Dee & Ricky x Pony “Split Ups”

 photo dee-rickey-pony-split-ups-1_zpsd80155a4.jpg

When every time I see some collaborative pieces I really cant help myself but to blog them up all here. Because these pieces are the usual limited edition which most of the fashion enthusiasts are really looking forward to have and these pieces are the one also well searched over the web that’s why I see to it to be them posted out in here..LOL

Recently, the 2 giant brands Dee & Ricky & Pony had made them first collaboration, if I dont mistaken, for this new kicks called Dee & Ricky x Pony “Split Ups” to be born. And as for this moment the kicks are already done and preparing for its released pretty soon. Sorry guys, because I haven’t any info yet regarding on the releasing dates, availability and pricing ranges of these 2 awesome kicks here. But no worries, because one of the brands will be surely then update us all on when we’d can able to buy these dope shoes.

Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on checking back the blog,, for more fashion updates and news. Also, I’m drafting out an celebrity outfit post by the next blog so I hope you’re guys pretty excited about it, that I know you are..LOL Okay, bye for now and have a good day..Thanks!

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