Stussy x Nike Spring Summer collection 2013


As you noticed here, I really used to blog up this brand called Stussy because I personally liked what the brand has and the brand really speaks to my style that why I am so pleased to always includes them out in here. Recently, the brand Stussy had teamed on the other streetwear brand Nike for their both spring summer collection 2013 which you may see on the top photos. Yeah! those are they collaborative pieces that we could expect from them this following season’s collection. As for now, they dont yet released any further details regarding to this, as I know, but you could heads up to stussy or nike main website if they releases any for you to be updated on to this.

Tees are the particular I’d  liked for this brand, Stussy, because they can give me this swagness as I wear one..LOL I dunno, I just gained confidence every time I wear stussy tee..heheh alright, that’s it for now and soon I will share to you some of my photos wearing some stussy tees.. Thank you!

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