YG entertainment Helped Goo Hye Sun for her Movie

Goo Hye Sun

Yg entertainment is very supportive in what their talent can excelled with , like Goo Hye Sun who discovered her self that she can also direct a movie, actually before Goo Hye Sun Directed a Movie titled The Cheerful Caretaker/유쾌한 도우미 and through her passion by directing movies she asked Yg entertainment for sponsorship in her new movie Magic/요술 and she wont failed because yg’s supported her and invested a 7 million Won if im not mistaken, by the way Goo hye Sun is under Yg entertainment..

Korean POP Goes Globally Because Of Social Media

Time.com Wrote about Kpop That they see it globally soon because of social media campaign , yeah social media is one of the most powerfully source to reach out people around the globe like facebook, blog like this and such any and we all know kpop has a great material to offer to us thats why other nation really appreciate what are those kpop shared in music industry though we cant understand whats the entire meaning of their song but through melody i believed people can understood quite a bit

Read the full entry through Time.com it self over here Korean POP Goes Globally

President Of YG Entertainment ( Yang Hyun Suk ) is now a Father

Yang Hyun Suk and Lee Eun Joo

I think a lot of blogs had been posted this already but still i want to post my own opinion about this , yeah President of YG entertainment Yang Hyun Suk is now a Father to his beautiful baby girl who recently birth last august 5 to Yg long time partner Lee Eun Joo and Yg said that his baby is a lucky sign to 2ne1 who about to come back this October or November  of this year because the child was born at the time of 2:01 so meaning come back of 2ne1 might be hit again..

Yg reveals the first Photo of his Daughter Via Twitter

Big Bang 4th Anniversary Message to VIP

Not just Birthday of G-dragon that the group can celebrated with they did also celebrate their 4th years Anniversary as a group Big bang and on this specially day Big Bang Has a Messages To those Fans Who will supporting them since day been lunched …let all watch the video and sorry to those who doesn’t understand Korean because we wasn’t know what they been come up with..LOL try to find on youtube who has a subtitled English if your really insistently to know..;)

Shaun Everisto Choreographer of YG Entertainment(Big Bang, 2NE1)

Shaun Evaristo

shaun Evaristo is behind all of those awesome dance routine that you’ve been seeing to those kpop artists nowadays like big bang and 2ne1 under Yg entertainment Korea , actually shaun begins on California as a dancer /choreographer together with his wife named Aimee Lucas and through friends who is working on Yg entertainment back in 2008 shaun got an offered on Yg entertainment as a choreographer and being a Filipino i am very proud to him included his wife because Aimee is Filipino too..

shaun Choreograph Taeyang more often and the most awesome choreography that Ive been seen in my entire life was the Wedding Dress of taeyang one of the member of big bang and now taeyang released a new song ill be there who shaun worked for the choreography as well and ill post it on my next post, for min while lets all watch the interview of this great man and i hope i can see him personally and aimee too..

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2ne1 On Etude Pink Play Concert

2NE1 On Etude Pink Play Concert

2NE1 had performed on the etude pink play concert this last couple of days ago and they really look controversial on there look because they avoiding us to see whats thing are new to see to them like on dara its seem that she got a short hair now while minzy is wearing a wig i believed and park bom i dunno i think for now we wont see any clue from her new look and look on CL she like she had a highlights ..what do you think? maybe these how they prepare on 2NE1 come back on the since that will accur soon not end of this year..maybe around September or October with 3 songs that they;ll promote with at the same time..so let us all wait

Critical Illness Quotes




Big Bang Is one of the most in demand boy group in korea nowadays and one of the member named TOP is came a long through out the years, yeah that was Top before, he has a bulky fat belly when that time but when he got in the group(big bang) under Yg Entertainment he undergo in hard training that he went on this right now.. such a inspiration right? by the way based on the stay super fit blog that ive read awhile ago that top loosen a weight  of  20 kg in just 40 days before he’ll be launch to market..

CL of 2Ne1 Speaks English


One month ago when the Korean Girl Group 2ne1 under the Yg entertainment is been invited to attend the Mtv Music award in Japan , Of course this was their first time to attend or to visit their Japanese fans and we all know that Korean and japan has their owned languages and that can keep the barrier to understand one other but when i watched the video on youtube that the Japanese MC is interviewing CL leader of 2ne1 i just wooh because CL can evenly speaks in english every well as Japanese and i think Yg Entertainment did a great Job to these Group ..

and Some People Took this Video when the Group arrived on Japan