursue their advertisement towards on my blogs but im just luckily enough to received such payment that ill be waiting for anyway..LOL yeah i think their advertisement will be last on this blog because they’re still accepting new blog though on their program, thank God maybe they just got some issues inside the company thats why they delayed on paying me this month, ok from now on i know that sometimes they’ll be having some delaying payment over them and avoid by being so paranoid and panicking about my payment though..LOL

By the way i got 40 pounds from them this month without doing anything just to placed that awesome banner on the top, wow this was a great deal from a blogger like me and yeah you can also apply on their program by heading up here but before that you must read this first to get buzz about them..ok thanks a lot

I made some Sponsored posts to this blog now

Yes, you heard it right that this blog is now serving some paid post on it because i think this was the right time for me to earn some pennies over this blog because sooner i might need those money that Ive earned to renew my domain as long as my hosting to pursue this frustrating that im trying to work out with on this blog and i hope its ok then to the network that i often telling you about which about the payu2blog to have some sponsored posts out to this blog because i really insistently wanted to get in on their system, i hope as i submit this blog once again for my approval, these minimal paid posts that ive been made of over here was not a hindrance for me to get approve then by them.crosses fingers and yeah thats it for now and let see as i applied this blog on what is the outcome, ok thanks a lot

Thanks Bloglovin

Yes, i need to thank the blogging directory site called because the their list of awesome blogs who can rarely make my blogging experiences easier than before that i wasn’t know on how to blog hopping stuff, actually i just came across to that one blog who blogged about on how to have a great pagerank then and she suggested her reader to take a look and consider the blog directory for their blog hopping and yeah indeed the site was definitely a big help on my end thats why im trying my self now here to share what i found through out that blog and sorry i forgotten which blog is that, really sorry because i cant able to link her awesome entry here as a credit, ok let see as i stumbled again on her blog ill definitely update this for her link then, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot ,I hope this may help you to built your own blog for the better and please let me know about your thoughts in regards on this “technique”  ok thanks again..bye

Lets Loan this coming Christmas

i know christmas is already around the corner and here at my place christmas is really a big deal wherein people will worrying about on what they been had on their christmas eve or the christmas day it self thats why im here to suggest you guys to apply your cash advance usa as early as now because they were a lot of people as well who thought the same thing to have their blast christmas then, so yeah i hope i can help you to think with the better that we can do to have an extra money this coming christmas..thanks a lot and God bless us all and of course advance happy holidays to you all.

New Home!

I was planning to buy a new home now rather at least one apartment to be an independent guy though im just in my 20 age but yet still i do believe that living on the my parents house by this age are a sign for being immature, what do you think? well sorry thats how i look into,LOL yeah right now im searching for the better place wherein i can stay long time and i can feel this comfortably ambiance , i hope i can find such one soon and i know im some way my parents is truly proud off on me because by this young age of mine as they told me i had this dedication and strong altitude that they might worrying as i live independently thats why i really love them because of the support that they given to me and the trust that they showing me, no worries ill definitely look back to my family as i proven my self then along my way, by the way one thing that i am looking forward too for a apartment is this has a great comfort room because im really Ozzy on it, yeah though im guy i use to clean more often specially the comport room because it shows how kind of person you are as people seen your toilet room i believed! anyways thanks to by giving me an idea on how i can make my bathroom to be a great one, ok thats it for now and ill make you updated regarding this, thanks a lot

does theadnetwork pays on referrals? Referral

Im getting a good amount though each month to this program called theadnetwork and yeah i must say they are indeed awesome because they do pay me 5 British pounds each month in every blog that they been accepted to me and as for today i got an 6 blogs approved,LOL yeah im too overwhelmed om their program to the sense that they dont harsh you by asking a bunch of traffic that you have to driven away from their banners (as you get to them as a publisher), because as long as the banner is still live and kicking on your blog they’ll really pay you out each month,sounds awesome right? yeah it is i would say because im already 8 months to them but yet still they will not leave on paying me at least a month thats why i really love this program to death,LOL

But this recently i think there’s still some quite bad reputation inside the program when its comes on their referral thing because they do promised that they were paying each that we’ve referred a 10 pounds but yet still i cant get my payment over my 2 referral and i think i need to make some proof out it(that i do really referred) that ‘s why i made a screenshot that you may see on the top, though i emailed them 10 times now but still i cant get any response on how they could pay me rather when do they pay me..LOL ok thats it for now and let see if they do pay me for these..ill make you updated into this..thanks

Waiting on my payment to be made..

Indeed, today is 11th of December and we all know as Ive been published way back time on how this blog  can earn on the monthly basis because of the program which can advertise on this page and yeah the banner that you can see on the top was the reason why i can get some pounds of it, actually its only 5 pounds per blog, yeah i am expecting that this program will be pay me today because they usual pay me by the 5th or 11th but now its already late night but yet still there’s no payment that will be added on my PayPal funds, i hope this will may made soon(payment) because im eager to cash out my money by tomorrow due with some dept that i need to pay off or else this internet connection will be put on hold then, my goodness gracious i hope i can pay on time now..LOL anyways let see maybe after an hour they’ll be sending out those payment..crosses fingers , ok thats it for now and yeah ill make an update if i got my payment then, by the way the program was indeed legit, so happened that they may have rather some late funding’s on their end..ok let see, thanks ^_^

Facebook Has a New Profile Interface

I often use my facebook account to update my friends activities and most importantly is to share what Ive been posted here and evenly on my other blogs to promote with and get some traffic out of it, yeah i really use social media sites to have a prospect visitor to each one of my blogs, and i think twitter and facebook is the best 2 place to do that, ok moving on the main the topic, as i opened my facebook account this a while ago one thing that Ive been noticed with which the new facebook profile interface because its changed a lot than the old interface and i think this new one can make my day quite dizzy because i find it messy on my end and i do believed that people who are on the new interface already might feels and notice the same thing that i did..LOL i hope facebook will turn off the new interface and get back the old ones for the better navigating purposes..ahaha ok thats it for now and let see what happen soon and  i might adept on the new interface as i often open it(think so)..thanks a lot and please do check my next post after this..^_^