2NE1 CL’s Rockin on “Master” in Black by KTZ

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“Master” in Black by KTZ

We’ve often seen this all girl Kpop group called 2NE1 wearing some dope men’s pieces like tees, shoes and even to their bottom. I think, their wardrobe department wanted them to be quirky among the most girl groups these days in their country, South Korea. That’s why we’ve often sees the girls working on these some dope guy’s pieces instead of girly pieces one. I must say, this strategy is quite great than having a girly type group that used to wear dresses and heels, though 2ne1 still rocking themselves on these girl’s stuff occasionally but yet they’re good as well either to these guy’s thing, I think so..

On the photo on top, the leader CL is rockin on this dope and swag tee from the brand KTZ that I actually dunno yet. Yeah! I either blog up brands that I used to heard at first like this one. Because I know most of my readers most especially those fashion enthusiasts are quite aware on this brand already. So – better yet to include them up too here.. For more details about the tee? I suggest you to heads up on the KTZ main website and see yourself the details, pricing range and even the availability of this dope Tee called “Master” in Black.

By the way, KTZ is locally in Japan that’s why we’d can expect an international fees for shipping as you ordered to their main site today. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks so much and have a great day ahead everyone. And please, keep on checking the blog, Istarblog.com, for more fashion updates.

One comment on “2NE1 CL’s Rockin on “Master” in Black by KTZ

  1. CL the QUEEN B! (I mean that in a good way) the girl who can wear a garbage bag and still look stylish in it. I love it every time she post something in her INSTA account its always full of fashion and swag!! And KTZ should really hire her as their endorser or something a lot of her fans go gaga on everything she wears.

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