Colorede Boots


Who never thought that boots can be colored too? because usually we just got this black or brown one, right? but as the fashion evolved through years, boots evolved too into this awesome colored one. I think, we have to thank Dr. Martens for making these booties out that can help us to have this dope look most of the time.

You may check out Dr, Martens online shop for the list of their colored boots and you can even buy from them. I suggest to have this boots on the thanksgiving day so that you may have a great deals on them.. 🙂 Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you’d got a great weekend there. Thank you!

Miss A I Dont Need a Man

I always check out YouTube for some new Kpop musics because as you can see this blog,, is also for musics beside for fashion. Today, I’ll be going to share with you all this music performance of the all girls group called Miss A entitled ” I dont need a Man” and I believed they’ve used some good pa speakers on this music song that’s why it sound so clear and quality.

Awesome kid! :)

While I was browsing on YouTube. This video pop up somewhere and I find it cool to post up here. Look, the kid is so adorable and he even knows on how to play his instruments which the ukelele. I hope I can able to learn the ukelele too and make some song cover too.

I might also consider to enroll to ukulele guitar center for me to learn the whole thing about the ukelele. Let see if I can succeed on this. Thanks!

Korean Fashion


When it comes to men’s fashion. I think, Korean men’s fashion is now making noise in the industry today. Though some western peeps doesn’t want this style but yet still, numerous of people liked it. That’s why Korean fashion is now one of the leading style today. Look the photo on top that is the usual styles of this Korean men and i must say it is indeed different than to the usual men’s styles. I liked it though!

This like an test sieve for the new people who wants to try it. I hope most men today will pay a try for this new style here. Thanks!

I want this shoes


When I first time saw this shoes from the brand Christian Louboun, it really hooked me up and I went to the point that am about to buy it but I kinda haft-hearted still because the price is too much for me. But I’m still hoping that soon as the price drop down, hopefully this thanksgiving day, I can have this one. I will let you know once I got it.

Alright, that’s it for now and please keep checking the blog,, often for more fashion update. I’ll update some personal matters too soon..:)

Thanks to client!


Another client contacted me this recently, asking if I can review some of their awesome coats and jackets. Though their brand is specialized on girl’s products and fashion stuff I can still considered them because my sister insistently wanted to have some coats for this fall and winter season. And here’s the one they given me. What do you think? dope or nope? I hope my sister will like this.

My sister might wear this as she Signs in spotsylvania va because she used to check that out. I’ll update you soon once she wears it. Thanks!

Do plaid are still trends?


Most of you might thought that plaid shirts are not outdated now in fashion. Nope it isn’t! because plain shirts are still trends and kickin.. You can still have your plain and wear them wherever you want to because they can still help you to be hip and swag. You can check out your fave stores and home brewing supplies if they still have this piece for you to know whether the piece is still hip or not because fashion brand is always updated on all trends pieces in the industry.

Rayban sunglasses


Sunglasses are the most trends  today for both girls and men. Because this kind of piece is  versatile and can be use in any fashion seasons. No doubt why celebrirties these days are used to have this sunglasses especially the brand Rayban. Though rayban built its reputation long time but yet still the brand is the most leading when it comes to sunglasses today.

You can find online with some rayban sunglasses as well find foam yoga blocks here for you to use the both in any activities you’ll want to attend with.

Trends: Vintage Wedding Gowns


On wedding today. Vintage looking gowns and dresses are the one hot. Because this kind of dress or wedding gowns are the one looks so elegant and will make you stand out due of the quirkiness and uniqueness of these kind of gowns. Also, most of the gowns stores prefer their clients to have vintage looking gowns than to these newest retro wedding gowns. It’s like these type of gowns are the most talked about on today’s wedding industry.

I really suggest you to buy online. Because online is the best venue to find these awesome vintages gowns and dresses that can make rock you on your own wedding day. And not just that. Because usually, online stores had a huge selection of their dresses and same time they do have the cheapest gowns ever found.

Yoga Pants


Do you used to attend some Yoga classes? or planning to enroll in any? well I think you must find yoga pants online first before to consider yourself on this kind of activities. Because it is required for you to have one. Search some yoga online stores for you to have a great deals for your pants. Because yoga pants are quite expensive than to the fashionable jeans pants.