Kids Fashion

Actually the best definition of the word fashion was Kids, why? Because kids are more than confidence than us adult who’s mind what people  can maybe say in what we are wearing and so. While kids can be  wear anything that they wanted to, without thinking of  what people will tell them and what soever maybe. That’s why they carry them selves out with full of confidence which we needed to get learn from them though, Yeah, becuase fashion is confidence not just the brand of clothes that we are wearing. ^_^

Do you pierce?

Guys used to pierced as they fashion statement. And yeah, this was like the tattoo for us men, which we found it cool as we have this to our body and we did feel more masculine and confidence as we have these pierces to us. But for me, I refer only on my both ears not to the other part of my body though, becuase I find it wild and dirty when do guys got an pierced even girls to their tongues and to others part’s on.

Best Spring/Summer Outfit for Men

Spring and Summer is indeed fashion lazy?nope isn’t! because you can still be fashionable using these pieces that Ive found online. Actually these pieces was grabbed on the old navy site so if you wanted to have the same pieces as these, please do browse on the brand site and might seen these items sell still. Anyways, shorts are always dope for summer we all know that and even loofers must work as well on this season but still you can put some coat with it for you to be look more hip and neat. So yeah, this  is the best outfit for me for this season.

Tattoos as your fashion statement?

Who wants to get tattooed? I know, I know you are raising your hand there and even you gals are wanting to have at least one painted images on your body. But why? what do you think is the main reason why people use to get tattoo to their bodies on? On my own opinion, having some tattoos on one person’s body is really a big help. How? Because maybe that person may think that he or she hip because tattoo is trending nowadays as you’ve noticed it, righty? and one thing more, tattoo can be use as an fashion statement like what most models did, They used to get at least one tattoo to them not to impressed but to emphasize their best body asset as they walk to the run way.

But I do believe that people has an deeper reasons why they do they want to get tattooed, maybe for some promises,sentimental values and so fort that I wasn’t know.LOL

Jaden Smith Outfits

I found this photo on Google and I found Jaden cool on his outfits there that’s why I am including his here. Jaden Smith is wearing a Comme Des Garcons Play Black Emblem Cardigan ($360) and a Comme Des Garcons Play Heart Tee ($109) and he also had an (LV) Louis Vuitton belt and a pair of supra. This outfit is really DOPE for me.

Park Bom in Gothic print duchess satin dress by Alexander Mcqueen

Park Bom is use to wear dresses every time she will perform or will shown  in any TV appearances because maybe their wardrobe department inside the YG entertainment are seeing bom suits on these kind of outfits which indeed true I must say because she looked hot every time she wore this kind of dresses. Because its give accent or emphasis her Popsicle legs.

By the way this dress has a name of Gothic-print Duchess-satin Dress by Alexander Mcqueen and has a price of $11,647 Oh, my goodness this was really expensive to have. Yg Entertainment is truly rich by providing their talents in such expensive clothes like this one.

Chris Brown Wore Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Star Sneakers ($650)

Recently the Pop singer Chris Brown celebrated his 22nd birthday at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend and we’ve seen him wearing this Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Star Sneakers (650 usd). Indeed Christian shoes is now the father of all shoes nowadays on the market. And  I have this eagerness to have the black one of this kind, I hope I can buy it as soon as possible as I got some breads on me then.Hopefully yeah.

So yeah, that’s it for now and lets wait on the new Christian Louboutin Men’s shoes collection.

Teayang wearing Stigma ‘Street Writer’ Graffitti Cap

Teayang really loves hats we all know that. And I know as you a fan you are really looking forward to have on what exact hats or cap he had. righty? Yeah, that’s why I’m blogging this out to be a help mostly to those taeyang’s avid fans who wanted to get the same cap he wearing on the photo on top. By the way you can buy this hat “Stigma ‘Street Writer’ Graffitti Cap” for around 30 usd to this site

Daesung is wearing Destroyed Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt ( Balmain)

I’m envy, Yeah I admit it. Because these guys(I referring to big bang) are really have a great fashion sense as long as wealth of course ^_^ because they either buy some balmain pieces that I jealous about. LOL though we all knew that Yg entertainment ( the agency where this guy under) is really rich in away but yet still I am so amazed on how they handle their artists. To the fact that they can even wore balmain on a simply day, and not just that because in every pieces that they’ve got with are indeed expensive, my goodness even this Destroyed Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt on what Deasung wearing in the top photo is indeed expensive. Yeah it is becuase this Destroyed Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt will cost you $3,274 . ^_^

Sandal trends for the season

With every new fashion trend comes a new round of accessories and one of the major components of this term ‘accessories’ is shoes. Women, in particular are a little obsessed with these feet accessories. Whether it’s getting all cooey and gooey over a sky-high pair of delicate stilettos or lusting after a deluxe pair of the season’s must have boots, women plus shoes equals slightly crazy.

This season, like every other has welcomed yet more beautiful shoes to adorn our feet and summer, with its sunshine and warm weather, means our feet in these beautiful shoes are on show. Sandals, both flat and heeled are what every woman wants. And this season, they most certainly don’t disappoint.

Girly, feminine and pretty just about sum up the selection of women’s sandals on offer this summer. If you want to look in more detail at the summer’s range of women’s shoes, visit House of Fraser.

Here is a mini guide to the hottest sandal trends of the season.

The overall theme is nude and natural, however the odd touch of disco glamour is thrown in the mix for good measure. Look for natural materials such as leather and suede but also wood, cork and straw. Choose natural and nude hues such as salmon and coral pinks, warm chestnut browns, dusty oranges and warm yellowy beiges. However, you can also throw in some bright pink or orange and metallics in gold and silver are also pretty strong.

Embellishment is another thing to look for. Jewels, bows and studding add interest to an otherwise minimalist looking shoe. Straps are also important. However, don’t go overboard. T-bar shaped straps will be your best bet. This applies to flats and heels. Lace effect, cut out sections and woven detailing will score you even extra points. But don’t try and do everything at once. Summer shoes are feminine yet simple. Your main inspiration should be hippy chic, so keep things cool.

When it comes to heels, you have two options in terms of style. The first is the wedge. This is probably the biggest summer trend and is definitely something fresh to try. Espadrille type wedges are the shoe of the summer. Your second option is platforms. In keeping with the disco feel of the second half of the 1970s, platforms are big, high and super sexy. You may need to practice your walk for some of the most daring pairs.