Trends: Fashionable Earphones

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Any pieces that are appealing to the eyes and its compliment to your total outfit can serves as fashion finds,whatever it is. Yes! that is why having an simply things on your outfit can really helped out the whole thing, look at those kpop artists. Actually, their kind of fashion statements are quite usual but they can turns it to a very dope one as they add up some of these little pieces called accessories.

They can either make their daily needed things like headphones, phone cases and bags to be part of their fashion statement. Oftentimes, we used to see them hanging with their headphones and I think they really can pull it off  though it is just an headphones and really doesn’t do any big deal with the whole outfit and yet it does look great as they have it on. I think the key is, having these pieces that are uniquely made, plus, has a great colors in it is a must have. Because these can make your total look to be more appealing and quirky that is why I am suggesting you to have these neon type accessories if you wanted to be in trend for today’s fashion..

Korean Fashion Statement

We all know that most Koreans are indeed fashionable because they usually have this skinny body ever, both guys and girls. I think because of the way they eat and the food they takes. Well, I just noticed most Korean men are mostly wearing this black pants and a plain white tee on their top, and they will be then pair it into any vest that is suits to them. And also a bag to make the whole wardrobe look dope. I think Korean fashion statement is this? I just noticed it though, and even here, where I did resided a lot of Korean men are wearing this kind of outfit these days, maybe this outfit is now a trend on their country? not sure though. Alright, let me check on some other fashion site regarding this and will be then update you for further info and tips. Meanwhile, you can mimic this outfit now and let see if you would look like a Korean. hehe