Stüssy Takes on the Schott Motorcycle Jacket

When fall and winter season comes, I know most of you folks are pretty much pleased to wear some jackets particular those black ones. Because black pieces are one can makes you feel warm in the cold breeze air that we are having to these seasons. But merely men, especially those into street wear, are fondly to wear the motor jacket than to those luxurious looking overcoat. Because these kind of jackets are very warm as you wears and it can gives statement to you total outfit you’d tryig to pull off that is why a lot of men are prefers this than to overcoat but of course if you’re more comfortable into overcoat this winter you can still do that as long as you’re more confident in pulling it off and everything will go well, for sure.

My all time fave street wear brand stussy had teamed up with schott to have this motorcycle jacket that is made of fully leather and has some accentual added that can signifies to both brands trademarks. I must say that this jacket is pretty dope and I know most of you dudes are pretty much excited to have it this winter.

For the availability? well, as for now, I haven’t heard any yet but am sure that these coming months either stussy or schott will then release further details about this but to make sure you can check the brand’s main website for updates..

Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-2_zps4ffaa403.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-3_zps5a55d429.jpg

 photo stussy-2014-spring-summer-new-arrivals-4_zps772f6759.jpg

Others might started their summer season already, depends on where they resides, but here where I currently based in, I must say that summer season is officially here because  the sun shine is everywhere now , plus, it keeps me feel hot and the sweats are pouring allover my body which made me quite uncomfortable. But overall summer is indeed fun, right? because this season we can wear off anything light pieces such as: tanks, shorts, trunks and either you can topless as you fond enough. hehe That’s why I am kinda excited too when the summer season comes.

Today, the brand called Stussy had released their Stussy 2014 Spring/Summer New Arrivals  which can make each guy there dope and hip on today’s fashion. You may check out their cooked pieces at top photos for you to consider. I personally liked that tank top they have as well the floral shorts. Because it can gives you an comfortable looks as you wears them, Also that type of styling are the ones trend today for men’s fashion so you really better to have it as you wanted yourself to be as hip for this summer hot season.

As for the availability and pricing range. As of now, I haven’t get the details yet in hand. However, after a week or 2 the brand itself, Stussy, will then release the details as well to release these pieces in the market. So – we better wait to them to get these pieces available for us soon..


Must-Haves For Today’s Men Fashion Trends

 photo Street_style_inspiration_milan_florence_iatly_tommy_ton_nam_streetfsn_men_must_have_fashion_trends_izandrew_www_izandrew_blo_zps62463698.jpg

Whether you’re building a new wardrobe or just looking to round out your closet, it’s important to have all the basics. Here are a few essentials for the fashionable male.

1: Suit

Every man needs at least one good suit. The type you buy, however, will depend on your personal budget and style. Are you a fan of the classics? Look for a dark three-piece suit. Young and bold? Look for pinstriped or houndstooth designs.

2: Jeans

A sturdy pair of jeans will last for years, so don’t be afraid to splurge and buy one of high quality. If you’re anything like the average man, you’ll be wearing them a lot.

3: Utility Jacket

These military-inspired jackets will bring an edge to any outfit, sending a message of confidence, masculine and vitality. Pair them with those jeans you just bought and you’ll be attracting women for miles.

4: Loafers

A must-have for the working professional, even hipsters will eventually have need of dress shoes, whether it’s for a wedding, funeral, family reunion or job interview. Start with a black pair first, the most traditional.

5: Cargo Pants

Neat enough for the office, yet casual enough for everyday wear, a good cargo pants will serve you through a variety of events and occasions.

6: Blazer

Blazers are one of the great secrets of men’s fashion. Everyone knows about them, of course, but few realize just how versatile they really are: You can wear them to complement an expensive, stylish outfit or you can use them to “class up” a more casual one.

Saving More Through Online Shopping

 photo Faconnable-20132jpg-e1363134775447_zpsb52fba44.jpg

I do most of my shopping online now that I have discovered its advantages. Since my schedule is loaded, not even having the time to do some of my errands, internet shopping has provided me with some precious hours. It is more convenient, faster, and easier. I no longer have to brave traffic or wait in line for minutes. I do my shopping anywhere I am, anytime. I also like the fact that there are more choices and I am able to save more because most of the items are cheaper than those you find at the mall. Furthermore, there are a lot of online stores that provide free shipping and big discounts.

I have a couple of favorite online shops and they accept coupons, which are one of the most popular marketing and advertising strategies used by manufacturers and sellers to attract new customers. You are able to use them to buy items for free or half the price or get free shipping. They are also easy to find. There are even hundreds of websites offering them such as VoucherKing. It has the latest voucher codes from 1,000 of your favourite retailers in the UK like AbeBooks, Adidas, Accent Clothing, Barker and Stonehouse, Diesel, Fashion for Home, Papa John’s, Panasonic, The Body Shop etc. Their Debenhams Voucher codes include so many amazing deals.

Men must-have pants this fall season

 photo 3tb_1308022036068e31511892_zpsff97d125.jpg

 photo 3tb_1308022036068e315118922_zpsb0942f48.jpg

Fall season is fast approaching and I know most of you guys out there are kinda starting off to research on what must haves pieces for your wardrobe that can make you hip and dope for today’s fashion. No worries! because gotta list out those pieces that are been trends every fall and winter season. And one of it was this “Navy Hot Fashion Men Casual Cotton Middle Waist Loose Sport Long Pants”. this kind of pants is the finds cannot be abolish as this fall and winter season comes. Because as you can see they’re likely fashionable and yet functional wear that can also make you warm as we were having this cold breeze seasons, fall and winter. Also, this kind of pants are the usual cheaper than to those winter and fall pants that are out in the mostly branded store’s sleeves there. You can either check online  shops for the list of this pants and I recommend for the sorts and wide range of selection of Middle Waist Loose Sport Long Pants.

