istarblog is now live!

yeah quite hour ago this blog istarblog was freaking down and i think server is the big sin for these and i hope my server administrator will fix this matter as they want me to get last on their side because their pretty much affected my blogging stuff  here and i dont even do anything just to wait and wait until the server goes up goodness im too tired by waiting and i hope they might consider me rather all of us who will be under their server, ok thats it for now and let see if they do anything for this to be resolve then.

Happy all saint’s day!

wow its already november 1,2010 and i know a lot of people are getting afraid on this day because they do believe on this day, those roaming spirit will be shown up and celebrating,partying their day,lol and yeah let me just greet you a happy all saints day everyone and how your Halloween party then? me i just on my room and waiting the celebration finish, yeah so boring and nothing to share now, im empty shell again..lo