Play Cloths 2014 Summer Delivery 2 Lookbook

 photo play-cloths-2014-summer-delivery-2-lookbook-001_zps39ddeca0.jpg

 photo play-cloths-2014-summer-delivery-2-lookbook-02_zps457a6ec7.jpg

 photo play-cloths-2014-summer-delivery-2-lookbook-03_zps31727087.jpg

Nowadays, prints and patterns are took place the big role in mostly men’s wear. Because these are the ones most demand and trend in away most specially in the street wear fashion for men. I’ve seen actually a bunch of brands like Balmain, Top Man either some local brands who uses prints and patterns for their current season’s collections as well in their upcoming ones. Today, the brand Play Cloths had released their newest pieces from their Play Cloths 2014 Summer Delivery 2 Lookbook. I must say, these pieces were quirky and I simply loved the colors they’d uses to it, Plus, the it can surely brings dopeness to a guy as he wears one of it. S0 – if I were you, I will consider myself now to have at least one piece from this brand because they might be the most and lead pieces soon as it’s gets released in the market.

As I’ve heard, these pieces are on it’s pre-release, meaning you can have them now at their main online shop ( heads to Play Cloths website for more details) but of course, soon enough, the brand itself will release this collection fully which pretty awesome because you might have these pieces even in the cheapest prices. Okay, that will be all for now and as I gets any further details regarding this collection, I will surely then update you all here. Meantime, you can watch the recent episode of Roommate here: Thank you!

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