Daesung rocking on his Hawaii bomber jacket + trousers from Jean Paul Gaultier


A weeks ago, the group big bang has been released their campaign ads for their comeback. And a lot of netizers and even those big fans(VIP) had noticed how freaking awesome that a big bang fashion statement is, on the said campaign ads. Because this wasn’t their usual concept as they got this photos campaign. What do you think? oh well, for me, I like their fashion and concept for this comeback. Because they’ve been uses some high-end fashion pieces like what Daesung wearing on this photo, where from the awesome and hip brand today Jean Paul Gaultier.

The brands had these selection of hippest and dope pieces that most folks are looking forward to have, because look, their jacket on what Daesung wore  is indeed quirky and way unique than to those usaul jackets that you may see on today’s market..By the way, this jacket is included on Jean Paul Gaultier’s spring summer collection 2012. Just check online for further information..Thanks and will blog more big bang outfits on my next posts..

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