Junhyung rockin’ on Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS’11) $510.20USD



Givenchy Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt (SS’11) $510.20USD

I never thought that even male Kpop idol/s today are used to wear some leopard prints tee these days. Because I just used to see gels wearing it often and its kinda weird for me still to see a man wearing leaopard one. Anyway, I think this how fashion evolved today. As you can see on the top photo, beast member Junhyung is wearing an awesome leapord tee from the brand Givenchy that has an item name of Leopard Clown Jersey T-shirt  which includes on the brand, Givenchy, spring summer collection year 2011. This will cost you $510.20USD, pretty expensive for a single tee uh! but look he can even rock on this kind of leopard tee. what do you think dope or nope?

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