Trying my luck on blogitive

I know this blog has this great stat that advertisers might consider with but yet still i dont get into in any paid post to this blog then because i was intended to work on payu2blog one of the best network so far but suddenly this blog needs more post then(based to them) when the time that Ive been applied way back time, but now i think this blog is pretty built then that the said network(payu2blog) might consider by this time ^_^, but im not hoping to get in there as well, just want to try my luck once again but let see on the next response on how they find this blog then, anyways i found this another site broker named blogitive and i think the network as quite good then like what payu2blog? because a lot of my blogging buddies is keeping on recommending this network to me thats why im trying my luck to get in into this network and yeah im done submitting my blog to them and i hope i can receive my approval email (hopefully) so that i can earn quite bit here to support all of my expenses to this blog..ok let see on what happen next, ill make an update soon as i got to them, ops such very positive thinker i am today, ok thats it for now, thanks a lot

WordPress 3.0.2 is now available

I often blog about wordpress here becuase i really appreciate on what wordpress can make to me by making this blog more convenience on my readers end, becuase of these plugins that i can use for free as this blog run in wordpress CMS and now as i long in to this blog a while ago one thing that Ive noticed with which the wordpress 3.0.2 is now available so what now? do i have to upgrade my old wordpress into this new wordpress? what do you think? actually i dont know on what do i get if i upgrade my wordpress and what is the differences between the wordpress that im using now into this new wordpress 3.0.2 do you know what is the different to both wordpress? if so, care to share some information here by simply leaving it to my comment box so that people will know as well as they search the same information, ok thats it for now and let see how people find this..thanks a lot

Indeed tired by updating all of my blogs

yes as a month started, one thing that i should really do which updating all of my blogs to make my archive updated and kicking and yeah as for today all of my blogs are indeed updated and im too happy that ive been made it in short period of time and i think  im starting to adept it so on how to work on to all of my blogs though, but im so pretty tired then as well but its ok though because i know pretty soon that all of my hard work ill be pay off and i cant  wait that to happen, i hope pretty soon as Google update page rank, by the way do you know when this Google will be updating? please let me so, care to share some of the information about it? ok im looking forward on that, let see on your comment below, ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

Thanks WordPress!

I must to be grateful and thankfully on wordpress because yeah i wasn’t failed at all using the wordpress as my blogging platform or CMS, why? because wordpress can rarely made my everyday blogging activities easiest and convenience to the sense on what this wordpress has, like the publish option wherein you can schedule your post to be in the future and maximize the tasks that you have to do with in the particular day of your blogging stuff, well as for today on my own opinion only wordpress can made this (as i know, but not sure though) thats why if you are planning to have your blog to be you must be consider wordpress as your platform because of its feature that you  dont might see on the other platform and please bear with this post by the way, because i am not blogging this to be bias into wordpress and make some bad impression to other platform but instead i just wanna let you know what CMS can convince me on how their consistently and reliability giving such great free CMS to use with, but still yours, on what  do you feel is the best platform could be on your end.

Notebook and Pen

I am not too techie to use an cellphone to write down some topics who will be sink in to my mind any moment as i roaming outside and stuff  because i really dont know on how to use the cellphone it self, yeah too bad for me and i admit it because i use to type and blog then than wasting my time in texting others who doesn’t too important with me, but noted i do text only in any emergency matter and to those long lost friend who been closed to me quite a while,hahaha and yeah i think i refer my self then to use the notebook and pen as my blogging tools to write down which topics can get my interest with so that if i had a time to write them out ill definitely consider them to be posted by my own idea in any of my blogs and i think thats how i blog and update my all list of blogs through the help of my notebook and pen and beside of that i can rarely practice my hand writing as well that is help a lot on my end now, because type only on my lap top can be put my hand writings down because i can practice it at all, LOL so yeah this how i look this things..

Confirmed Bigbang’s Comeback Will be Next year

We heard a lot of hints that the famous bigbang group will be releasing their new album later november 2010 but we all failed on that( the date is pretty moved) because i think YG entertainment where this guys under management are making a great promotional strategies for both bigbang and 2ne1, yeah  2ne1 the girl group who been released their comeback album this last august was indeed part of YG as well and we all knew thats way maybe the bigbang’s comeback has been moved by next year because 2ne1 is still promoting their piece, what do you think? anyways YG gave the exact date then,so guys nothing to worry about and just wait on the guys comeback, yeah yeah i know this will be a big hit then and all of you are pretty excited, right? right?

and beside of that maknae Seungri will be debuting early next year by his new digital single that i know most girls out are cant wait to ok thats it for now and have a great start of December and advance happy new year to you all..thanks

Note: please dont copy the content because this was turns into a blog and not a fansite anymore, hope you’ll understand me then..thanks