Having a Private Advertisers

We all know that having a private advertisers is really quite hard to figure out on how we can get at least one of them, so yeah i think time for me to share my personal experiences on how i can got my passed advertisers as i doing this stuff (blogging), actually i think im just a lucky one because my blogs doesn’t have any page rank on them but still an advertiser sent me a free gift which a designer flip flop, so how i can made that? the answer is a simply blog hopping, yeah while you are blog hopping i am pretty sure that someone look out into on how do you boost your blog and give you a reward after because as i asked my advertiser she told me that she just read some of my comments to those blogs that she followed with thats why she trying to make me happy by giving such gift..so awesome right? well it is..lol

And other thing was having a connection to those advertisers, like a friends, online buddies and it could be a simply group of people, why i would say that? because being friendly on this online world can be take you places because of the sincerity that you might shown to those people and in back they were include you in what they are achieving with..trust me these how its works..

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