Doojoon rockin’ on his Adidas Kimono print track top


As you’ve noticed here, I really used to blogged up some Korean fashion most especially this B2ST member fashion. Because they’re the one most search these days I think so. So – I needed to feed this blog,, of them for me to be more searchable on the web..hehe Anyway, look what I found a minute ago where the leader Doojoon is wearing an nicely snake prints jacket from the brand Adidas. I must say, the jacket suits him well and he even rock to it. I know most of you guys even gals out there are quite pleased to have the same piece of jacket of doojoon here that’s why I suggesting you to heads up now on the nearest Adidas store where you resides or better yet to check online if this jacket,Adidas Kimono print track top, are still available to avail..:)

By the way, the Jacket has this price of 4200฿. Sorry, I dunno the currency ฿ that’s why I cant convert it out in to dollar. Bear with me please..hehehe Okay, that’s for now and have a great weekdays to everyone. Thanks!

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