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Wholesale Jewelry

As you remember before. This site,, is formally jewelry site because I was then fascinated with those glittery jewelries before. But when someone introduced me the fashion industry. I dunno, I just hooked with it that can lead me on re-branding this site into fashion and lifestyle blog instead. Anyway, if you are still stumbled on this site and wanting to learn about jewelry and related. I suggesting you to head up on this or click here for wholesale jewelry for you to see all the variety of jewelry available to you. 🙂

Alright, that will be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on supporting the site.

Shure headphones at guitar center

Hi, How are you guys doin’? I was here to ask if did you know any headphones selling at online in every affordable prices. I might also consider the bulk price, please? because I just needed them up on my recent project that I haven’t fond of telling you this yet. But did found these shure headphones at guitar center which I think are pretty cool headphones than to these branded one. I’ll think about it first if the budget will fits in. So – please. suggest me any online shops where I could buy headphones in reasonable prices, please.. Thank you! and dont forget to leave comments below.

Gayoon (4minute) x CeCi 2013 October Issue

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I dont actually know this girl here named Gayoon , who is one of the cover artists of the magazine CeCi as it for their October Issue 2013. I just randomly gets these photos over the web because I found them pretty cool and quirky in away on how they shoot these photos out in here. I am in to Kpop, yeah! but it isn’t mean that I should know all the artists behind it, I just have some few picks which I really pleased off to blog up here – so please bear with me then if I haven’t includes any further details about this beautiful girl here named Gayoon of the group 4minute.

I must say, these photos for the CeCi October issue was really terrifically made because look, it kinda way different or quirky enough than to the previous cover photos of the magazine, Ceci. I also have to commend the artist here,Gayoon, for the better portraying  that made the concept pretty strong in here. I’dk simply liked the styling too. It’s beyond on what I usually expecting it at the CeCi as they about to release their new month Issue.

Alright then, that’s it for now and please keep on checking the blog,, often for more fashion news and updates that may help you know on what’s hot and not for today’s fashion trends.