Jewelry Sets for your Bingo Socials

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If we were all born with a silver spoon, then we won’t have problems with the jewelry sets we’d want to wear. There will be no shortage of accessories for our everyday wardrobe; we can even make our gems match the colors of our dresses if we want. Alas, life is not a bed of roses, and we don’t have all the jewels that we desire. Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend, but we have to admit that some girls have none of these twinkling stars. If only Tiffany & Co. caters to the mass market.

We should not fret, though; fashion jewelry made it possible for us to be styled in a posh manner without spending a fortune. We usually need jewelry when we go to important gala events such as bingo socials for a cause. How do we know we’re wearing the right pieces on our ears and neck when we go to bingo events? We only need to look into the style of Monica Potter and Catherine Zeta-Jones to guide us, since they play bingo for charity frequently. We also talked to the chatters at the FoxyBingo, just to be sure, and it was established that these are the sets which are appropriate to wear on a bingo night:

No pressure here, since faux pearls also get the deal done and also achieves the desired effect. If you want to pull off a feminine look, better hook a strand of pearls around your neck, and make everyone’s head turn when you shout “bingo”.

These will have you glittery, especially when the lights are reflected in your Swarovski pieces. Your face will become more alive with their diamond-like qualities. The main purpose of crystals, however, is to bring you positive energy and good luck for your bingo game.

This has become a trend this year because of the jazz age influence of the film The Great Gatsby. These are bound to be unique, and they give the impression that the wearer is as bold and brass as Daisy Buchanan.

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