Men can wear rings?

I think most of the peeps specially more on guy are asking this, if they can wear these kind of rings that can be seeing on the top photo. Because girls are used to wear  these kind of rings here,right? However, these days on people are often open minded on this kind of fashion statement wherein guys can wear anything that they wanted to, and even skirt can they now wear it off for the sake of fashion. Believed me, I saw someone collection before that they did this skirt exclusively for men and as I found it again, I will definitely share it to you here. So yeah! bulky rings and other fashionable rings are can be also for guy and please get rid to a thinking if a guy where these kind of rings they might be a homosexual or gay.LOL

By the way, I’d loved the skull one and soon enough I will buy some of sort of these on the fave brand store that I often buy my stuff. Alright, that’s it and Thanks!

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