Kanye West Rockin On Yellow Balenciaga Arena Sneakers



Celebrity couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were spotted this recently in somewhere that I dunno yet..LOL Maybe they were having their date or something events? sorry, I really dunno further information about where this photo taken..hahahah Bear with me..Anyway, what makes me posted this photo out? oh well, look Kanye West shoe on this photo. It is dope,right? yeah! it is, because  a lot of people are wanting to have this shoes too, and as I know this shoes was the one in trends on today’s fashion for men swag. That’s why having this kind of shoes is the most looking forward of a guy today..LOL

This shoes is from the brand Balenciaga spring summer 2011 collection that has a name of “Arena Sneakers” and this will cost $545 in any Balenciaga stores and affiliate online stores. Though this shoes it is quite expensive, but I think, this kicks was dope enough to have, that can make all of your statements hippy and swag. Alright, that’s it for now and will update you some more fashion news and celebrity outfits by my next posts. Keep on visiting! Thanks!

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