For kicks, I do recommend this New Balance shoes. Because they are the most versatile kicks I ever seen in my entire life. LOL Yeah! because you can wear them in any casual either in some formal styling you have there. I might post up some styling of myself wearing some New Balance kicks for you to see on yourself on how versatile the shoe brand or their shoes itself.

And lastly, for your top. A plain basic tee from any street wear brands like Stussy and the hundreds can do the rest. And you can definitely make yourself dope as you style yourself on these. Alright, that will be all for now and please keep on visiting me here because I’ll be having my outfit posts pretty soon.. 🙂

KPOP Beast/B2ST For CECI Magazine








Have you see the CECI Magazine already? if not yet, you’re so lucky to be stumbled here because these are the some photos of the all boy kpop group b2st for the magazine. Actually, I think the magazine is already out in the market today, just check out your local store for it as you wanted to have yourself a copy. On the photos on top. One thing is I’ve noticed, which their fashion styles. Because we all know that b2st had only an simply style when it comes to their fashion, however, since they’ve released their new song called ” Beautiful Night” it noticeable that they started to consider these high-end fashion pieces.. This was only my opinion though… please dont get me wrong dear fans..hahah Because I just often seen them wearing some street wear brands like stussy,obey and more.. than to these high-end fashion brands.

Watch their awesome live performance below singing their beautiful night song

Stussy x Nike Spring Summer collection 2013


As you noticed here, I really used to blog up this brand called Stussy because I personally liked what the brand has and the brand really speaks to my style that why I am so pleased to always includes them out in here. Recently, the brand Stussy had teamed on the other streetwear brand Nike for their both spring summer collection 2013 which you may see on the top photos. Yeah! those are they collaborative pieces that we could expect from them this following season’s collection. As for now, they dont yet released any further details regarding to this, as I know, but you could heads up to stussy or nike main website if they releases any for you to be updated on to this.

Tees are the particular I’d  liked for this brand, Stussy, because they can give me this swagness as I wear one..LOL I dunno, I just gained confidence every time I wear stussy tee..heheh alright, that’s it for now and soon I will share to you some of my photos wearing some stussy tees.. Thank you!

Stussy x W-Line “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike



When it comes to dope and street wear fashion brand I think the leading on my list was this Stussy brand. Because we all know that the brand has these quirky and swag pieces that can really rock us all. Also, celebrities nowadays are into brand as well that’s why peeps are getting crazed on the brand either today. Recently, the brand, stussy, releases some new pieces, shoes,accessories for their latest collection and this bike is included on it. Yeah! that’s how awesome this brand is to come up on not apparel thing like a bike. Great right? I know most of you negga out there are wanting to have this bike here.

Actually, the bike is an collaborative piece by the brand, stussy, and this W-Line. I dunno if W-Line is an apparel brand as well( don’t have any idea) but anyway, I personally liked the bike rather the outcome of their collaboration because this was the first I think into such streetwear apparel brand to released one bike like this. The bike has a item name of “How I Roll” Racer BMX Bike and you may buy it for $1000 in any stussy stores near you! quite expensive I must say!

Alright, that’s it for now and will try to update you more soon. Thanks!

Yoseob rockin’ on SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee



SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee

This was my first post about b2st fashion style in here, And will try to put up some more on by my next posts – so please keep on checking the blog as you wanted yourself to be updated on what’s your favorite idols often and want to wear. Today, I have this SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee where Yoseob rockin on the photo on top. As I know the brand swagger is originally and locally in Japan so we might get some hard times to get the same tee of Yoseob’s tee and it might also out of stock already due of the demand ( I think so).
The tee has a price of 6,090 yen ( base on my source) and I dunno the converted currency for dollar..hih try to check it in any online currencies calculation sites.hih

Usually, as I noticed, BEAST/B2ST members are just usually into Black and white tees that has prints on it. And they usually into these street wear fashion brands like Stussy, alife, the hundred and many more. Just keep on checking me here for more b2st fashion styles and I’ll include the mentioned brands which their wore. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

Stussy x Nike Off Mountain Series S&S Apparel Collection




First, I really liked the quality of these photos and also the concepts, so kudos to these 2 giant brands, Stussy & Nike,for putting these up and working so hard for this collection for the fashion industry today. Actually, I really look up to on this brand Stussy ever since as long to Nike because no doubt, they’re are most strongest and leading brands today when it comes to swag and street wear men’s fashion nowadays. Also, most celebrity, both men and gels, are really following what’s new piece that 2 brands are cooking that’s why its really great that they came up to these collaborative pieces which the pieces you’ll be seing on the top photos.

As for now, I cant include further details in here because of the reasons the brands haven’t yet released their info yet regarding to this. However, as Ive seen updates for this, sure thing!, I’ll also update you here..:) By the way, I just noticed the photographs, it just like they putted some HJC RP Max element to it? but I am not sure though..hihi alright, that will be all for now. Thanks!