How to Dress Like Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was invariably immaculately dressed when he went out in public, always preferring carefully designed bespoke suits and classical tuxedos rather than the more common slacks and jeans. Never anything less than the epitome of class and refinement, the singing legend had a great deal of advice to proffer when it came to getting dressed up to go out. According to Sinatra half an inch of any man’s shirt cuffs must stick out from the sleeve of his jacket and trousers should land slightly over the shoe, black is absolutely the single appropriate color that should be worn in the after dark hours, vests will always be superior to cummerbunds, and lastly, you should not ever forget to get your shoes shined. Other famous and classical hallmarks of Sinatra’s style include fedoras,perfectly folded pocket scarves, conservative silk ties, gold cuff links, bow ties, and absolutely no jewelry.

If you are to dress like Sinatra in the modern era, and want to live life in a bespoke suit you will find it a bit more difficult and expensive than in Sinatra’s era. Similarly you could appear a little, well, dated as if you are going out in fancy dress. However thanks to a renaissance in the fedora it is possible to return to this old school look, at least on well-dressed occasions. Modern designers have thus gone back to this classic topper by putting it together with some styles that ranged from the old-style gangster look to a more rock ‘n’ roll look and even to grunge. Head to old-school James Lock & Co. for hats, one of London’s most famous and respected hatteries, and one that was established all the way back in 1676 and supposedly where Frank Sinatra is believed to have gone shopping for his hats – get yourself a hat from there and you will almost certainly have heads about you turning and tongues about you wagging, no matter what outfit you pair it with.

To copy the legendary singer’s style, you’ll also need to make sure you cock your hat when you are wearing it, meaning that you’ll have to roll the back brim up whilst simultaneously angling the front point of the hat downwardstwo inches to just below your right eyebrow.

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