Dress For Success: Tips For Your Professional Wardrobe


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Most men do just fine dressing themselves for a social context. I know countless guys who are very fashion conscious, and yet don’t know how to dress for an interview or other professional situation. If you have a similar issue, then this post is for you. Here, I’ve listed some great tips for fashion and grooming in preparation for a job interview.

Let’s start off with the suit. In the world of business, a man’s suit is a massive factor in how his colleagues view him. If yours doesn’t give off the right impression, you won’t be getting the job! The general rule is to go with plain, solid designs. One in navy and one in deep grey will usually be all the suits you need. While verbose pinstripe designs might rub certain executives the right way, your safest bet is to choose something nice and boring. Go with a two to three button cut. Either should be fine, but consider the mien of the company you’re hoping to work for. If you think they have a more traditional way of running things, a two-button cut is a little more classic. Having a custom-made suit from a good label also goes a long way. Look at michaelandrewsbespoke.com/suits for some inspiration.

Unless it really doesn’t fit with your suit jacket, I’d go for a plain white shirt. Traditionally speaking, this should have a straight point collar. However, these days it’s become much more common to have a less flashy button-down. The styles which should be avoided are tab collars, pins and wide English spreads. Look at businessinsider.com for more details. You might think that a little gold monogram adds a touch of class, but they should be avoided unless you’re going for an executive position. I’d also stay away from French cuffs. These can complement the rest of your attire pretty nicely. However, if you’re not used to wearing these, they should be avoided. You don’t want to have a cufflink malfunction the moment you’re called in!

When it comes to the accessories, don’t stress too much about the tie. Yes, it’s the first thing you notice about a man’s suit. However, a classic dotted or striped pattern will usually be sufficient. As for your shoes, go for normal black lace-ups. You may feel that you want to stand out from the crowd, but don’t. Casual loafers, along with shoes with buckles or straps, will stand out in the wrong way! Aside from that, wear a nice mens watches and subtle cufflinks. Be sure to keep a comb on you and use it within the minute you’re going to be called in. Flair and individuality may be great for some situations, but when you’re looking to get a job, go with the uniform!

There you have my best tips on picking out an interview wardrobe. I’ll leave you with one last pointer; don’t be afraid to ask! Some people may see it as unprofessional, but for the most part you shouldn’t worry about it. In your initial phone conversation, there’s nothing wrong in a quick “what should I wear?”


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